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  • 1. Recount Text Tiya Amalia AAA 112 034
  • 2. Recount Text Example
  • 3. What Is Recount Text? Recount Text is a text that retells a story about past events or experiences in the order they happened Its purpose is to inform or retell past event to the Next Hom e
  • 4. Elements of Recount Text 1) Orientation : Tells who is involved in the story, when, where, and why the story happened 2) Series of event : Tells what happened in the story 3) Re-Orientation : Tells the conclusion ofBack Next Hom e
  • 5. Language Feature of Recount Text Introducing personal participant (I, my group, we, etc) Using chronological connection (then, first, etc) Using linking verb (was, were, saw, heard, etc) Using action verb (look, go, change, etc) Using simple past tense Back Hom e
  • 6. Example : Hom e
  • 7. Exercise One Saturday night, we went to the Town Hall. It was the last day of the year and a large crowd of people had gathered under the Town Hall clock. It would strike twelve in twenty minutes time. Fifteen minutes passed and then, at five to twelve, the clock stopped. The big minute hand did not move. We waited and waited, but nothing happened. Suddenly someone shouted, its two minutes past twelve! The clock has stopped! I looked at my watch. It was true. The big clock refused to welcome Home Questio n
  • 8. Question : 1. When did the clock stopped? A) At 05.12 B) At 11.55 Back to Text Next Question
  • 9. Are you sure? Come on, Think and read again! Back
  • 10. Horray.! You are right!! Congratulation ^0^/ Back
  • 11. Come on, You can do it..!! Read again..!! Back
  • 12. 2. Why did the people gather under the Town Hall clock? A) To stop people who shouted B) To see the newly bought clock C) To welcome the New Year Back To Text Home
  • 13. I know you can do it. Come on! Cheer up! Read again, you can do it! Back
  • 14. Are you sure? Think and read again! Back
  • 15. Congratulation ^0^/ You are right ^^ Back