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  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    w I, me mngzi name

    / n you (m) / (f) zh here / this

    sh is, are, am; the be verb/ right/


    / n/n where / there/


    nnyou (formal) l interior / inside

    / t he / she j how many / several

    men plural indicator for people su age

    ho good / very losh teacher

    mi negative indicator xushng student

    yu to have gu country

    jio to be called / to shout nn male / boy

    dji everyone n female / girl

    rn person / people de possessive indicator

    yo to want pngyu friend

    shnme what y also / too

    "#$$%& (" #$%&'()&*+

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    Migu The United States

    Jind Canada

    Ynggu England

    Fgu France

    Dgu Germany

    Ydl Italy

    Zhnggu China

    / Tiwn Taiwan

    Tigu Thailand

    Xinggng Hong Kong

    Rbn Japan

    Ynd India

    ozhu Australia

    uzhu Europe

    Yzhu Asia

    Fizhu Africa

    Bimizhu North America

    Nnmizhu South America

    Nnjzhu Antarctica

    shung measure word for pairs (shoes, chopsticks, earrings, etc.)

    zh measure word for certain animals and utensils

    tio measure word for long, thin objects

    bn measure word for books

    fn measure word for a serving

    k measure word for small spheres, eggs, and teeth


  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    "#$$%& (" ,*&--&*

    / ____ Qng/ qng wn?

    please?/ may I ask please?

    ( ) _____W (b) sh _____.

    I am (not)

    W b sh t de nnpngyu.

    Im not her boyfriend

    _____W y sh _____ .

    I am also

    W y sh Migu rn.Im also American.

    ( ) _____W (mi) yu _____.

    I (dont) have

    W yu yge hn pioliang de losh.

    I have a very pretty teacher.

    _____ W sh _____ rn.

    I am from

    W sh Tiwn rn.

    I am Taiwanese.

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x




    D ji ho, hn go xng jin do n men.

    W sh n men de lo sh, n men k y jio w Estella. W sh Ti wn rn,

    n men ne?

    Go s w, n jio shn me mng zi? N j su? N cng n l li?

    Hello everyone. Im very happy to meet you all.I am your teacher, you can call me Estella. Im Taiwanese. How about


    Tell me, What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?

    1 Ben

    D ji ho, w jio Ben. W jn nin r sh r su.

    Hello everyone. My name is Ben. Im 22 years old.


    Ben, n sh n l rn?

    Ben, where are you from?


    W sh Mi gu rn.

    Im an American.

    Ho, n ne?

    Good. How about you?

    2 Emillie

    N men ho. W jio Emillie, w jn nin r sh y su, w sh cng Yng gu li de.

    Hello. My name is Emillie. Im 21 years old and Im from England.


    Emillie, n ho. N sh xu shng ma? N jio shn me mng zi? E millie, hello. Student? What is your name?

    3 Anay

    W sh Anay. W sh Yn d rn, w jn nin r sh su, w mi yu n png yu.

    My name is Anay. Im Indian. Im 20 years old. I dont have a girlfriend.

    ...... E...... ho, xi y g.

    Eh ok. Next!

    4 Anna

    Lo sh ho, w jio Anna. W jn nin r sh su, w sh cng Nn mi zhu li de.

    Hello teacher. My name is Anna. Im 20 years old. I come from South America. Fi chng ho!

    Very good!

    "#$$%& (" ./&)$,(0

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    do to arrive/ to (a place) du much / many

    hzho passport sho few / less

    xngl luggage ji (long) time

    mn gate / door xi to thank / a surname

    lxng to travel qin money

    lk tourist jchngch taxi

    / lgun / fndin hotel dzh address

    zh to live / to stay (e.g. at a hotel) q to go

    qng please / to ask / to invite wishnme Why?

    dgi probably / about / roughly xiosh hour

    sj driver / chauffeur

    "#$$%& !" #$%&'()&*+

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    higun customs

    qinzhng visa

    shw zholngq(ch) lost and found

    xshujin restroom

    lk fw zhngxn tourist information center

    jin measure word for clothing and baggage

    gungung sightseeing

    guq to expire

    qinbo wallet / purse

    / yun money / dollar


  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    "#$$%& !" ,*&--&*

    _____ __________ de _____.

    Refer to the owner

    Zh sh w de xngl.This is my luggage.

    _____ ?N wi shn me _____ ?

    Why do you?

    N wishnme li ti wn?

    Why do you come to Taiwan?

    _____ W kui _____ le .

    I am almost

    W kui chdo le.Im almost late.

