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Lauren Fogarty and Charles Hardy, LinkedIn's recruitment media and solutions experts talk through LinkedIn's offering for Graduate recruiting, how students in the UK use the platform, plus they highlight the new LinkedIn 'CheckIn' application for flawless graduate event lead capture

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How to attract and engage top graduates on LinkedInOctober 20131

Lauren FogartyBrand & Media Solutions Charles HardyTalent Solutions

LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved2AGENDAOver the next 35 minutes (or so) we will look at the following:

Tips to proactively source student talent

How to engage students using LinkedIn's free and paid for tools

Best practice on building a strong employer brand to attract the next generation of professionals

LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved3Students & Recent Graduateson LinkedIn4435% of students plan to use LinkedIn as a primary source for their job hunt, up 700% from two years ago (Achievers 2012 study)

The Fastest Growing & Most Highly Engaged Demographic on LinkedIn30,000,000+STUDENTS & RECENT GRADUATES Our Careers Service department is committed to promoting LinkedIn as a critical part of the student path to professional employment.Leading UK UniversityLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved5

Script: Why is LinkedIn focusing on students this year? In the past weve been seeing more and more students join LinkedIn, but now we are actually hitting a critical mass. There are more than 30 million students and recent grads on LinkedIn globally. Its our fastest growing audience and one of our most engaged. We arent the only ones seeing the growth, other analysts are seeing it too. The Achievers study states that Compared to two years ago, the number of students using LinkedIn to find job opportunities has increased by 700%. And its not just in the US in fact the US only represents one third of this rapidly growing audience. And Europe is over 20%.Why are Students & Recent Graduates joining LinkedIn? The growing realisation and awareness that this is where professional employers hang out. Plus the people, the networks, that can help them identify and establish their careers. You want to be a professional working at XYZ? then youd better start behaving like one.

DATA:Compared to two years ago, the number of college students using LinkedIn to find job opportunities has increased by 700%.Experience and Achievers surveyed nearly 8,000 soon-to-be college graduates of 2012 and 2013. Survey:

Recent UK graduate university supply and demandWere also able to gain data insights into the growing supply and demand of recent graduates on LinkedIn.This graph illustrates a snapshot of the UK today the horizontal axis, shows increasing Member numbers to the right we can see The Open University, The University of Manchester and the University of Leeds leading the way in terms of LinkedIn members.However, when we take into account the vertical axis, representing Demand or how often employers are searching / targeting these university graduates, we can see there is more demand right now for The Open University grads, whilst Leeds remains relatively Untapped.

Well be benchmarking this every 6 months to see how it trends but it is a great example of how we can provide real data insights to our clients to help with their recruitment planning.6LinkedIn sees the university recruiting space as a three-sided ecosystem.EmployersUniversitiesStudents

LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved7Were seeing the university recruiting space as a three-sided ecosystem. At LinkedIn, we have teams and strategies to service each of these parties. For students, we enable them to connect, gain insights, and find their career paths. For universities, around the world, we help them achieve their key goals of students & alumni success. We have partnered with over 23,000 universities globally and recently launched dedicated University Pages. Similar to Company Pages, University Pages are attached to all students and alumni from that university and allow university administrators to brand their universities Careers Services, Alumni Services and Marketing working together. Its a great place for students, universities and employers to collaborate and have open discussions on key topics such as career fairs. For employers, we leverage LinkedIns data to help you efficiently attract, engage, and hire the right people.All 3 sides need to work together Students want to see relevant University and Employer content, to have the opportunity to engage, learn and make informed decisions. Employers want to see talent, target the right messages to the right people, enhance their brand, and hire efficiently.

7The new LinkedIn Education PortalLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved8

All 3 sides need to work together and this month we also launched the new Education Portal, designed to provide resources, training and insight to the different members of this ecosystem for universities yes.But also for prospective students looking at selecting a University and Course - and Current Students looking for career and employer insights (for internships, placements, graduate roles).Students want to see relevant University and Employer content, to have the opportunity to engage, learn and make informed decisions. Employers want to see talent, target the right messages to the right people, enhance their brand, and hire efficiently.

I encourage all parties to go and explore this Portal.

8Students9Right, before we talk about best practices, lets understand what students are doing on LinkedIn


The Next Generation C

Meet IsabellaQuick. Connected. Engaged.LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved10CONTENTScript: Today we have a new generation of students, that we like to call Gen C - C stands for Content. As youd expect this audience is very tech-savvy; digital natives - social is their native habitat. They grew up using Social Networks; they primarily use LinkedIn to research companies, explore trends, and get inside scoop on careers from classmates, friends & family. Students, by definition, are active candidates. They are looking for a job and if the information is out there, they will find it. Their behaviors are very different from passive candidates. This generation is quick, connected and engaged.

10Isabella establishes her professional identity on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved11Script: First order of business is to establish an identity. The LinkedIn profile was previously a basic title and company form. This profile didnt work for this new Generation C where content matters. So weve evolved it. The LinkedIn profile now enables students to express their creativity; your profile is not just a digital CV where you can add rich media content such as videos, Slideshare presentations, links, PDFs, photos, portfolios etc anything to make you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your achievements and your potential.

They can enter information about their education such as test scores, schools / colleges / universities, degree of study as well as rich media content. Many of these facets are now searchable and targetable to help Employers find and reach out to the right candidate. Students can now create rich profiles even without full-on work experience.11LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved12Doing her homework around Universities

New University Pages!

Script: After establishing an identity on LinkedIn, students now have access to the new University Pages we mentioned earlier. Already 1,500 universities have activated their new pages this month, sharing rich media content, and relevant stories/news/resources through targeted status updates, links to relevant Groups, and connections into Alumni. These are set to become the primary resource for researching universities, courses and careers options.We also envisage there being future opportunities for Employers to engage in these spaces.12

Connects with peers, professors & mentorsSchool Alumni Tool


LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved13

Script: Talking of Alumni, Students will look to connect with peers, professors and mentors to learn more about career opportunities. We have 238M members on LinkedIn. We know where they went to university, what they studied, where they worked and where they are now. We want to surface this information to students and help them leverage it in their quest for a career.You may not have heard of the School Alumni tool but those who have will know it is an extremely useful tool not just for students but also for Universities and Employers.We built this solution to help students discover their career path. In this instance, pretending to be Isabella, a current student at University of Durham. I went to the University Alumni tool and through filters found who went to University of Durham and has experience in Finance Risk Management what field they studied, what are their top skills. The tool also gives students a list of alumni from their school in their network. These are your brand ambassadors. Students will 1>reach out to alumni for advice and counsel, 2> leverage the networks of their parents, family, friends, and mentors to get a head start on their career planning, and 3> stay connected and establish lifelong relationships with alumni. We are promoting the School Alumni tool on the homepage of students.

The Alumni tool is also a useful resource for Employers to research Universities they might partner with, or to target Second Jobbers from target universities who joined competitors.

Also students are some of the most engaged members on Groups. Why? They want to get the inside-scoop on their careers and join the experts to get valuable mentorship