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IT induction

Transcript of It Induction Segment

  • 1. ICT and AVA matters

2. Ms Ng Bih Huey- HOD ICT 3. AV champions AM session PM session Mr Abdul SamathMs Chua Yee Shang CrystalMr Joseph Ang Ms Siti Nurhawa 4. ICT executive, Multimedia Educator, TA and MMT Mr Gerald HoMs Angeline Xiao Mr John LeeMr Chia Hong Wei 5. ICT/AV form All requests related to ICT or AV would need to send in your request 5 days in advance. The forms willbe available in the General Office tray C2-24 and also at the tablenext the ICT Executives in the E-work room. 6. 7. How to connect your visualiserand laptop?

  • Please refer to the notes.

8. E-learning programmes 9. 10.

  • AsknLearn is an e-learning portal that monitors learning using online courses, quizzes, assessments and reports. It allows online communications using forums and blogs.
  • It promotes learner-centered and independent learning. Pupils can access the e-learning Portal via the link for Students from the schools website or directly from

11. 12. 13. HeyMath! E-Lessons Program At Home 14. 15.

  • WeSHARE consists ofmore than80participating schools.
  • WeSHAREenables teachers in the West Zone clusters to interact and share teaching and learning resources. This facilitates the spread of experiences and best practices from teacher to teacher within the West Zone clusters.
  • To upload lessons, HOD approval is needed.