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VenMolk solutions

Laser scanning3D MODELINGWe frequently provide Mechanical and Architectural 3D modelling services for various types of companies and projects. We utilized the latest AutoCAD, Inventor, CAD WORX and other software to provide the 3D model you need. 3D modelling services brings to life in vivid 3d all your concepts and designs3D laser scanning and modeling services

Scan To RVT,DWG & COE filesWe convert the cloud data from the scanner into 3-D models and can produce CAD,Revit,Cyclone drawings as per the client requirement. We can provide good support to engineers to optimize outcomes of 3-D laser scanning and dimension controlA high speed mobile laser scanning system for 3D data acquisition mounted on an automobile.3D object scanning allows enhancing thedesign process, speeds up and reducesdata collectionerrors, saves time and money, and thus makes it an attractive alternative to traditional data collection techniques. 3D scanning is also used formobile mapping,surveying, scanning of buildings and building interiors, and inarchaeology.

3D laser scanning has quickly become the industry standard from which quality as-builts are based upon. A 3D laser scanner captures 1 million measurements per second, with an effective range of up to 900 feet. The enormous amount of data generated by the scanner provides efficient, accurate and detailed measurement in complex environments. With several scans made of an area, a 3D model can be created in Revit or AutoCAD. Drawings and models based on point clouds are more accurate and reliable than those created from traditional measurement.We use industry leading Lieca HDS laser scanners to provide quality surveys. With years of scanning and 3D modeling experience, you can trust us to deliver accurate results on time that add value to your project.

How it works ?Project introduction Information about your site is gathered (images, site address, plans, etc) and project goals are established (what needs to be captured, what the deliverable will be). Proposal is completed. Your work ends at this point.On site We travel to the site to perform scanning. The time required on site is based on the size and complexity of the area to be captured. For example, a typical 10 story building facade can be done in a day. For many jobs, work at the site can continue while we scan, reducing our interference to site progress.Back at the office Processing is required to join or register the measurements made from each scanner setup. For every day in the field, the registration process takes between 1-2 day(s). Once registration is complete, we can process 2D drawings and/or 3D drawings from the point cloud for you, or you can receive the point cloud at that time and perform your own processing/drafting. Time required for drawings/models varies depending on the level of detail required, but 1 week for every day of scanning is typical. Once modeling is completed, you receive as-builts (2d or 3d) as you normally would, but much higher quality and more reliable.

Why Laser scan?Laser scanning has advantages over traditional as-built, or existing condition surveys. Below are a few advantages.Capture Complex Areas Quickly Laser scanners were first implemented in the oil and gas industry where large areas of complex piping were difficult to efficiently and accurately document using traditional methods. Using a laser scanner, complex architecture and MEP facilities can now be documented economically.Measure From a distance In areas that can be dangerous or where access to active construction / working environments inhibits normal work, lasers scanners can perform measurement at a distance safely and accurately.Capture Everything Multiple site visits to correct errors or add missing information are typical of traditional measurement techniques. Laser scanners capture everything within their field of view, within 900 feet. If additional information from the scanned area is required, those dimension can be quickly and easily obtained without additional site visits.

Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Laser Scanning Services

It allows us to ensure that there are no clashes (this can be validated easily using clash detection software tools).It allows us to model and represent all mechanical components/kit accurately (unlike 2D CAD drawings) and therefore ensures that spatial issues are addressed before getting to site.Prevents site-based delays and disputes as all services have already been proven to work.Allows for ease of communication as the 3D model can be viewed and walked through easily for demo, review, value engineering or QC purposes by services trades.Faster approval / sign off (compared with 2D drawings alone, the 3D model allows our clients to view detailed areas in a 3D environment).3D laser scanning is one of the innovative new technologies added into the arsenal of CAD and CAM services. 3D laser scans are generally built to visualize as-built drawings in a virtual environment with high accuracy. In addition to this, laser scanning can also help you by utilizing modelling concepts and deliver material estimates along with highly accurate geometrical calculations that provide crucial insights about your designs.

A large number of design companies are often not so keen on implementing 3D laser scanning processes due to the high costs involved in the implementation. In addition to this using the technology also demands a certain level of technical expertise that is not easily available making businesses think twice about implementing this technology. However, that does not mean the technology is beyond your reach. You can get all the advantages by simply outsourcing the laser scanning to a reliable 3D laser scanning service provider. Here are some of the benefits that you can avail

Fast and Accurate modelsOne of the greatest benefits you can derive from a reliable 3D laser scanning service includes the benefits of getting high accurate 3D models. While the same result can also be achieved with an in-house service, you will be saving a significant amount of investment by outsourcing. Also these service providers often include highly experienced and expert technicians. Which means you will be eliminating any probability of an error while also getting accurate scans for your models

FlexibilityA reliable 3D laser scanning service will usually offer a variety of different scanners based on your project requirements. This is something that can make a huge difference when it comes to accuracy and scan types. There are a large number of laser scanners available commercially and getting all of them for your business may not exactly be a viable option.Procuring all the scanners can be an expensive affair and you may not be able to use all of these on a regular basis. As a result, the scanners could develop faults and lead to inaccurate results. Professional services on the other hand make use of these scanners on a regular basis and procuring these services for your business will not only reduce your expenses but can ensure that quality is not being compromised

Streamlined work flow

Another important aspect that you can achieve from a 3D laser scanning service is the ability to streamline your work flow. Getting accurate scans can easily be a daunting task and can consume a significant amount of your time. When you hire professional services for this purpose, you can make sure that your work flow doesnt get flooded from a single project.The professional services can make sure that your scans are made available quickly and on time while your projects can continue to progress at the same pace. This will not only reduce your expenses but ensure that your business makes more profits in a short period of time. As a result, you could say that outsourcing a 3D laser scanning service can break even quickly

CONTRACT STAFFINGCONTRACT STAFFINGOur temporary staffing services offer clients a wide range of benefits, from cost containment to risk mitigation. If you are not ready to hire additional staff, we can provide the cad services you need without the upfront costs and long term commitment of a new hire. Contact us to discuss your cad tech staffing needs

.RVT Model(MEP)

.COE Model(MEP)

.RVT model(BIM)

Point Cloud And Revit Model

Point cloud Data

Revit model

Point load data

Modeled dwg file

A small portion of a plant

A closer look of an engine

CAD model

Contact usIf you have a project you would like a quote for, or you'd just like to hear more about the benefits of using TruePoint and 3D Laser Scanning: Contact shavingowda@gmail.comPhone : +91 9036660568