LEWIS - Who Killed Jesus, Who Killed Kenny?

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Murder! Morse was the Inspector Lewis was his Sergeant. Morse is dead and Lewis has become the Inspector. Lewis must now solve the most curious of cases. Who killed Jesus, who killed Kenny? Can you find the killer and solve the crime? A revolutionary collection of Poetry and Photography by Keith Peace and Nacho Brown

Transcript of LEWIS - Who Killed Jesus, Who Killed Kenny?

  • Who Killed Jesus? Who Killed Kenny?


  • Contents

    1. Introduction

    2. The Evidence

    * Simon Says

    * The Joy of Oral Hex

    * A Rebel Without a Pause

    * Two Stigmas for the Price of One

    * Love Lies Bleeding

    * Let the Dia (tribe) Increase

    * Kill or Cure

    * Conspiracy Tourettes

    * (In at the Creep End) Prose Traumatic Stress

    * God Save the (Future) Queen

  • 4. The Suspects

    * Mr l. Face

    * Mr H. Shipman

    * Mr M. Myers

    * Mrs R. West

    * Mr J. Voorhees

    5. The Investigating Officers

    6. The Victims

    7. Credits

    8. Weblinks and Further Information

  • The CrimeMurder! Morse was the Inspector Lewis was his Sergeant.

    Morse is dead and Lewis has become the Inspector. Lewis must

    now solve the most curious of cases. Who killed Jesus, who

    killed Kenny? Can you find the killer and solve the crime?

  • The Evidence

  • Simon Says

    Naked I stand awaiting to be curtailed,

    Emotions are rollercoasters and this ones about to be derailed,

    Manufacturing the avenues of dissent,

    As the judges stand silent,

    Its straight to depression by design that I am sent,

    Critiques are misnomers cast about so loose,

    As the audience hangs on the patricians every word,

    My necks already a hanging in the status of the noose,

    Opinions like people are divided as if muster it shall pass,

    A pawn to talent show porn,

    Another media darling in the ratings underclass,

    Fifteen minutes fame in infamy as tabloids hounds,

    Its the disease of the nation facile puppet saturation,

    As the core of the raw word in moral leprosy abounds,

    Judge and jury and executioner act out word play banality,

    So much that humanity is reduced to a compelling word,

    Rather than being in essence an actuality,

    Each act is objectified into segments so easily groomed,

    Pre packaged freedom and love go hand in glove,

    Is the consumer soon about to become the consumed?

    Is this the case that entertainment thus means weve forgotten how to live?

    Are we so impoverished of being?

    That we readily passively accept paying for things that were ours to begin with?

  • Its a ratings war and our minds are at stake,

    And heres a few words from our sponsors as we will be right back after this commercial break,

    Illusory polarities define the boundaries to be debated,

    Thought is a tokenism to its esteem,

    As its no longer creative its simply created,

    Who killed Jesus or was it who killed Kenny?

