MakerFaire Taipei 2014 teamLab Presentation Masakazu Takasu/高須正和 日本Maker力:

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日本Maker力: teamLab×Nico-Tech(英文) teamLab 如何藉由技術與藝術共同培養人才?傳達日本teamLab株式會社的想法並介紹不只是閱讀,而是實現科幻小說內容的日本御宅技術者集團—Niconico技術部。

Transcript of MakerFaire Taipei 2014 teamLab Presentation Masakazu Takasu/高須正和 日本Maker力:

  • 1. How to Make Educational by Technology and Art. ?

2. Im not able to speak english well. I will try to my presentation today, in my broken english. My first message, with apologies to , Notice 3. self-introduction My name:Masakazu Takasu Im a maker from japan. And Fablab I love [Make:] [Make:] 2009- 2012 2013 2014 4. MakerFaire Taipei 2014!!!! 5. My Report MakerFaire 2013 6. ultra-technologists group teamLab teamLab We are the future. 7. About teamlab teamLab is an ultra-technologists group made up of information specialists including; engineers (user interface engineers, data base engineers, network engineers, robot engineers, computer vision engineers, software architects), mathematicians, architects, CG animators, web designers, graphic designers, artists, and editors. 300 employees work in tokyo. 70% engineers. We are the future. 8. teamLab Love Taiwan! teamLab We are the future. 9. teamLab Love Taiwan! Our Most exbision at ( ) 2012 We are the Future teamLab teamLab 10. teamLab Love Taiwan! TEDxTaipei 2012 CEO: TEDxTaipei teamLab 11. The Crystal Tree of Wishes Realtime Interactive tree 12. In Case The Crystal Tree of Wishes Our Technology and art -Electric circuit & structure - Real time Graphic engine(with Unity 3D and GPGPU Voxelization) -interactive web system(for every smartphone) - - Unity3DGPGPU - We are the future. 13. 13 Digital Store 14. This is my current Project. DMM.Make Japanese Makers Media. DMM.Make 15. Over 100 Excellent Japanese Makers! And every Makers are able to join us. MakerWeb Maker 16. Exellent Project case day by day. 17. Excellent Makers, is not can only be professor and artist in Japan. We want to chenge, the way. Again Maker movement,in Japan! Maker Maker Maker They are Maker,until his die. But,They are? 18. How to Make Educational by Technology and Art. e We are the future. 19. Today's children is always using smartphone and pad. We are the future. 20. For the children, Digital world is fun. Real world is too boreing. We are the future. 21. On the TV, Mario and Angry bird are dance,jump,play with friend. But child is lie down.Doesnt growth. , 22. The growth of children, be used together brain and physical. Necessary to play with friends. We must let me play with friends to guide the park children. But how? 23. We are the future. We maid it Real Super Mario World! To play with friends using the brain and physical. teamLab future park 24. Hopscotch for Geniuses The children find a rule. 25. Sketch Aquarium The children find his friends. 26. 26 Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere 27. 27 Light Ball Orchestra 28. teamLab [] 3 29. Technology and arts can making a lot of fun. Fun is most important for children growth. It is not only fun, but also Kickstart to growth of children. Let an use technology and art for educational. Yes we can! We are the future. 30. One More Thing Make:technology on my time I told about our business product. But next thing is not out business, made by only our mind. Make: Make:technology on my time We are the future. 31. This is our toilet. Our office toilet is few. Typical enginner is male. Toilet for male always under heavy traffic. 32. An engineer want is "don't stop my hacking". An engineer want to recognize his toilet are open" or closed" at his desk. Therefore we made it. Heavens door We are the future. 33. Toilet door 34. With mouce 35. Click! Click by door! 36. toilet Server (laptop) Apache web server The mouse send a toilet situation to server. 37. Become a able to knowing toilet situation when still my eyes gazing computer. 1 click change few second. heaven's door is browser extension. 38. Do It With Others Heavens door We are the future. 39. Do It With Others heavens door @nazoking I make it web user interface! When toilet open,send alert from web page. 40. Other Enginner makes: Heaven's door become adapt cacti(recording system). We can recognise heavy traffic time. Do It With Others heavens door : Cacti() 41. We are the Future! Thank you MakerFaire Taipei 2014 MakerFaire e-mail:[email protected] 42. teamLab Inc. Please contact me. I have many name card and stacker. Please take it! Facebook:MASAKAZU TAKASU twitter:@tks e-mail:[email protected] Question and Comments