Manners for the Modern Brand

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A presentation given at DEEPSPACE, 23 September 2008 by Dion Hughes of Persuasion Arts & Sciences

Transcript of Manners for the Modern Brand

  • 1. Manners for the Modern Brand. Beta 0.001 deepspace 23 Sep 2008 Dion Hughes Persuasion Arts & Sciences ickr image by akaporn
  • 2. Are most of the people I know glad that I am here? Munro Leaf, 1946 First of all, why?
  • 3. Advertisers once got away with being obnoxious. Click to be taken to an example from my youth.
  • 4. We appear uninvited into a strangers home. At least we can be nice. British Ad Guru (?) Any attempt at considerate behavior has been personal, rather than driven by business reality. ickr image by hugi
  • 5. 360 Branding 1992 - ? Brand Manners will become imperative when you see whats happening to the brand communications model. ickr image by fernando
  • 6. The brand (and its 360 interpretation) used to be the interface. But our access to information means its more often a facade.
  • 7. Brands live in small towns now. Theres no hiding. And people will talk. ickr image by cmaccubbin
  • 8. Only liars need to be consistent. John Grant Brand Innovation Manifesto argues for embracing complexity. ickr image by alan_light
  • 9. (360 x n) + Time + Interaction = Our Glorious Mess The new brand is as messy as a real life human being. ickr image by G N R
  • 10. A brand has to be the life of the party. It has to work the room. That takes manners, humanity, deportment and wit. ickr image by eyespive
  • 11. And now for some manners. Examples, additions, deletions, all welcome.
  • 12. Be honest. Admit your inevitable imperfections. Set expectations. Be real. ickr image by toei
  • 13. Bring gifts. Be of value. Either in what you do for people, or the entertainment you provide. ickr image by jillclardy
  • 14. Dont gossip. You have my data. Dont sell it, share it, or lose it. ickr image by ricoslounge
  • 15. Dont brag. The only person it does anything for is you. And these days, there are sooo many ways to fact check. ickr image by ndrwfgg
  • 16. Do good. In social circles, those who are active in charitable works seem to have more friends. ickr image by missgongandtheickers
  • 17. Fight nicely. Political advertising doesnt. Mac V PC does. ickr image by philippeleroyer
  • 18. Apologize quickly. Example: the gift certicates Apple gave iPhone early adopters. ickr image by andrea_fregnani
  • 19. Do what you say youll do. JetBlue = Happy Jetting. Except when theyre charging $7 for a pillow. ickr image by luzbonita
  • 20. Dress right. Aesthetics matter. ickr image by revjim
  • 21. And wallowers, beware. You can try sitting it out, like Hasbro did. But then just hope a Scrabulous doesnt happen to you. ickr image by mtmont
  • 22. Muffy and I thank you. ickr image by akaporn