    Never before have so few been able to make fools,

    Out of so many,

    The noose is getting tighter and the last rites clings,

    For every actor taking a bow on centre stage,

    Their stands far greater awaiting in the wings,

    Any last words before my exile into flight,

    If thine eye be single why thy whole body shall be filled with light,

    The scaffold breaks and limply I hang,

    Accosted and accused scolded and abused by another playtime harangue,

    Canned applause is the last thing I will hear,

    The applicant has lost,

    As everything is whim we negate that within,

    Soaked in maximum output at the lowest cost,

    But the tone now has been set,

    A chink put in the armour they daily connect,

    A refusal to tow the line and bow to none,

    And so we complied to create this media circus,

    So from under their feet the foundations will soon be gone

  • The Joy of Oral Hex

    I feel like Im doing time,

    As the sex vampires secrete mime,

    Manacled opposite sex in tow,

    Courtship display to paw the beast below,

    As energy exchanges,

    The setting of sights from the rifles changes,

    With idioms they create,

    Suppressed ideals relate,

    Happy meals or consumer steals,

    Life is stationed on a plate,

    Bow to the mantra of we can,

    Its the new opiate,

    Enslave the rag red with blood,

    Cognitive dissidents expose the brotherhood,

    The cloven hoof we shake,

    As the union of one we gaily create,

    Looking for an internal schism,

    We are offered greater freedom of choice,

    Yet in reality its just another prison,

    Pre-crime and thought patrol,

    Manipulate and stagnate the hole,

    Keep in line but never stray,

    Watch the sun set on the empires bright new day,

  • Tell us its an expose of terror,

    Who to hate its not for debate its for honour,

    Square pegs crammed into round holes,

    And so the merry go round grows,

    But stop the world as I want to get off,

    Its not the flu vaccine coughing but the coffin,

    In which theyll carry me off,

    Last one out turn off the lights,

    Say goodbye to human rights,

    Brave new world I beg to ask,

    But theyd put me on the cross just for the simplest task,

    They say youre a long time dead,

    But I dont want to sleep instead,

    Im not a convict nor a convert,

    Im more a subversive waiting to subvert,

    Through the round window I go,

    Like the white rabbit only more slow,

    Drink fuels romantic interlude,

    Semantics of I love you only denude,

    I stand before the curtain call with all the love Ive accrued,

    The escape is moot,

    As the sex vampire does commute,

    A to z of the last square root,

    Right angle dangle I remain mute,

    Helter skelter Down the Manson chute...

  • A Rebel Without a Pause

    The lines of sepia that the headlines play,

    Accolade revisionism as the order of the day,

    We are taught to sit like stooges at the gates of Janus,

    Apply the chains that so convincingly contain us,

    Hooligans out of order the media does replicate,

    Whilst we are bottle-fed deception its the falsehood of negate,

    Wheres the outcry when another bodies desecrated,

    Another grave is dug an epitaph the eulogy to the consecrated,

    An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind,

    Nationalistic pride is a drowning tide when the dead are jingo kind,

    Applied logic as reason creates political speech mystique,

    Am I expected to comply with do or die?

    So when Im kicked up the arse I should just turn the other cheek,

    Nice divisions created by the status quo,

    Implicated into the cycle of consume and grow,

    Adverts highlight the ideal suspected role supplication,

    If you refuse to adhere well apply rules of fear to curb your deviation,

    Maintain social control with scientific pantheon process,

    Splitting the atom was just the start; soon youll have a new deity to address,

    Reinforcing dogma which is a bitch of a belief,

    A constant headache of the psyche from which the pills they offer will give no relief,

    Taught from an early age in the process of pain or reward,

    Instead of creation and motivation its sin thats applied and

    In awe you must bow to the lord,

  • Pavlovs dogs one and all, caged laboratory rats heralding the call,

    In order to see growth one must see realisation,

    The clouds of opposites clear to give reward to motivation,

    Its only war that makes us seek peace and the darkness they

    Cast that makes us seek the light,

    Every dog must bark for its master but on there bones this dog gnaw,

    If Im misunderstood in place of there falsehood its not for want of trying to not be a rebel without ap-plause

  • Two Stigmas for the Price of One

    I met her at the bar her smile was beaming,

    The leading question can I buy you a drink became saturated in meaning,

    We got seated and she explained,

    Ever felt penned in by the media role game,

    I retorted and cavorted lifes either harmony or discord,

    But at uneven levels it rises of its own accord,

    She lent closer and whispered dont be scared Im not a ghost,

    If you were catholic I declared I am Christs body and you are my host,

    She leapt forward to kiss me a poet she exclaimed,

    My sense of elation could barely be refrained,

    Do you ever feel emotions are cages?

    And language can no merely convey than to only restrict you,

    That love is an illusion and sex a confidence trickster,

    I returned the kiss and explained Im no macho man who likes to play it tough,

    That is why we die because we dont want to live enough,

    To feel love you have to have vitality,

    To want to carry on against the con that equates in conveying terms banality,

    She exudes her posterior and says with flare,

    You mean bringing out that from within the interior,

    Living life not choosing to obey,

    In terms of prisons I have the keys to our cell doors let there be no delay,

    Im no intellectual onanist because that would be missing the point,

    I have the crowbar to crack open reality, you have the cream to conquer and anoint.

  • Love Lies Bleeding

    Into the boudoir of femdom I did mingle,

    Sipping at the kind of drink that makes you see double yet feel single,

    Prescriptive attire reels in the fish,

    Im atoning now at the well of plenty awaiting a granted wish,

    An opening gambit of eloquence charms,

    As the sea of plenty in obeyance suddenly calms,

    Absinthes in absolution as my knees give way,

    All because the lady loves her milk tray,

    Do not adjust your bet as the slip in return is shown,

    The going is good to firm as this bird has not yet flown,

    Suddenly sedition escorts the ruse,