    _____ W _____ ho le.

    Fndin w dng ho le.I have booked the hotel.

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    "#$$%& !" ./&)$,(0

    Passing the custom

    Qng gi w n de h zho. N wi shn me li Ti wn?

    Please give me your passport. Why do you come to Taiwan?

    W li gun gung.

    I come for sightseeing.

    N hu zh zi n l? Where will you be staying?

    W hu zh zi l gun.

    Ill be staying at a hotel.

    N hu di du ji?

    How long will you be staying?

    D gi r sh b tin.

    Around 28 days.

    Ho de, zh n wn de ki xn.

    Ok, I wish you a pleasant visit.

    Xi xie.

    Thank you

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    "#$$%& !" ./&)$,(0

    Taking a tax

    N ho, w yo q fn din, zh sh d zh.

    Hello. Id like to go to a hotel. Heres the address.

    N de Zhng wn hn ho!

    You speak Chinese really well!

    Xi xie! Thank you.

    N cng n l li?

    Where are you from?

    W cng Mi gu li.

    I come from the USA.

    Hun yng li Ti wn! N zi zh l hu wn de hn ki xn de!

    Welcome to Taiwan! Youll enjoy yourself here!

    Xin sheng, fn din do le. Y gng sh y qin sn bi yun.

    Sir. Weve arrived at the hotel. Its $1,300.

    Gi n.

    Here you are.

    Xi xie. Thank you.

    N de xng l zi zh l.

    Heres your luggage.

    Xi xie n.

    Thank you.

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    fw service xnyngk credit card

    zhs to stay overnight hom number

    dng to book / to reserve xyo to need

    ( ) fngjin room lngq air conditioner

    zo early hui bad / broken/ doesnt work

    wn late / night r hot

    dzh to give a discount tiozhng to adjust

    lu oor / level wnd temperature

    cntng restaurant boqin to be sorry / Sorry!

    gi to give bng to help / to aid

    shnfnzhng ID card

    "#$$%& (" #$%&'()&*+

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    dinsh TV

    chungh window

    ygng bathtub

    kfng fw room service

    jntin today

    zutin yesterday

    mngtin tomorrow

    r sun / day

    zoshn morning

    zhngw noon

    wnshn evening

    shzhng clock

    din oclock / to choose / to order / dot / point

    bn half

    fn minute

    zhum weekend


  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    "#$$%& (" ,*&--&*

    / / nng b nng / k b k y / hu b hu

    Could you/ could it be/ is it possible that

    ?Nn k b k y gi w dzh?

    Could you give me a discount?

    _____ / _____

    _____ dnsh / ksh _____But, however

    W hn xhun t, k sh t yjng yu nnpngyu le.

    I really like her, but she already has a boyfriend.

    ______ _____.______ho xing _____.

    It seems that/ it is likely that

    .Zh ti dinshj hoxing hui le

    It seems like this TV is broken.

    / hi yo / hi yu


    . .Wmen kui do le. Hi yu y ge xiosh.Were almost there, just one more hour.

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    "#$$%& (" ./&)$,(0

    Nn ho, qng wn nn x yo shn me f w?

    Hello. May I help you?

    N ho, w yo zh s.

    Hello. Id like a room for the night.

    Nn yu dng fng ma? Have you already booked a room?

    Mi yu.

    No, I havent.


    Qng wn nn yo zh j wn ?

    How many nights would you be staying?

    Li wn.

    Six nights.


    Qng gi w nn de shn fn zhng h xn yng k.

    Nn de fng jin ho m sh 809. Nn hi yu q t wn t ma?

    Ill need your ID and a credit card please.

    Your room number is 809. Is there anything else that I can help you with?

    Qng wn z zh zo cn sh shn me sh hu?

    When is the breakfast buffet?

    Zo shng li din bn ki sh, do sh din ji sh, zi r lu de cn tng.

    From 6:30 to 10:00 in the second oor restaurant.

    Ho de, xi xi.

    Great, thank you.

  • 7/23/2019 Mandarin x



    "#$$%& (" ./&)$,(0


    N ho, zh l sh 809 ho fng, lng q ho xing hui le, fng jin l hn r.

    Hello. This is room 809. My air conditioning is broken and the room is really hot.

    Qng wn nn yu tio zhng kng tio wn d ma?

    Have you adjusted the temperature?

    Yu, dn sh hi sh hn r. Yes, but its still hot.


    Zhn sh bo qin, w men gi nn hun fng jin, do 813 ho fng.

    Were very sorry. Well arrange for you to change rooms to room 813.

    Ho, xi xie.