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Transcript of J Social Interaction

  • How do you imagine social interactionwithin 10 years, taking into consideration

    the impact of technology on humanrelations?

    Solaris A single united intellectual Planet Ocean

    (Stanisaw Lem, 1961)

  • Easy access to Internet everywhere

    Big & Smart Data


    Mood Reading

    Social media influence

    Internet of things

    I believe that the breathtaking changes that are about to

    transform the very nature of social interaction in the

    nearest future will be the cause

    of technology penetrating each sphere of human life


  • When some cool autumn evening of 2025 you will return from your vacation spent abroad before the scheduled time in a bad mood, to cheer you up, your refrigerator will offer you your favorite chocolate-banana ice cream, which it

    ordered while you were on the plane.

    How come? Read further


  • Easy access to Internet Everywhere







    1993 2000 2010 2014 2020 2025

    Internet penetration in the world, % (ITU) Today 4 billion people without Internet access

    46% of users are in Asia

    Tomorrow 50% of the worlds population (3.8 billion) will be

    connected to Mobile Internet by 2020 (GSMA)

    2.6 billion LTE (wireless 300 Mbit/s) subscriptions by the end of 2019

    6,7 billion people will have access to Internet

    75% Internet users will come from emerging economies

    600 million potential internet users in Africa by 2025 and 700 million in India

    Google is going to provide access to 3G-like speeds internet to 4 billion people on earth who currently don't have reliable Internet access, by an aerial wireless network

    trough balloons and flying solar drones in the stratosphere.4

  • Internet will embrace the entire globe and will

    penetrate its most isolated places. It will unite big

    industrial centres with small villages on all the continents

    into a single vibrant

    network. According to forecasts,

    already in 2025 85% of the Earths population will be

    active Internet users

    Internet Everywhere


  • Internet of things

    (Internet of Objects) The network of physicalobjects, electronics, software, and sensorsexchanging data with the manufacturer,operator and/or other connected devices.

    Between 2014 to 2020 the number of devicesconnected to the Internet will increase by 3,5times (50,1 billion or 7 devices per person,Cisco)

    0,001 0,5








    1992 2003 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

    Devices connected to Internet, BLN Today Smartphones, PC, Tablets

    Watches, Wristlets, Glasses

    Health implants, animal biochips

    Natural monitoring systems

    Automobiles, industrial and agricultural vehicles

    Smart home systems

    Commercial devices and machines

    Home consumer electronics

    Municipal and public infrastructure

    Tomorrow Human microchips \implantable gadgets

    Contact lenses

    Virtual reality systems

    Cloud technologies

    Analytical recommendation systems

    Social networks 6

  • IOT Enviroment

    Business Any Devices


    Any Network

    Any location

    Any context

    Any Service

    Any Social network



    Virtual reality





    Consumer electronic



    Communication links

    As technological devices surrounding

    people will be plugged into Internet, they will be able not only to collect and analyze, but also to

    share information. So there will emerge

    excellent opportunities to


    BIG data and to use it in order to suggest


    one-to-one offers 7

  • Big & Smart Data

    Analysis of the vast array of data that would provide additional value inthe form of preferences and behavioral characteristics of each person.

    Recommendation systems analyzing previous purchases, interests, andactivities, and suggesting personal marketing offers and advertising:iTunes, Amazon, Google etc.

    Most of the decisions about what to sell to each consumer will be takenby analytical systems with the help of things (phone, refrigerator, etc.).

    130 1 227

    7 910

    40 000

    2005 2010 2015 2020

    Digital Universe in the World, ExaBytes (=billion of GB) Today Retail Online Retail


    Content (media)



    Social networks

    Tomorrow Manufacturing



    Body monitoring


  • Smart Data Environment

    Purchases History


    Social Network activities

    Social offline links



    ActivitiesActivities of


    Content consumption

    Product consumption

    Home activities

    Monitoring system


    Understanding each customer trough his/her behavior and

    proposing to him/her or his/her an intellectual thing (mobile devices,

    smart home) individual product corresponding to behavior,

    preferences, specific mood, current location and social

    connections at a given point in time, in a particular place trough

    personalized messages


  • Social networks influence

    Social media are web instruments that allow people to create, share andexchange personalized content (information, images, actions) and havemany to many conversations

    In 2012, Facebook made a massive (N = 689,003) experiment, bymanipulating the news feeds (to show different groups of usersonly one type on friends content positive/negative). It provedthat emotional states could be transferred to others viaemotional contagion, leading people to experience the sameemotions without their awareness (www.pnas.org).

    In 2020 Social Media advertising budget will increase by 20 times (24BUSD) to 2010 (Jack Myers Tomorrow Today)

    1,4 1,62,1


    2012 2013 2014 2020

    Social services users, BLN

    x 2,4

    Today Cooperation Blogs and microblogs

    Content communities Social networking sites

    Virtual worlds Video consumption

    HR Brand

    Service Development

    Marketing Communications Sales

    Tomorrow Education

    Devices intercommunication

    Physical condition exchange

    Real-time services

    Intervention in communications

    Implanting opinions and desires

    Implantable gadgets and chips

    Mood transmission

    Social TV10

  • Social BookmarksInfluence

    Quantified SelfSocial Networks

    Blog/MicroblogsCrowd Wisdom


    Social CommerceMarketplace

    Social StreamsLocation


    WikiDiscussion & Forums

    BusinessService Networking

    Reviews & RatingsSocial Curation




    Implant gadgets

    Manipulation and interference into communication to form

    opinions, moods, desires and sales.

    Real time data changing: content, location, mood, condition, type of activity

    All aspects of the life cycle and style: work, home,


    The interpenetration andand content generation of things, persons, services and

    analytical systems 11

  • Mood reading

    The case of Steven Hawking demonstrates that computers are already able to interpret signs and

    synthesize human speech.

    With the help of intelligent devices (smart watches, glasses, contact lenses, prosthesis, smart implants, intelligent implanted health monitoring system, microchips, stimulants physical activity)attached to, embedded into and worn by people, their physical condition (pulse, pupils, activity, dictionary expressions) will be analyzed, and

    mathematical models will allow to determine their current mood.


  • Mood reading process

    The Real-Time Monitoring System of the Psychological, Behavioral and Physiological personal state

    Monitoring devices of a persons condition, physical activities and thephysical data of the body and organs

    The system analyzes the content that is generated and consumed by the


    The system analyzes the purchase, movement and social ties in a given


    Building a correlationbetween the current

    physiological state and personal mood &


    Analysis array data of links between the persons physical

    condition of and his actions and words

    Analysis of the relationship between the behavior and the

    state of billions of people

    Building models to guess the mood of people,

    depending on the

    data from various smart


    Commercialization reading mood

    Sales & Purchase


    Content recommendation:

    books, tv programs

    Individual offers


  • Your boss called you from vacation

    Your watches noticed your worsened mood

    You requested to return home via your smartphone

    Your location is constantly monitored

    The smartphone ordered a flight and transfer

    Your house follows your mood

    The fridge knows that ice cream improves your mood

    Your house informed the fridge about the time of your arrival

    The fridge ordered your favorite ice cream

    Additionally, the house also prepared a warm bath for you

    So... How did the ice-cream arrive?