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  • 1. What are Population Pyramids

2. How can we draw a population structure graph showing gender for a country? 3. Birth and death rate Birth rate = number of people born per thousand of the population each year Death rate = number of people who die per thousand of the population each year UK Madagascar Birth Rate (per 1000) 12.3 37.1 Death Rate (per 1000) 9.3 7.6 4. UK Population Pyramid See an animation Here 5. Population Pyramid Using the data on your handout to draw the UKs population pyramid. 6. How can you read a population pyramid? 7. Population Pyramids A population _______ shows the population structure for a country. Table Pyramid Triangle Graph The height of the pyramid shows how _____ people live. The base shows how many babies are _____ each year (birth rate). The ill long born many killed Any indents may be from a war or ______ and any bulges could be from baby booms or _________ coming in (immigrants) earthquakes tourists Famine migrants education migrants disease animals 8. Population pyramid for Calcutta Complete the A5 Living Graph sheet on Calcutta 9. Draw a sketch of a pyramid for a MEDC 10. Draw a sketch of a pyramid for a LEDC 11. Homework