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    E PHOENIX Inside:Mawrter reimagines the American DREAMNew columnist teaches the act of readingSwarthmore professors pick the Super Bowl

    Renowned spoken word artist and Penn graduate Joshua Bennett will deliver a poetry performance today in LPAC alongside O.A.S.I.S. to kick off Black History Month. p.11



  • Thursday, February, 2 2012 Volume 135, Issue 3

    2 February 2, 2012 THE PHOENIX

    The PhoenixThe independent campus newspaper of SwarthmoreCollege since 1881.EDITORIAL BOARD Marcus Mello Editor in ChiefCamila Ryder Managing EditorAdam Schlegel News EditorKoby Levin Assistant News EditorBrad Lenox Living & Arts EditorSteven Hazel Assistant Living & Arts EditorReem Abdou Opinions EditorTim Bernstein Sports EditorAllegra Pocinki Photo EditorCindy Luu Social Media CoordinatorPeter Akkies WebmasterEric Sherman WebmasterSTAFFAmanda Epstein News WriterCharles Hepper News WriterYi-Wei Liu News WriterSera Jeong Living & Arts WriterSamme Sheikh Living & Arts WriterAllison Shultes Living & Arts WriterChi Zhang Living & Arts WriterDylan Jensen Living & Arts ColumnistNate Blum Living & Arts ColumnistVianca Masucci Living & Arts ColumnistLanie Schlessinger Living & Arts ColumnistRenu Nadkarni Living & Arts ArtistNaia Poyer Living & Arts ArtistTyler Becker Opinions ColumnistDanielle Charette Opinions ColumnistHarshil Sahai Opinions ColumnistShirhan Shen Opinions ColumnistSam Sussman Opinions ColumnistEmma Waitzman Political CartoonistJames Ivey Sports ColumnistAxel Kodat BloggerJulia Carleton PhotographerCristina Matamoros PhotographerHolly Smith PhotographerJustin Toran-Burrell PhotographerSophie Diamond Copy EditorTaylor Hodges Copy EditorJaimi Kim Copy EditorAxel Kodat Copy EditorMargaret Lawlace Copy EditorVija Lietuvninkas Copy EditorBUSINESS STAFFBusiness Manager Paul ChungCirculation Manager Emily RichardsonCOVER DESIGNAmelia KucicCOVER PHOTO COURTESY OF:joshbennettthepoet.tumblr.comCONTRIBUTORSHenry Ainley, Maria Anleu, Victor Brady, Amelia DornbushOPINIONS BOARDReem Abdou, Marcus Mello and Camila RyderEDITORS PICKS PHOTOS COURTESY OF:(clockwise from top left)traveldiary101.blogspot.commyaimzistrue.blogspot.comrising.jhu.eduCARTOON HEADSHOT ON PAGE 9:Naia PorterTO ADVERTISE:E-mail: advertising@swarthmorephoenix.comAdvertising phone: (610) 328-7362Address: The Phoenix, Swarthmore College, 500 College Ave., Swarthmore, PA 19081Direct advertising requests to Amelia Pos-sanza. The Phoenix reserves the right to refuse any advertising. Advertising rates subject to change.CONTACT INFORMATIONOffices: Parrish Hall 470-472E-mail: editor@swarthmorephoenix.comNewsroom phone: (610) 328-8172Address: The Phoenix, Swarthmore College, 500 College Ave., Swarthmore, PA 19081Web site: www.swarthmorephoenix.comMail subscriptions are available for $60 a year or $35 a semester. Direct subscription requests to Marcus Mello.The Phoenix is printed at Bartash Printing, Inc. The Phoenix is a member of the Associ-ated College Press and the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association.All contents copyright 2012 The Phoenix. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without permission.

    NewsSwatties re-envision the meaning of diasporaA new course is being offered by the Eng-lish Literature Department this semester that connects Swarthmore students with students at a sister school in Ghana to ex-amine the cultural and literary traditions of diasporas in a collaborative manner.PAGE 3SBC lowers student activi-ties fee after much debateIn response to concerns regarding histori-cal rollover excess for student groups, the Student Budget Committee has voted to de-crease the student activities fee beginning next academic year. PAGE 5Palestinian childrens draw-ings find sanctuary at SwatAfter being blocked by a Jewish lobby from their original destination at an Oakland museum, drawings created by Palestin-ian children during the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2009 will be coming to Swarthmore for a brief exhibition scheduled for April.PAGE 6

    Living & ArtsFly Union returns to Swarth-more for LSE appetizerThe Fly Union performance at Olde Club last Friday managed to transcend disap-pointment with the LSE committee because of the groups originality and enthusiasm in their own music.PAGE 7Orchestra 2001 challenges convention and expectationSundays concert featured the Swarthmore affiliated orchestra that challenges tradi-tional ideas of what it means to be an or-chestra, which includes new arrangements and composers as well as performances in Cuba and West Virginia. PAGE 7

