LinkedIn for the top 2%

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Create a powerful linked in profile to support your personal brand, help you be found, enable business.

Transcript of LinkedIn for the top 2%

  • 1. Personal Brands andLinkedIn. Be awesome.
  • 2. LinkedIn at a glance: Business-focused social networking site Launched in May 2003 As of 4th of August 2011, LinkedIn operates the worlds largest professional network on the Internet with more than 120 million members in over 200 countries and territories LinkedIn is currently available in nine languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Romanian 26m+ members in Europe 6m+ members in the UK More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages
  • 3. You registered so...Now you need a prole Before you tear o on a tangent What is your personal brand all about? Professionally- how do you help people trust you? Outside of your profession your personality should come through a bit. What industry contacts would you like to have? What keywords will people use to nd you? Compile your keywords that people will use in a search box in which you want to be found.
  • 4. Dos and Donts: Do DontName Use your full name. Middle initial if poss. Make it Use company name in this space. easy to find the right John Doe. Forget to use a middle initial. Include if thats what you are. LinkedIn Include all contact info and more in this Open Networker. space.Headline Use keywords ppl would use in search box that Just be a job title. Youre so much more you want to show up in. See Shannon Eastman than that. profile for example.Status Updates Share an article, blog, link, stat, poll something Sell anything. Ask for a job. Ask people others can share. to do you favors. Bitch about your clients, your colleagues or anyone else for that matter.Summary Keep it brief. More Billboard, less Resume/CV Write a novel or anything more than 10 Bullet your content. sentences. Be creative.Specialties Laundry lists are best. To the point. Again, more Paragraphs, novels and free flowing billboard, less resume. text will likely not be read.Experience Use job title, company, dates only. A PM is a PM is Include chunks of copy from your a PM non? We dont need to know your resume. Small is the new big! responsibilities/ roles.Education Give sufficient detail. But dont bore us. Dont lie.Websites Professional and not so professional please. Business and personal has most definitely blurred.Interests Feel comfortable to ignore this space. Or not Feel obliged to complete this section. your call.Contact Info Do complete this. Be specific as to how you want Dont be vague in your preferences. to be contacted and what info you need to have with cold calls.
  • 5. Take your profile from good to kick-ass! Do DontRecommendations Get a minimum of Ten. Fourteen is Give people bad recos just ideal. decline the request. Give great recos while maintaining Dont give fake recos your integrity. Take care in ensuring your Ask for them. Its expected and recos are typo free, relevant to welcome in this space. Best way to the right job. They will reect get one? Give one rst. on you if they look like a monkey wrote it.Groups You can join up to 50 join groups Join 50 just for the sake of it. that represent you personally and Ignore the settings that allow professionally. you to receive group Make an eort to visit the group, updates. contribute, ask questions, reach out to Join a group and immed. go group members. into selling mode.Applications Do investigate all available apps and Ignore them. pick two to get started with. Aim for Add them all and then ignore 4. them.
  • 6. Growing your online network!1. Good rule of thumb your online network should somewhat resemble your real world network. Colleagues, former colleagues, clients, suppliers, school, people youve networked with.2. You can search for people in the following ways: People tab in the top nav bar. Search function note drop down to left hand side should be pre- populated to people. Companies tab in the top nav bar. Using drop down, select Company Search. Enter Company Name or Keyword and search. This search will reveal people who are connected to that company that may or may not be in your network.
  • 7. Understanding your degrees of connection:
  • 8. 1st degree connections:1. Send a message2. Recommend them.3. Forward their prole to someone else.4. Print their prole.5. PDF their prole.6. Download a VCard7. Bookmark their prole.8. You may or may not have access to their network of people.
  • 9. 2nd and 3rd degree connections:1. Send InMail Note the 5 limit rule.2. Get introduced to them through a connection. a. Withdraw your request and resend b. Note the 5 limit rule!3. Add them to your network. a. Selecting Friend as the means by which you know them is the least administrative. But be very clear in your message to them as to why you want to connect, how youre connected to them and the benet for them having you in their network. b. Beware of being labeled a Spammer4. Forward this prole to a connection5. Print, PDF, Bookmark this prole.6. You are unlikely to have access to their network.7. Visibility to who connects you to this person. Your connection knows them directly.
  • 10. Be Amazing-at-Life! Do DontYour Profile Update monthly or more often. Be selfish. Evolve your Headline as you evolve. Give recos without being asked.Polls Start your own poll biz related or Be a chump and leave mean or not. sarcastic comments. If you Participate in other peoples polls. disagree fair enough. Disagree. Share interesting polls with your network.Introductions Make them if you feel comfortable. Make them if you think the person asking is a chump. Its your word that contact will be using to decide to accept or decline.Stalking Use all the functions to gather Forget to set your privacy settings information. Companies is a good according to your comfort level. way to find people, get insights or make contacts.Account & Settings Do take the time to set these to your Ignore this part of the puzzle. comfort level.
  • 11. *Mwah* - youre beautiful!Shannon EastmanSocial Marketer - trainer and coachShannon@PerfectlySocial.com077 2031