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We provide luxury weddings in Italy where everything is purely magnificent with professionalism and dedication to make the wildest dreams come true. As we all know, the wildest dreams are priceless. A wedding is a journey into the soul, a journey into your feelings to concretize your fantasies through exclusive dedication and commitment.

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  • Luxury Wedding

    Venues Italy


    Amalfi Coast Venue

    This is surely one of our favourite venue in Positano : a two-story stone

    building located on the beach, in the heart of Positano in a secluded and

    intimate position. The castle-like look contributes to create a unique romantic

    atmosphere enhanced by the great attention to details. Surely a pleasant

    and relaxing venue ideal for a candlelight wedding reception with a breath-

    taking view of Positano and the sea.

    Romantic and with fabulous views that can be enjoyed from all the terraces,

    the sophisticated atmosphere of this place attracts VIPs and stars. We had

    the pleasure to organize parties for Justine Timberlake, Beverly Mitchell and

    many others!! You can be one of them.

  • Regarding your ceremony: for your civil wedding you could take advantage

    of the panoramic terrace of the town hall, instead for a catholic service

    Positano can offer you a wonderful cathedral on the beach, at walking

    distance from this restaurant! In case you may be interested instead in

    blessing or symbolic wedding the top terrace of the restaurant, called the

    Paradise Terrace (guess why???) is at your complete disposal.

    The interiors are characterized by the typical local Mediterranean decoration

    and atmosphere : stone walls, unusual, modern lighting effects in the disco,

    furnished with small white leather sofas. Beautiful marble mosaic in the

    middle of the floor.

    The restaurant proposes an excellent Mediterranean cuisine and great

    selection of Italian and International wines. Neapolitan cuisine with a modern

    twist. Local specialties with emphasis on fresh seafood. Renown for lobster

    and shellfish from the Mediterranean Sea, the restaurant offers a menu with

    many choices that you can freely customize. Dont miss the superb wine

    cellar, hewn in the rock!

    An elegant Cocktail bar and Dancing club is located on the ground floor

    ideal for dancing until dawn. We can easily reserve for you and your guests

    an area in the disco for your after reception party. This is one of Italys most

    beautiful discos.

    Prices are very reasonable considering the exclusivity of this location:

    affordable to luxury, depending on weather the venue is rented as a whole

    (restaurant, terraces and disco) or in part, like a terrace for symbolic

  • weddings. The main restaurant on the first floor is divided in different size

    terraces available for intimate parties.

    Surely one of the first options to consider for your wedding in Positano!!

    Florence Venues

    Palazzo Vecchio Wedding Hall

    The "Red Hall" is one of the most dramatic locations for a wedding. The

    only city that can compare is Venice. The hall is possibly the finest and most

    elegant in Italy with silk drapes and gilded mirrors. One of the most

    requested locations in a city that is bursting at every corner with antiquities,

    art and history. What a setting for your photos. You could arrive in a horse

    drawn carriage!

  • Catholic Church, Santa Trinita'

    The church was built in the 1100's, but was further transformed during the

    1300's and then finally in the early Renaissance its present design was

    completed. Located in one of the most important and central streets in

    Florence. This magnificent Church with its majestic renaissance faade

    dominates a small square just few steps away from the Arno River and the

    Ponte Vecchio.

    The interior is formed by three naves divided by columns with lovely arches

    and vaulted ceilings. Completely restored to its beauty, it has some stunning

    frescoes by Ghirlandaio and marble works by Luca della Robbia.

  • Magnificent 17th Century Baroque Church

    After years of partial closure, the church of Saints Michael and Cajetan

    finally returns once more for everyones admiration as a place where artistic

    beauty exceeds.

    The Church represents one of the most substantial realizations of Florentine

    architecture of the 17th century and may undoubtedly be considered as the

    coffer of Florentine baroque, for the quality and quantity of treasures

    contained in it.

    Indeed, in the forms we currently admire, the building was reconstructed in

    1604 on the place of an older church, put up at the north-west corner of the

    Roman-walls, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, the origins of which

    were documented in 1055.