    Navigating relationships with the good old Kanye WestA new column with a new take on Swarth-more relationships from a male perspective muses on the lessons you can learn from even the worst relationships.PAGE 8Rehak explores nostalgia, media and the role of the fanProfessor Bob Rehak of the Film and Media Studies Department discussed monsters, models and how fandom merges mass me-dia with personal identity. PAGE 8Picking beer is like picking books: dry, dense or chewyComparing beer purchases to the search for a good book, Brad Lenox offers some tips on which types of beer to buy with pro-files of Pilsner, Porter, and India Pale Ale. PAGE 9A$AP Rockys album asks the question: cash or more cash?Dylan Jensen reviews A$AP Rockys new album, LIVELOVEA$AP, and tries to deter-mine whether a starter album deserves $3 million from a record label. PAGE 12New campus clubs offer chances to read and playWriter Alli Shultes examines three Swarth-more clubs that combine hobbies with com-panionship: the Shogi Club, the Graphic Novel Club and the Bridge Club. PAGE 12

    OpinionsCollapse of Chester schools: worlds apart, minutes awayThe Phoenix brings to light the financial distress the Chester Upland school district is facing and how we as Swarthmore stu-dents can impact those dire circumstances in the nearby city.

    PAGE 14

    What role does race and ethnicity play in the GOP?Tyler Becker and Sam Sussman offer op-posing analyses of the claim that Republi-can politicians and political strategies are marred by racism.PAGE 15The coming age of Pax Pa-cifica: chances and chal-lengesShiran Shen analyzes the nature of the rise of China, as well as why and how the U.S. should seize the opportunities to reinforce its leadership role in mediating disputes and maintaining peace in the Asia-Pacific.PAGE 16

    SportsHow responsible are man-agers for their players?In his debut column, James Ivey takes a look at the recent controversy in English soccer, and asks what kind of control man-agers should have over players they know to be aggressive.PAGE 17The need to find greatness somewhere, somehowThe Giants and the Patriots arent great teams, and they werent destined to play each other in the Super Bowl. So why are we being told otherwise?PAGE 19

    Justin Toran-Burrell The PhoenixA member of the womens swim team dives into the pool. The women fell to Gettysburg 110-95, while the men lost by a score of 110-55 on Senior Day at Ware Pool. PAGE 20

    CorrectionsFROM THE JANUARY 26, 2012 ISSUEThe photo on last weeks contents page (2) was attributed to Julia Carleton, when it was actually taken by Justin Toran-Burrell.


    THE PHOENIX February 2, 2012 3

    NewsEvENTs MENu

    TodayThe Bathtub Debates: Vollmer vs. Tierney vs. Marissen

    Are you a sophomore looking for a major? The Peaslee Debate Society in collaboration with the Deans Of-fice present The Bathtub Debates, an annual event that features three pro-fessors from each academic division, will take place at 7 p.m. in Sci 101.

    Joshua Bennett Poetry PerformanceSwarthmores O.A.S.I.S. poetry

    group will be laying down some verses alongside renowned spoken word artist and 2010 UPenn gradu-ate, Joshua Bennett, in LPACs Pear-son Theater at 8 p.m.

    TomorrowCollection in Honor of Black History Month and Religion and Spirituality Week

    Head over to the Friends Meeting House at 1 p.m. to hear the Reverend Dr. Charles Howard, Chaplain at UPenn, speak on leading from with-in to kick off Black History Month and Spirituality Week.

    Comparative Politics Candidate Lecture

    A candidate for the comparative politics position in the Political Sci-ence Department, Dr. Payam Mohse-ni, will be hosting a lecture entitled Guardian Politics in Iran: A Com-parative Inquiry into the Dynamics of Regime Survival in Trotter 301 at 4:15 p.m.

    Glory Movie ScreeningStarring Denzel Washington and

    Morgan Freeman, Glory depicts the stories of the 54th Massachu-setts Volunteer Infantry, the first formal unit of the US Army made up entirely of African-American men. The movie will begin at 8 p.m. in the LPAC Cinema.

    Saturday, January 4thLantern Festival Celebration

    Join the Swarthmore Chinese So-ciety in celebrating the lantern fes-tival in Shane Lounge at 7 p.m. with lanterns-making activities, desserts as well as a surprise guest perform-er.

    Monday, February 6thiDevice Clinic

    ITS will be answering any ques-tions you may have regarding hand-held devices in the Beardsley Media Center at 3 p.m. (iFriend problems will not be addressed at this session.)

    One Act Play Festival interest meetIf you would like to let your in-

    ner Thespian out, but dont have the time in your busy Swarthmore schedule, the Drama Board may have an answer for you. Both actors and directors are being sought, so come on down to Kohlberg 115 at 5 p.m. to see what its all abo