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  • 1.Merry Christmas

2. 3. Traditional Christmas in Bulgaria Bulgarians have created a harmonious system of popular festivals. The most famous is the Christmas festivities winter and also the next day - or the Christmas birthday of our savior - Jesus Christ, the son of God. Christmas draws its origin from the Latin word "calendae", which meant among the Romans the first day of the month, which is linked with the nouvellelune. The word " Christmas is known in all Slavic languages: Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Croatian. 4. 5. Here in Bulgaria, the first evening is called "Budni veche" and lasts until midnight on Christmas. The oldest man (or woman older), password with incense (tamyan) in all parts of the house and the outbuildings. This has a preventive purpose and purification. The fire is made with logs pear, oak or beech. 6. 7. It is an unwritten rule that we must respect - two days before Christmas should be spent with family. There is a Christmas tree which is decorated with small toys and a small star at the end of the tree. You push the little statues of angels and maybe a small sprocket on the door. We decorated the house with guilandes in all colors. And small children write letters to Father Christmas. 8. 9. 10. To decorate for Christmas abortion must be: 1. a very ordinary green tree; 2. garlands; 3. thick strips; 4. Snowflakes of Christmas; 5. small toys; 6. a small star; 7. Small statues of angels; 8. a small gear 11. 12. Bulgarian children write to Santa Claus for cadeuax or other things they want. It's a great tradition that transformed this festival into a part familielle dreamed of by children. In his letters that are addreses to the good Father Christmas, children does not only write their desired, they promise to be better next year. And as Christmas is to become not only a celebration of the birth of Christ, but also the feast of goodness and justice. . 13. 14. Small Christmas revelers (malkite koledar), in groups of three to four children between 8 and 12 years old, well dressed, armed with a stick and a small bag on his shoulder, Dec. 24 morning go home in house (they do not sing and does not recite) and their kravatcheta are available (rolls prepared with nuts and dried fruit). In Bulgaria the West krav have the form of a horseshoe 15. Christmas recipes 16. The meal was frugal, vegetarian, no animal fat, because it is the last day of Lent with the family and early on December 24 for "early harvests are. " Seven, nine or twelve dishes are served. Among the dishes are proposed beans (Bob), MRSA (cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and onions), stuffed vine leaves, stuffed peppers (palneni tchouchki) of cooked wheat. Then stewed prunes. 17. Banitza (cheese pastry) Products: a packet of dough Benita (those found in health food stores Balkan) 3 or 4 eggs; 250 grams of yogurt to taste Bulgarian; 100 grams of butter; 100 go of grated feta; __________________________________ Beat eggs, add the yogurt and cheese. Spread the dough sheets one by one and put in the middle of each bit of a joke. Roll up as for making cigars and place them in a tray. Drizzle with butter heated. Bake in a moderate oven for 20-25 minutes. Serve hot. You may add to the stuffing of leeks, spinach or pumpkin, in all cases, cold or hot, it's great 18. The Banitza 19. Roasted peppers salad a dozen peppers (you can mix green peppers, red and yellow) a clove of garlic salt olive oil vinegar Put the peppers in the oven while their skin starts to burn out. Remove and peel peppers. Cut garlic into small cubes. Cut peppers in half lengthwise, remove seeds, store them in a large plate. Add salt and garlic already chopped. Sprinkle with vinegar and oil. And serve! 20. The new year 21. How is the feast-day of the new year? Everyone celebrates its taste can be with his family or his friends are afraid to celebrate alone or with teenagers in discos .. Every man for himself .. But it's good when there is a large table full of food and the people you love are around you .. 22. 23. In the early hours of the new year began the custom Surva (congratulations). In each household to come survakari - groups of young boys - children or adolescents - boys and survakari. Both, however, the other must be freshly cut twigs Cornel materials, decorated with coins, popcorn, dried fruit and red son. In collaboration with survakari congratulate the young men they say the blessings for each family, starting with the oldest. 24. Small survakari 25.