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Grenz, S. J. (1996). A Primer on postmodernism . Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. Jacques Derrida. Powel, J. (1997). Derrida for beginners . New York: Writers and Readers.  2005 G. Lee Griffith, Ph. D. http://personales.ciudad.com.ar/Derrida/fotos3/jaq_derrida_03.jpg. Language vs. Speech. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Jacques Derrida

  • Jacques Derrida 2005 G. Lee Griffith, Ph. D. http://personales.ciudad.com.ar/Derrida/fotos3/jaq_derrida_03.jpgPowel, J. (1997). Derrida for beginners. New York: Writers and Readers. Grenz, S. J. (1996). A Primer on postmodernism. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans

  • Language vs. SpeechLanguage does not have a constant meaning connected to a fixed realitySpeech has a connection to reality that writing does not haveDerrida deconstructs both

  • LogocentrismThe assumption that something lies beyond our system of linguistic signs to which a written work can refer to substantiate its claim to be an authentic statement.cow =

  • Rejection of LogocentrismRejects written language as the carrier of meaningDo we trust speech or written language more?There is no transcendental basis for anchoring our language.There is no meaning outside the text.One can never reach the interpretation of a textOne reading of a text is a preface to the next.

  • Transcendental SignifiedSign = word ex. CowSignifier = the sound cowSignified = the idea to which the word refersReferent = the thing itself.Transcendental Signified = the meaning beyond the universe that give meaning to everything else.Powel, J. (1997). Derrida for beginners. New York: Writers and Readers.

  • Reason Deconstructs ReasonWe must question reason with reason.We must use reason to deconstruct reason.

  • DeconstructionDecenteringThe use of certain philosophical assumptions to launch an assault on logocentrism.Movement between binary oppositesFree play between various readingshttp://www.goldcoastdemolition.com/images/demolition2.jpg

  • Derridas Primary GoalTo divest us of the logocentrismBy showing the impossibility of drawing a clear line between reality and our linguistic representations.He wants to wean us from assuming that we can discover the meaning inherent in a text.

  • Christianity and LogocentrismThere is meaning in the text that corresponds to a reality outside the textWhile any one persons interpretation of the text is flawedThere are several checks on the interpretation of a textTexts are best understood inside an interpretational community

  • Christian Checks on InterpretationNo individual interpretationsConsistent with contextConsistent with the rest of ScriptureConsistent with the way one can liveConsistent with the real world.