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A tour of Pompeii and the destruction caused by Mount Vesivius

Transcript of Latin, Pompeii

  • 1.The Destruction of Pompeii 2006 Mr. Crafts Class and CrossRoads Middle School

2. Life in Pompeii Harbor town Center for import and export for six hundred years Influence of traders 3. Life in Pompeii Pompeii streets lined with Bars Taverns shops 4. Life in Pompeii The good and the bad Lots of money for local economy Lots of people who want the money chambermaids 5. Life in Pompeii Paintings of gods and goddesses Venus is patron goddess of Pompeii Shops and workshops operated by slaves and owned by free men. 6. Life in Pompeii Main commercial center was the? Forum Center of Government Business law 7. Life in Pompeii Bars No seating Sold hot drinks Folks wrote on the walls while they drank Guest rooms above 8. Lets take a bath Three public bath houses Forum baths Stabian baths Central baths Bath houses served as places to bathe, swim, or exercise 9. Lets take a bath Bath houses Choose your temperature! Impressive system to heat the water hypocaust Series of boilers Operated by servants 10. Lets take in a show Two theatres Large theatre no roof ~5000 people Small theatre enclosed roof ~1200 people 11. Lets take in a show Amphitheatre ~20,000 people Gladiator contests Riot in 59 A.D. 12. Mountain of Fire Vesuvius sits ~ 6 miles from the center of Pompeii Destroyed all of Pompeii Herculaneum Stabiae Ash traveled 1000 km 13. Mountain of Fire Pliny the younger enveloped in night, only the shrill cries of women, the wailing of children, the shouting of men could be heard. 14. Mountain of Fire Pompeii covered in ash up to 21 feet deep (7 meters) Many people died because of the poisonous sulfur gasses Excavations continue still today! Thats it!