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iOS App Extension During Monthly Meeting @ Lets Nurture

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  • 1. App Extensions Do you know what it is?

2. App Extension Starting in iOS 8.0 and OS X v10.10, an app extension lets you extend custom functionality and content beyond your app and make it available to users while theyre using other apps. You create an app extension to enable a specific task; after users get your extension, they can use it to perform that task in a variety of contexts. 3. Example For example, if you provide an extension that enables sharing to your social sharing website, users can use it to post a remark while theyre reading email messages or surfing the web. Or if you provide an extension that displays current sports scores, users can put it in Notification Center so that they can get the latest scores when they open the Today view. You can even create an extension that provides a custom keyboard that users can use in place of the iOS system keyboard. 4. 5. Types of Extensions Today (iOS and OS X): widgets for the Today view of Notification Center Share (iOS and OS X): post content to web services or share content with others Actions (iOS and OS X): app extensions to view or manipulate inside another app Photo Editing (iOS): edit a photo or video in Apple's Photos app with extensions from a third-party apps Finder Sync (OS X): remote file storage in the Finder with support for Finder content annotation Storage Provider (iOS): an interface between files inside an app and other apps on a user's device Custom Keyboard (iOS): system-wide alternative keyboards 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Lifecycle of App Extension 13. How an App Extension Communicates 14. A running app extension can communicate indirectly with its containing app 15. An app extension cannot: Access a sharedApplication object, and so cannot use any of the methods on that object Use any API marked in header files with the NS_EXTENSION_UNAVAILABLE macro Access the camera or microphone on an iOS device Perform background tasks (although an app extension can initiate uploads or downloads using anNSURLSession object) Receive data using AirDrop (An app extension can send data using AirDrop in the same way an app does: by employing theUIActivityViewController class.) 16. An app extensions container is distinct from its containing apps container 17. App Extensions Lets Make one Today 18. Follow us on Mail Us on |