Social Media Interaction

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  1. 1. Social Media Interactionby: Mar Rivera
  2. 2. Social Media Sites
  3. 3. Basic Social Site Activity
  4. 4. Basic Social Site Activity VISIT
  5. 5. Basic Social Site Activity VISITLOGIN/REGISTER
  6. 6. Basic Social Site Activity VISITLOGIN/REGISTER INTERACT
  7. 7. Basic Social Site Activity VISITLOGIN/REGISTER INTERACT
  8. 8. points1. How to properly establish profiles2. Posting etiquittes (Dos and Donts)3. How to interact to those in your network4. How to search for targeted users5. What are to be posted
  9. 9. How To Properly Establish ProfilesEstablishing profiles on social mediawebsites is not an easy thing to dobecause it takes time and patienceto get established and be influentialin social media.There are steps that you need tofollow for you to easily achieve yourgoal in becoming a person ofinfluence in social media.
  10. 10. Reminders...Not all social media websiteshave similar activities withregards to establishment ofprofiles!
  11. 11. Posting Etiquittes (Dos and Donts) Posting on social websites have rules that needs to be followed so that your reputation wont go down. You just dont go around posting anything you like on social media sites.
  12. 12. The Dos Post information rich posts Post niche related information Post information which does not offend otherpeople online Post moderately Lengthen the gap between posts
  13. 13. The Donts Post irrelevant information Post unverified information Post information which offends other peopleonline Do massive posts Shorten the gap between posts
  14. 14. How To Interact To Those In YourNetwork Saying thank you Send acknowledgement notes Comment on what he or she hascommented Suggest people to follow Participate in discussions
  15. 15. How To Search For Targeted UsersThere are many ways to search fortargeted users. It can be anywhereonline as long as it follows whatyour target market is...
  16. 16. Targeted Users
  17. 17. Targeted UsersNiche
  18. 18. Targeted UsersNicheCountry
  19. 19. Targeted UsersNicheCountry Interest
  20. 20. What Are To Be Posted Relevant information Latest niche updates
  21. 21. Posting Resource Samples Search EngineJournal Mashable The NEXT Web Search Engine Land
  22. 22. Conclusion Creating and keeping a healthy social media profile will really help you and your website gain visibility online, giving you the social media influence that you deserve so that in the future youll be looked up as a social media INFLUENCER... Visit:The Social Sifu