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Low Toxic Solvent, Low Toxic Paint Medium, Langridge Glaze Medium, Oil Primer, Linseed Oil, Oil Painting Mediums,

Transcript of Langridge Oil Mediums RRP

Langridge Drying OilsDrying oils act as agglomorating binders for artists oil paint and provide body to the brushstroke as the colours are spread out. Selection of the appropriate oil can alter the working quality of the paint. Performance differences include paste consistency, texture, effect on paint shades, desired drying time and mechanical strength of the paint film. Oils dry by absorbing oxygen, turning into a solid, non-reversable film. Full film drying takes up to six months

Cold Pressed Linseed OilGolden coloured oil used as a traditional binder for grinding oil colours. When used to mill oil colours or mixed with prepared colours removes the pronounced suede effect. Has increased wetting power and imparts flexibility to paint films. Use sparingly as a medium as linseed has a tendency to yellow with age. 100ml $18.70 500ml $50.49 Litre $85.85 4Litre $214.59

New Cold Pressed Walnut Oil Natural drying oil used as a traditional binder for grinding oil colours. Alternative to Linseed Oil with similar drying rates and properties. Has a long and distinguished history of use by Flemish renaissance artists. Similar tendency to yellow with age as Linseed. 100ml $18.70 500ml $50.49 Litre $85.85 4Litre $214.59

Cold Pressed Safflower OilPale slow drying oil preferred for preparing delicate colours, particularly whites and blues where the yellowing of linseed oil is more noticeable. Added to prepared oil colours for a longer working time due to its slow drying nature. Safflower oil dries to a softer film than Linseed oil. 100ml $18.70 500ml $50.49 Litre $85.85 4Litre $214.59

Refined Linseed OilHighest quality Dutch linseed oil used as a medium for oil colours. Increases gloss and transparency. Adds a soft, slippery quality when added to oil paints. Most economic of all artists drying oils. Use sparingly as a medium as linseed has a tendency to yellow with age. 100ml $6.93 500ml $18.72 Litre $31.81 4Litre $79.53

Stand Oil (40 Poise)Non-yellowing oil for use in all oil mediums. Thick and honey-like oil, it will give enamel-like qualities to paint. Too thick to use straight, it should be diluted with solvent. Slow drying to allow al la prima painting. Reduces brush marks. Dries to a tough flexible film. Recommended for the home manufacture of oil mediums. 100ml $12.39 500ml $33.57 Litre $57.05 4Litre $142.63

Langridge Solvents & Clean-upSolvents dissolve and mix with oils and resins to reduce the viscosity of paints and varnish. They also also used for the removal of oils, paint and varnishes. Solvents for artists materials must not react chemically with the materials with which they are mixed, must not have a destructive action on the underpainting and should evaporate completely, leaving no residue.

Low Toxic Solvent (Odourless)Completely odourless iso-paraffinic solvent. Permissible Exposure Level is at least 3 times higher than alternative traditional solvents. Ideal turpentine replacement for artists concerned about exposure to harmful solvents. Will not dissolve Damar Resin 100ml $7.92 500ml $21.38 Litre $36.34 4Litre $90.88

Distilled Gum TurpentineNatural diluent and solvent for oil colours and varnishes. Distilled from the resin of tapped Gum Thus Pine. Unlike petrolleum distillate based solvents its function is not solely to break-down oil but aids in dilution. Greater wetting power than other solvents. Pleasant pine odour. 100ml $7.48 500ml $20.20 Litre $34.34 4Litre $85.84

Artists White SpiritEconomical all purpose solvent. Ideal for cleaning brushes as it has a strong detergent action. If used heavily it will as it has a strong detergent action. Over-use will matt oil paint due to partial destruction of oil paint film. Has a distinctive petroleum smell. 100ml $6.93 500ml $18.72 Litre $31.81 4Litre $79.53

Safe-Clean-upA solvent free, non-toxic hand and brush cleaner for safely removing oil and acrylic paint. Work into the brush bristles and vigourously massage the brush until light foaming occurs. Wash brushes in running water to remove paint. By placing brushes in Safe-Clean-up overnight it will even remove dried paint. 250ml $19.03 Litre $57.09 4Litre $142.74

Langridge Oil Painting MediumsOil mediums are used for changing the consistency of the paint, rendering it more convenient for brushing or applying, or more suitable for the artists particular technique, which may require paint that is thicker or thinner, faster or slower drying, more transparent or opaque. Glazes are added to paint to create thin, but permanent, veils of paint. The resin content creates optical depth similar to a colour varnish.

