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  1. 1. MediaHub iOS App Webinar Nicola Osborne, MediaHub Service Manager Viv Mayo, EDINA User Support
  2. 2. Overview of todays webinar Introduction to the new MediaHub iOS App Overview of features Demos of how the MediaHub app works Discussion of how you can use the App in your own teaching, learning or research Questions, comments and feedback.
  3. 3. Visit the MediaHub Service on your iOS device: Click on the special iOS banner or, Click on the download button: Search the App Store for MediaHub. Downloading the MediaHub iOS App The MediaHub App is free to download and carries no advertising.
  4. 4. Poll: Have you already tried the app? 1. Yes, I have downloaded and tried it out. 2. I have downloaded it but havent had a chance to try it. 3. No, not yet. 4. No, I dont have an iOS device.
  5. 5. Getting Started To begin using the app you need to login to My MediaHub via the UK Federation. If you have any questions about UK Federation access please let us know (
  6. 6. What Can You Do With The App? Browse featured content Browse the most popular items Search for MediaHub content Preview and view MediaHub items Favourite MediaHub items for later use Share MediaHub items
  7. 7. Browse Featured Content Explore highlights from our collection which also appear on the front page of MediaHub. Each item includes a preview image, a note of the collection, title, and indicator of format (video, image or audio). Click on any item to view the full record.
  8. 8. Browse the Most Popular Items Choose to explore by Most Popular Items or Most Popular Searches. Most Popular lists reflect what people have been viewing and searching for in MediaHub over the last 30 days. Click on an item to view its full record. This is an interesting and entertaining way to explore our content, as readers of our Most Popular blog posts will already be aware.
  9. 9. Search MediaHub Content Click on Search to type in keywords or phrases to search MediaHub. Click on Search Settings to switch preferred filters on or off. Filters include: Format - video, still images or audio; External collections. You can also choose how your search results are ordered, by relevance, title or distance from a location. Distance can be set up either to your own current location or a location you have selected on a map. Click on Edit Distances & Locations to make adjustments.
  10. 10. Preview and View MediaHub Content From any of the Featured, Most Popular or search results pages (pictured) you can preview and view MediaHub content. Click on an item to see the full record and, if wanted, you can then: View a high resolution image Listen to the audio file View the video in full (although we recommend that you do this via a wifi connection to minimise possible data charges).
  11. 11. Favourite MediaHub Items for Later Use From any item page you can favourite an item scroll down the item page and tap Add to Favourites. When you favourite an item in the app, it will also be added to your favourites list when you next log in to the MediaHub website. And similarly anything you have previously favourited in the service, will be synced to the app. So, you can search, browse, and select items whilst on the move, then download and edit them into presentations, lecture notes, student projects, etc. on your laptop or desktop machine.
  12. 12. Share MediaHub Items Click on the familiar sharing icon (top right hand corner of the app) to share an item. You can share via email and phone messaging click your preferred option to create a new message including a small image and URL to the content. You can also add particularly items to your Mac Reading List, to print the record, etc.
  13. 13. Live Demo When you have downloaded the MediaHub iOS app, click on the MediaHub App Icon to begin
  14. 14. What cant I do with the App? You cannot download MediaHub content on the app, but you can favourite items in the app and it will saved to My MediaHub when you next log in to the web version. You can then download these items in full and in your preferred format(s). You can only share via email and mobile messaging currently (we expect to add social media sharing in a future release). You can only search Jisc eCollections content, and a limited range of External content. For Medically restricted content or the full range of External content, please use the web version of MediaHub.
  15. 15. Help and Support You are free to reuse any part of our introductory blog post including video and images: mediahub-app-for-iphone-and-ipad/ Our video Guide: (this is also available via YouTube: Our Help and Support guide the iOS app features on page 81: df We also have another webinar on 3rd September 2015 email for more information/to sign up.
  16. 16. How will you use the MediaHub iOS app in your teaching & learning? We welcome your comments and wed love to see and share: Case Studies of how you have used the app in your organisation just email and well be in touch to chat about how you use the app and how we can highlight this. Reviews & Ratings on the App Store leave your comments on how you use the app and how you rate it. Your tweets - include @jiscmediahub or #MobileMediaHub and well be delighted to share your stories/links/comments. Your own blog posts or web pages for staff or students about the app, and how they might use it we are always very happy to share these!
  17. 17. What about Android Apps? We are currently developing an Android app which we hope will be ready by Autumn 2015. If you would like us to alert you when the Android App is available, please let us know now or email and well keep up you updated.
  18. 18. Poll: Future Multimedia Plans We are currently considering how we provide multimedia content and would love to have a chance to chat about MediaHub but also how you are using images, video, and sound in your organisation. Would you be happy for us to contact you for a chat? 1. Yes, Id be happy to chat to Nicola, Lorna or Catherine from the MediaHub team. 2. Yes, but I know a colleague who might be more appropriate to speak to - please send me something to forward onwards. 3. Not at the moment, but let me know about any upcoming events/webinars related to this work. 4. No thanks.
  19. 19. Your questions
  20. 20. Poll: How did you find todays webinar? I learnt something new I didnt learn anything new Was a good use of my time Was a poor use of my time Other
  21. 21. Coming Soon Presentation for West College Scotland staff conference 12th August 2015. MediaHub iOS Webinar 3rd September 2015, 10.30 am MediaHub Android App Autumn 2015 We will be sharing highlights from the recent Survey on the MediaHub blog soon. Other current developments can be found in our recently updated Development Roadmap. We are happy to run more webinars, presentations, to create new help and support videos, or whatever else would best support you and your organisation just let us know what you would like!