Who Killed Artie Choke?

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Transcript of Who Killed Artie Choke?

  • < i rented a storage unit in the factory district and we steadily moved the equipment in there - i dont think anyone found the original lab, as i went back there the other day long after the police had been and gone for the last of it - nothing had been touched >

    < soon we were back on track - turned out for whatever reason, carrots worked the best, so we decided the carrot crusader would be the first to be replaced.the one in tube 01 had shown particular promise... >

    < i thought it was time for a test run, but the doc said it was still mutating or something, and needed more tests... but he cant be in the lab all the time can he? as soon as he goes out for a leak, im getting this thing in its sunday best and taking it straight to the don! hes gotta be impressed by this baby... >

    < i dont believe it!! don berry called me crazy!! me!? short-sighted old fool!! time-bomb of disaster? it came right back to its tube, just like i told it to! >

    < wait... I think something... no!! Somethings gone wrong...! >

    < its turned into a monster! its coming after me... got to get out of here! its coming after me! >

    < its too fast!! I dont know my way around this part of the city! >

    < no!! a dead-end! oh gourd help me! somebody help me!! >

    < ...no!! im sorry! Im sorry for what ive done to you! Dr Potassium! it was all his idea! I swear! maybe we can cut some kind of deal- aaaaaaaaaaaaHHHH!!! --- >- sound file cuts off to be relaced by a loud alarm -

    < ill show him, if he thinks this thing is dangerous ill show him dangerous!! all i gotta do is turn up the heat on that genetic soup hes sittin in - lets see what the don has to say when i turn a suped up version of this thing on him! >