Underpainting MediumLean medium to be used for the first-sketch in painting. Low oil content for rapid drying, minimising chances of cracking when overpainting with full strength colours. Stand Oil base ensures non-yellowing of artwork. 100ml $11.55 500ml $31.20 Litre $53.00 4Litre $132.50

Painting MediumFree-flowing medium for oils that improves paint handling. Quickly dries to a tack but remains fresh so that it may still be painted into. Perfect for wet on wet technique. Pale colours stay bright while deep tones are enriched. 100ml $12.21 500ml $32.98 Litre $56.00 4Litre $140.10

New Matte Medium A matte version of Langridge Painting Medium for adding fluidity and improve paint handling. Caution should be used when painting with deep tones as the matting agent slightly raises tonal values. 100ml $12.21 500ml $32.98 Litre $56.00 4Litre $140.10

Glaze MediumA resin rich oil medium that gives oil colours increased translucency. Perfect for the creation of optical depth and soft suffusions of colour. Used for traditional thin glazes and fine detail work. 100ml $12.65 500ml $34.15 Litre $58.00 4Litre $145.15

New Oleogel (Safe-gel) Designed as a solvent-free oil gel for extending colours whilst holding brush marks. Thixotropic. Solvents and driers may be added to manipulate fluidity, drying rate and handling to personal specification. 120ml $20.80 500ml $44.70 Litre $76.00 4Litre $189.95

New Impasto Medium Very dense, semi-opaque medium. When added to oil paint will create a pronounced grab from the brush allowing for controlled, forceful mark-making. Relatively slow-drying, dependendent on film build. 120ml $17.95 500ml $38.50 Litre $65.50 4Litre $163.80

Wax Painting PasteWax medium with a thick, smooth, buttery consistency. Highly stable impasto medium that keeps colours bright. The correct medium for use in thick impasto painting. 120ml $17.95 500ml $38.50 Litre $65.50 4Litre $163.80

Oil Glazing GelA fast drying medium that gives a lasting brilliance to oils. Soft gel consistency designed for more robust glazing. Extends colours whilst holding brush marks. 120ml $25.30 500ml $54.40 Litre $92.50 4Litre $231.20

Langridge Low Toxic Oil Painting MediumsLangridge has developed paint mediums based on Low Toxic Solvent, to reduce exposure to harmful solvents. Particularly useful for schools and other applications where use of traditional solvents is prohibited.

Low Toxic Painting Medium (Odourless)Low Toxic Solvent based fluid medium for improved paint handling. Reduces exposure to harmful solvents. Perfect for wet on wet technique. Stand Oil base ensures non-yellowing of artwork. 100ml $12.210 500ml $32.95 Litre $56.00 4Litre $140.10

Low Toxic Gel Medium (Odourless)Low Toxic Solvent based soft gel medium added to paint for controlled manipulation of colours in thin application. Reduces exposure to harmful solvents. New Bottle! 100ml $13.55 500ml $36.55 Litre $62.10 4Litre $155.25

Langridge SiccativesTo be added to oil paint or mediums for altering the speed of drying.

Cobalt DriersSiccative made with cobalt octoate. Acts as a surface drier for all oil colours and mediums. To be used sparingly as its overuse will destroy paint films. 100ml $13.85 500ml $37.40

New Calcium Driers Siccative made with calcium octoate. Acts as a through-film drier for all oil colours & mediums. To be used sparingly as its overuse will destroy paint films. 100ml $13.85 500ml $37.40

Langridge PrimersPrimers are coats applied to the support to provide a desirable surface on which to paint. Most grounds are white to offer the brightest reflecting surface for light to act upon. Acrylic primers can be painted directly onto raw canvas. Do not apply over glue sizing. Oil primers need to have a coat of glue size applied first to protect the raw canvas underneath.

Oil PrimerA traditional linseed oil based oil primer. Produces a high quality white surface with good tooth and flexibility for oil painting. Reduces sinking in of colours and imparts good luminosity. Must be used on a pre-sized support (ie. rabbit skin glue or GOLDEN GAC100 on canvas or panel). 500ml $34.10 Litre $57.95 4Litre $144.95

Acrylic Primer (Premium Grade)A superior high resin, low chalk content primer with excellent hiding power due to high Titanium White loading. Suitable for oils and acrylics. Can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including raw canvas, wood and paper. No prior sizing needed. Permanently flexible ground. 500ml $25.40 Litre $45.75 4Litre $114.35

Langridge VarnishesA varnish is used to protect the finished artwork. Picture varnishes perform the following functions: . Be fully removable without disturbing the oil paint film underneath. . Be resistant to moisture and general pollutants. . Create a complete film of even reflective quality. It is the varnishes function to prevent dirt reaching the paint surface. It is much easier to remove a dirty varnish and replace that than to remove dirt from the oil painting itself, potentially damaging the paint-film.

Isolating MediumNon-reversable, oil-based medium formulated to even-out the reflective finish of the painting prior to varnishing. Dries to a non-yellowing, g