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Transcript of Joseph Armato - Property Buying Tips

Tips for Property BuyingBy Joseph Armato

As vaguely hinted at, buyers should concentrate on whether buying is affordable and the right decision long term. Concentrate on the bigger picture: financial security.

Work out the true cost of buying as purchasing property usually costs more than you think. Also, always consider costs of moving from your present place to the new property as part of your calculations (if a house is what you are buying).

Find out how much you are able to borrow prior to looking and when looking at properties, always look in your budget. If not, you will always be disappointed.

Peruse the area you are purchasing property in, question the locals or neighborhood watch coordinator if one is available.

Before putting in an offer ask as many questions as possible. Even if you do not get a truthful answer you can probably sense their discomfort when they do answer.

Take pictures when looking at properties. They are a useful reference point when making a decision.

View the property during the day to get a feel of what the area is like at different times during the day.Have a list of deal breakers and go through it with each property

Find areas where sellers drop prices.

Consider the propertys resale potential

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