IVSA, San Francisco, 11-13 August 2004 White man, black neighbourhood: 30 years of photography

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IVSA, San Francisco, 11-13 August 2004 White man, black neighbourhood: 30 years of photography Dr Max Farrar School of Social Science Leeds Metropolitan University, UK m.farrar@leedsmet.ac.uk. Theoretical framework. My sociology: structures and interactions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of IVSA, San Francisco, 11-13 August 2004 White man, black neighbourhood: 30 years of photography

  • IVSA, San Francisco, 11-13 August 2004White man, black neighbourhood: 30 years of photography Dr Max FarrarSchool of Social ScienceLeeds Metropolitan University, UK


  • Theoretical frameworkMy sociology: structures and interactionsStructures of alienation, exclusion, oppressionHuman subjects in value-driven social interactionsMarx/Weber/Sartre/LevinasMy inner-city, multi-ethnic photography:Negotiating/reducing social distance; photography as a social relationshipRepresenting the possibilities for ethical, inclusive social relationships

  • 1970s: politics is personalSelf: white, twenty-something, graduate student, middle class, male, libertarian socialistThe Others: South Asian, African-Caribbean, white European, all ages, male, female, all ages, all politicsBlack Power militants || White radicals missionariesPhotography (for Chapeltown News): distance (in spatial/social relations)

  • Africa-Caribbean GroundingChapeltown News June 1974

  • Linton Kwesi Johnson, dub poetUhuru Arts event at Cowper Street School, Chapeltown, Leeds, June 1974

  • Chapeltown 12 PicketLeeds Crown Court, June 1976

  • The Chapeltown 12Chapeltown News August 1976

  • The 1980s: personal politicsSelf: still white, now thirty-something, local legal advice worker, plenty of cultural capital, not much economic capital, male but pro-feminist, lib-soc but losing faithThe Others: as before; but segmenting, communal politics is growingFor some, new personal and political alliances develop, across ethnic boundariesPhotography: campaigning (distance); and personal (in closer)

  • A family: police raid homeCome-Unity News December 1981

  • 1990s, 21st C . . . post-sociology; the radical politics of representationThatcher/Regan: the dominance of narcissistic individualismThe new radical politics of ethical, embodied subjectivityThe photographers assistants; and our children: bridging social distanceLevinas ethics: responsibility for the Other is called up by his/her faceSocial documentary photography as an incitement to ethical responsibility

  • Children, families, friendshipsSarah, Ros, Michelle, Claudia, Rose, our house, September 1990

  • Levinas: an ethics called into play by the encounter with a human faceThe presentation of the face puts me in relation with being. The existing of this being . . . Is effectuated in the non-postponable urgency with which he (sic) requires a response. The face in its nakedness as a face presents to me the destitution of the poor one and the stranger . . . [who] presents himself as an equal . . . It is my responsibility before a face looking at me . . . that constitutes the original fact of fraternity . . . Equality is produced where the other commands the same and reveals himself to the same in responsibility . . . It cannot be detached from the welcoming of the face . . . Society must be a fraternal community to be commensurate with the straightforwardness, the primary proximity, in which the face presents itself to my welcome.

    Levinas, E Useless Suffering in Bernasconi, R and Woods, D (eds) (1988) The Provocation of Levinas, London: Routledge

  • Culture T, Community Radio DeeJay Making photo opportunities, an apartment in Chapeltown, September 1989

  • Nerious Joseph & Stone Roots in rehearsal Another Chapeltown apartment, July 1990

  • A family wedding: scars and Yardies Leeds Register Office, October 1995

  • Linton Kwesi JohnsonInternational Radical Black Book Fair, Leeds, November 1995

  • Michelles dad and other friends: our summer party just north of Chapeltown, July 2004

  • Conclusion: faces, friendship, photos, ethics A wedding party, near Chapeltown, July 2001

  • Academic narcissism . . .My book:The Struggle for Community in a British Multi-Ethnic Inner-city Area (Edwin Mellen, 2002)

    My web-site: www.maxfarrar.org.uk