  • Venice Venues

    The XV Century Gothic Palace

    This 16th Century offers its guests a unique experience both for those that

    have already visited Venice, or for those visiting for the first time. We do

    highly recommend this wonderful venue if you wish to experience the

    genuine and authentic Venetian hospitality, being at the same time so

    central and far from the crowd. This is a special place especially if you wish

  • to exchange your vows, for a blessing or symbolic wedding in the romantic

    courtyard of the Palace, ideal for this type of occasions.

    You and your guests could also stay in the Palace. Every apartment is a

    microcosm of elegance and luxury; from the Murano chandeliers, the rich

    curtains, the refined furniture of the XIX century, until Jacuzzi's in every

    apartment; everything has been enriched and carefully perfected in all

    details in order to make the glitz of the past live again in our modern time.

    The overlooking Gaffaro Canal apartments, not only offer an amazing view,

    but they also give you the magic atmosphere of the passing gondolas and

    the echo of the typical Venetian serenade sung by the gondoliers

    The privileged position of this Palazzo offers every apartment silence and

    peacefulness which will give a greater pleasure to your holiday.

    In every apartment

    - Small kitchen with eletric hotplate, microwave, tableware and cookers

    - Individual air conditioning and heating system

    - Adsl internet wi-fi connection for unlimited and free use

    - Satellite TV

    - Bathroom wih Jacuzzy bathtub, hairdryer and international plug for razors

  • The Church Of San Giacomo Dell'orio

    The Church of San Giacomo dell'Orio lies in the Santa Croce area of

    Venice, in a quiet district within the first bend of the Grand Canal. The

    church is an old one, founded before the tenth century and rebuilt in the

    thirteenth. It contains a few interesting historical features and some good

    paintings. The church is included in the Chorus Pass initiative.

  • San Giacomo dell'Orio is one of those distorted Venetian names, and one of

    which no-one now knows the origins. Although San Giacomo is St. James,

    guesses for the dell'Orio part are as diverse as St. James of the Wolf, or St.

    James of the Laurel.

    After the church's old but humble exterior, the interior comes as a rather

    unexpected patchwork of history. One of the highlights is a glamorous green

    marble column, probably looted by the Venetians from somewhere in the

    East. Around the high altar there is some attractive Renaissance decoration

    of coloured marbles, although the rest of the walls have a rather bare look.

    The ceiling, which is showing its great age, is made of painted and carved

    wood, one of two preserved ship's-keel ceilings in Venice (the other is in

    Santo Stefano). As well as exploiting the Venetians' shipbuilding skills, this

    type of roof also lightens the load on the building's foundations.

    There are quite a few interesting paintings to view: many works by Palma il

    Giovane, including rich representations of St. Laurence presenting his

    Church's treasures (the poor), and roasting on his grill (to be found in the

    left transept). There are also works by Veronese and a good painting of

    three plague saints: Roch, Laurence and Sebastian by Buonconsiglio. The

    painting behind the high altar is a Madonna by Lorenzo Lotto. It's worth

    taking a look at the interesting small statues dotted around the church, some

    of which are unusual and rather sweet.

  • San Giacomo dell'Orio is in the Santa Croce area of Venice. Although it is

    located on the square named after it, Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio, the

    church's facade and entrance are actually around the corner, facing onto a

    small canal or rio. The nearest vaporetto stops are Riva de Biasio and San


    Civil Weddings At Palazzo Cavalli

    The Municipality of Venice provides couples from all over the world with the

    opportunity to pronounce their irrevocable "I do" by emerging themselves in

    the romantic atmosphere which only this lagoon city can offer.

    Inside the building a series of rooms is set aside for the bride and groom,

    offering a breathtaking panorama over the Grand Canal and including a

    privileged view of the Rialto Bridge.

  • Of course, the most thrilling way to arrive is by gondola, accompanied by

    the delicate lapping of the water and by the magnificence of the faades of

    the palazzi which provide the ideal backdrop for a fairy-tale setting.

    The historical Palazzo Cavalli stands in one of the most picturesque areas

    of Venice, overlooking the Grand Canal close to the Rialto Bridge. It is a

    three-floor, XVI century Renaissance building whose faade is characterised

    by a sequence of stone corbels above the base, which suppo