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Coping with grief during the holidays; Steinbrenner's band needs big bucks for bowl trip; Before 'Edward Scissorhands,' there was 'Satan's Children'

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    By Michael

    The Steinbrenner High School Band isplanning a trip to perform at a college bowlgame later this year. To get there, theyll needhard work and determination.

    Theyll also need more than $70,000.

    Thats the cost to accommodate morethan 90 people traveling to Memphis,Tennessee, for the AutoZone Liberty Bowl,on Dec. 29.

    It is a lot of money, admitted band di-rector Nicole Conte. Weve done somesmaller trips that have cost about half that,but this is a pretty big one.

    Its so big that the band is getting cre-ative about raising funds. Theyll host acasino night on Nov. 8 at Cheval Golf andCountry Club, 4312 Cheval Blvd., in Lutz,from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. On Nov. 16,theyll have a mattress sale at the schoolsgymnasium from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Current fundraising and early paymentshave helped the band get close to half oftheir goal, leaving plenty more money thatneeds to be raised. But from personal expe-rience, Conte feels its worth it.

    We did several things like that when I

    MICHAEL MURILLO/STAFF PHOTOWhen the Steinbrenner High School band isnt performing, theyre practicing.And when theyre not practicing, theyre raising money for their trip to theLiberty Bowl later this year.

    See LIBERTY, page 7A

    By B.C.

    Picture this: Your mother has broken herarm and its time to make her traditionalpecan pie for the holidays.

    Its easy to see that it would be difficultfor her to make the pie this year, so you lether know that she shouldnt worry aboutbringing it.

    Its easy for people to see a broken arm,said Dale Thien, a bereavement counselorfor HPH Hospice. Its not always so easy tosee the effects of a heart thats broken bythe death of a loved one.

    The bereavement counselor said sheoften opens her workshops by talking abouthow expectations change when we can seea physical ailment that poses limitations, andthe need to make similar adjustments when

    someone has suffered an emotional lossthats equally, if not more, debilitating.

    HPH Hospice is offering free workshops

    in November and December to help anyonewho is grieving the death of a loved oneduring the holidays, regardless of the cause.

    Your grief is like you have a brokenheart, Thien said. The thing is, we cant real-ly see that.

    During her workshops, she asks thosewho are grieving to give themselves permis-sion to grieve. And, she asks them to let theirloved ones know what they need.

    Understanding can come from the restof the family, as they adjust their expecta-tions about the holidays and about the rolethat this grieving person will play, she said.

    The death of a loved one often creates asense of disorientation and a loss of equilib-rium, as people adjust to life without thephysical presence of their loved one.

    Coping with grief during the holidays

    COURTESY OF HPH HOSPICEBereavement counselor Dale Thien offerspractical tips for grieving people who areexpecting a difficult holiday season.

    See GRIEF, page 7A

    By Michael

    Throughout the rich history of the Lutzarea, one thing thats never talked about isthe Great Oatmeal Famine of 1974.

    Anyone looking to restock their QuakerOats back then found the shelves mysteri-ously empty. Was it a strike? A productrecall? A sudden desire to change breakfastfood?

    Nope, it was a small independent horrormovie filming in Lutz at the time calledSatans Children. And the special effectswizard behind the film, John Mocsary, need-ed 50 cases of it so that he could createsomething Lutz has never had before quicksand.

    We bought up every case of oatmeal wecould find in the North Tampa area,Mocsary said. And we used every bit of it. Ihad to make a three-foot pit, and it had tolook real.

    Except once the oatmeal was mixed andactors started falling into it, Mocsary realizedthere were two things he hadnt anticipated.First, the nearby cattle on the ranch they wereusing were quite interested in eating the oat-meal up. And second: The Laws of Newton.

    We had a buoyancy problem, he said.So what we had to do was put cinderblocks in, so that after people went into it,they would hold on to the blocks to keepthem under.

    The magic of movies, taking place rightin Lutz, nearly two decades before TimBurton would bring Johnny Depp andEdward Scissorhands to the area. Andwhile the R-rated Satans Children wasnever a box office success, its being remem-bered Nov. 15 when many of the formercast and crew, like Mocsary, get together atTampa Theatre for a special screening.

    The event was Andy Lalinos idea. Hewasnt part of the movie, but hes a majorhorror fan, and discovered Satans Childrenwhen it was released as a home video.

    I first got to see it back in 2006, andeven then, I noticed that it was made inTampa, said Lalino, a producer at WUSF-TVin Tampa, and horror aficionado. That

    piqued my interest, since Im from theTampa Bay area, and I toyed around withsome ideas on what to do about that.

    The event next Saturday will celebratethe early days of film in the area, and featureactors like Stephen White, RosemaryOrlando and John Edwards, who all ap-peared in the film, while many of themwere students at the University of SouthFlorida. None are household names today,but their inclusion in what they hope couldbecome a local cult classic will put them inthe spotlight they never got in 1974.

    The film was actually released in 1975,theoretically, Lalino said. I talked to a lot ofpeople, and they cant ever remember see-

    COURTESY OF SOMETHING WEIRDThe quicksand pit for Satans Children was created on a farm in Lutz. It was only 3 feetdeep, and was made entirely of oatmeal.

    Before Edward Scissorhands, there was Satans Children

    See SATAN, page 7A

    If you goWHAT: Satans Children 40th AnniversaryScreening and ReunionWHEN: Nov. 15, 10 p.m.WHERE: Tampa Theatre, 711 N. Franklin St.COST: $11INFO:

    Roadto the

    Liberty Bowl

    Steinbrenners band needsbig bucks for bowl trip

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    www.LakerLutzNews.comNovember 5, 20142A

    By B.C.

    The Land O Lakes Special Olympics soc-cer team recently traveled to Indianapolis tobegin preparing for its appearance in the2015 Special Olympics Summer WorldGames.

    The soccer team claimed the gold at theSpecial Olympics Florida State SummerGames in May, and found out on July 21 thatthey would trek to represent Team USA atthe games in Los Angeles.

    The team competes in Division 2 soccer,with seven athletes on each side of the ball.It is a unified team, meaning there are fourSpecial Olympics athletes playing alongwith three partners, who are there to pro-vide help and support.

    The Land O Lakes team will join thou-sands of Special Olympics athletes from 170nations to compete for international medals.The games include 21 Olympic-style sports.

    To help prepare for the competition, theteam headed to Indianapolis in earlyOctober to begin training for the games, andto get a feel for what the schedule will belike in Los Angeles, said Vicky King, theteams coach. The training camp in

    Indianapolis included 352 athletes and 96coaches from across the United States.

    While there, the team received Team USAgear from Finish Line, practiced their soccerskills, scrimmaged against other teams,toured the NCAA Hall of Fame, attended theCircle City Parade and the Circle City Classicfootball game, and visited the Bankers LifeFieldhouse.

    The World Games are scheduled fromJuly 25 to Aug. 2.

    While the team is gearing up for thecompetition, its also involved in fundraisingefforts. There will be a Champions BreakfastNov. 7 at the Academy of Culinary Arts build-ing at Land O Lakes High School to raisemoney to support the teams trip to theWorld Games. No tickets are available forthis weeks fundraiser breakfast, but effortsare ongoing to raise the $35,000 the teamneeds to make the trip to Los Angeles, Kingsaid.

    Anyone who has any questions can emailKing at

    Anyone who wishes to contribute cansend a check payable to Special Olympics