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Transcript of Link Building Presentation Patrick Altoft Searchlove 2011

  • 1.REAL WORLDLINKBUILDINGPatrick AltoftDirector of Search, Branded3

2. Goal of LinkbuildingCreate just enough links to rank number 1 for yourtarget keywords without putting clients at risk 3. DONT BUILD LINKS WITHOUTIMPROVING THE SITE 4. Automated Content Ideas From Analytics 5. Send To Your Writers 6. Vary Anchor Text 7. Google Suggest & Keyword Tool used cars used cars for sale used cars for sale uk autotrader auto trader auto trader cars autotrader cars cars cars for sale cars for sale uk click here for used cars used car search 8. Linkbuilding process Competitor Search Shortlist QAAnalysisGooglesitesprocessContentPitch Place linksStory ideas production storiesQA PromoteTrack linksprocesslinks 9. The News MethodMondayShortlist Press NewsBlog PostTarget Sites Release BrainstormPublish RewriteSyndicateSocial 10. Infographics Cost per link? Good links? 11. InfographicsSeedPaid Social Create Socially CampaignEmailEmailPay For Industry Infographic Coverage? Sites Sites 12. Industrial Strength Tweeting 6m tweets 13. Lots of Links Hashtags Keywords 14. How can we get social juice to money pages? Each entry sends outtweet Each entry followsthe brand 15. Social Trust 16. Social Linking 17. Quotes 18. Weekly or Monthly Columns 19. Digital Media Images Videos Presentations Graphs Charts 20. Widgets List of hot products Dynamically updates via XML Wordpress plugin Clean links Perfect for sites with lots ofproduct churn 21. TOOLS 22. Link Monitoring MozMetricsTargetPageRank URLLink Crawler AnchorIndexedText CountBadExternal Words Links 23. Financial Modelling of Links vs Time How much is a link worth? Time = money Few links worth >250 24. Questions?