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  1. 1. Zero to MakerFaireA Year in the Life of a MakerSpace @sundipierce * Sundi Pierce * Media Specialist * Benito Middle School Libraries provide the tools to explore, discover & learn. The MakerSpace is another tool.
  2. 2. Rewind to July 2014
  3. 3. my notes: PURPOSE engage ourstudents in the culture of making will help our students become more involved in school & help them enjoy the learning process makes us competitive
  4. 4. my notes: GOALS Goal 1: Provide Benito Middle School with an informal collaborative learning environment and the resources to create, explore and play. Objective: Create ready to go program kits (Electronics, 3D Printing and Coding) Goal 2: Students/involved teachers will participate in fun hands-on projects that allow them to express their creativity and experience new technologies. Objective: Recruit community experts Goal 3: To share resources and knowledge with other libraries and community organizations. Objective: Collaborate with neighboring libraries to create a Maker resource-sharing plan.
  5. 5. my notes: IDEAS turn the old magazine room into a makerspace after school time once a week or once every other week focuson coding and electronics/robotics initially publicize makerspace electronic/robotics team
  6. 6. my notes: ITEMS Lego Mindstorm Set 3D Printer Makey Makey LittleBits Space Kit Raspberry Pi MakerSpace Books Laptops
  7. 7. Our First Meeting 9/8/2014 Over 60 Kids in Attendance
  8. 8. First Semester Weekly Activities Introduction of options: Codecademy 3D Printing Raspberry Pi Makey Makey LEGOS/KNex Guest Speakers
  9. 9. CODING
  10. 10. 3D Printing tinkercad/Project Ignite
  11. 11. student project Insulin Pump
  12. 12. Raspberry Pi/Electronics
  13. 13. Makey Makey
  14. 14. LEGOS & KNex
  15. 15. Others
  16. 16. SNACKS Volunteers
  17. 17. Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015
  18. 18. Orlando MakerFaire 2015
  19. 19. Guest Speakers Guest Speakers Tech Community MOSI Public Library MakerSpace
  20. 20. Teacher Preview WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME SOMEONE ASKED YOU OVER TO PLAY? Tuesday 4:30PM Yummy Snacks & Sodas Provided Come see what our MakerSpace is about! No kids. Just adults having fun! I am inviting you to my Faculty MAKE session Sundi
  21. 21. January 25, 2015 To the parents/guardians of: Thordur Bjornsson Nikita Dospehoff Brady Hopkins Colby Newberry Matthew Linakis Our MakerSpace program has been going very well this semester. We routinely have between 50-65 students who attend each Monday. Our students have been learning to code using the website, use to print items on our MakerBot 3D printer, use a Makey Makey to make inventions based on conductivity, create robots with the Lego Mindstorm sets and learn to create projects using the Raspberry Pi. This semester we are going to have a MakerFaire on Monday, May 18 from 4:00 to 6:00PM. Our Makers have come up with a project that they would like to produce for our MakerFaire. Some of the items we have already, but others we will need for your childs project. I have listed the project your child would like to do on the back of this form along with a list of resources needed for that project. Any help you could give, would be appreciated. Be sure to place the MakerFaire on your calendars. Thank you, Sundi Pierce MakerFaire Planning E-mails MAKE Instructables Ordered Badges/Goodie Bags for Students Adafruit Volunteers Cake/Drinks Invitations Guest Speakers Media
  22. 22. working with Large Groups Creating community/relationships T-Shirts Rapport/Respect Parent contact email Remind Snacks VOLUNTEERS
  23. 23. IDEAS Coding Websites Instructables (Free Educator Account) Look @ your community MAKE Magazine MakerFaires Twitter Volunteers
  24. 24. FUNDS DonorsChoose Principal PTSA SAC Funds Student Club Fees Equipment MakerFaire Snacks T-Shirt
  25. 25. ? Questions Sundi Pierce @sundipierce