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Experience a memorable event for a lifetime! Consider these top wedding venues of the world with luxury wedding planner. Http://

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2. Weddings are momentous timesin our lives that are our onechance to shine and experiencethe best. Since you want theexperience to be memorable for alifetime, you should consider thetop wedding venues of the world.Ive put together the top sevenvenues in the world that will besure to impress you and yourloved one 3. CASTELLO DI VICARELLO, ITALY Most people have heard of Veniceand its 118 small islands completewith gondola rides over theinterconnected waterways andbridges, but this castle in Castellodi Vicarello is nothing short ofimpressive. This 900-year oldcastle has Tuscan charm that isperfect for couples who are seekingthat romantic fairy-tale experience.You can exchange vows in the olivegroves and hold your receptioncelebration on the lawn by the pool.It's an experience that will not besoon forgotten. 4. ALILA UBUD RESORT, PAYANGAN, BALI 5. LADERA, SOUFRIERE, ST. LUCIA The 1100-foot vista and thelush rain forests beckonslovers from all over theworld to experience thebeauty of the open-airParadise Pavilion. It's oneof the most spectacularwedding venues on theplanet. The crystal bluewaters, the beautifulfoliages, and the steel-drumband playing lightly in thebackground is one of themost impressive ways to"tie-the-knot." 6. VICEROY ANGUILLA, MEADS BAY, ANGUILLA There's nothing like peeringover the Caribbean Sea asyou recite your vows to theperson you love. The serviceat this resort isunprecedented andimpresses even the mostdiscriminating bride. Thewedding planning service inthis area is one of the bestthat you'll ever experience.You can choose from acliffside wedding or asecluded beach ceremony.No matter what you choose,you'll experience thesophistication of thisgorgeous resort. 7. CHATEAU VAUX-LE-VICOMTE, MAINCY,FRANCE If you want true romanticismand want to escape to a placethat is reminiscent of achildhood fairytale, you shouldvisit France. The castle is theepitome of opulence andbeauty. You'll love the Andre LeNotre's gardens for the weddingvenue and can seat up to 400guests. Couples wedded inmatrimonial bliss can exit theirweddings in a horse-drawncarriage with 8. THE OBEROI UDAIVILAS, UDAIPUR, INDIA If you want a truepalace experience,there is hardly anyother place that canreplicate theexperience like thisresort. This is anarchitect's dream, andit's truly an exotic placeto experience 9. If you're interested in the top sevenwedding venues in the world, there arehardly any ones better than the ones thatwe have listed. Review these venuesand determine if any match your idea ofa dream wedding. We're sure you'll findat least one to meet your needs. But, ifyou are having any trouble, dont worry just get in touch! Wed love to help. 10. Head Office (Hong Kong)T&G Wedding Asia Pacific Co. LtdLevel 19, Two ifc, 8 Finance Street, Central, HongKongE-mail: +852-2251-8290