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download Investor Online - MLC | Investor Online What’s Investor Online? Everything you need to know about your accounts is at MLC Wrap and Navigator Investor Online. Investor Online

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Transcript of Investor Online - MLC | Investor Online What’s Investor Online? Everything you...

  • MLC Wrap and NavigatorInvestor OnlineA guide to accessing youraccount online

  • This guide will help you setup online access to your account and help younavigate your Investor Online site.

  • Investor Online | 3


    Whats Investor Online? 4

    Introduction to Investor Onlines features

    Getting started 5

    Setting up your online access for the first time

    Navigating Investor Online 7

    Step by step instructions for using the sites features

    Reporting on your account 8

    How to produce reports for your account

    Additional reports 9

    List of additional reports and explanations

    Share Trading on your account 11

    How to share trade on your account

    Making withdrawals on your account 13

    How to make a withdrawal on your account (Investment accounts only)

    Updating your personal details 14

    How to update your personal details online

    Data Exporting onyour account 15

    How to export data on your account

    SMSF reporting 16

    How to view details of your SMSF account online

    Product Information 18

    Find out more about MLC Wrap and Navigator and other investment, super and insurance products we offer

    This document is issued by National Wealth Management Services Limited ABN 97 071 514 264 (NWMSL) on behalf of related bodies corporate of National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937, AFSL 230686 (NAB) that issue investment, superannuation and retirement products (NAB Group). These entities include Navigator Australia Limited ABN 45 006 302 987, AFSL 236466 and NULIS Nominees (Australia) Limited ABN 80 008 515 633, AFSL 236465 and they are responsible for the financial products issued by each of them respectively, including any general information provided by them. NAB does not guarantee or otherwise accept any liability in respect of the products or services issued by its related bodies corporate. The information in this document is a general guide for clients of NAB Group product issuers and is subject to the terms and conditions governing the usage of Investor Online which is located on Any advice and information on this website is general only, and has been prepared without taking into account any persons particular circumstances and needs.

  • 4 | Investor Online

    Whats Investor Online?

    Everything you need to know about your accounts is at MLCWrap and Navigator Investor Online.

    Investor Online is MLCWrap and Navigators secure website where you have 24 hour access to your accounts.

    Once youve logged in via, you can:

    view all your MLC Wrap and Navigator accounts in one place

    keep track of your investments and accountbalances

    view your transactions

    get your BPAY details for contributing to youraccount

    register for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) details for contributions

    update your contact details andpassword

    view information about your marginloan

    view your insurance

    find out how your investments are tracking with consolidated reporting

    perform share trades1, make withdrawals1 and set up data exports1 from your account.

    1 Additional functionality available. Pleasecontact your financial adviser for more information.

  • Investor Online | 5

    Getting started

    Logging in to Investor Online iseasy followthese steps to get started.

    To log into Investor Online youll need your login ID and apassword.

    Your username is included in the welcome letter you received when you joined MLCWrap and Navigator. But before you log in for the first time, youll need to setupyour secure password. Setting up your password for the first time iseasy, just follow these steps.

    1. Go to and click Forgot your password.

    Lost your username? Speak to your financial adviser or callus on 132 652 torequest it.

    2. Enter your Investor Online Username.

  • 6 | Investor Online

    Tip:If youve forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the same steps.

    4. Your password willbe displayed on screen. Remember to write it down as youllneedit later tolog in.

    Then, once youve logged in, you can select your own password through the ResetPassword page.

    For security reasons, your password needs to:

    Have at least one character from three of the following: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters (eg !@#$)

    Have a minimum of eight (8) characters

    Not be one of the last thirteen (13) passwordsused

    Logging into Investor Online

    Go to and click Login. Then type in your Username and your password, then click Login Now.

    Getting started

    3. Then complete either:

    Option 1: your phone number and postcode

    Option 2: Tax File Number.

  • Investor Online | 7

    Your account summaryscreen

    The account summary page is the first page youll see in Investor Online. It gives you a snapshot summary of each of your accounts with links to access more information.

    Navigating Investor Online

    Getting around Investor Online is easy followthesesteps to access thefeatures of the site.

    Navigation menuThis links to other sections of the site including reporting, share trading, withdrawals, your personal details, data exports, product information and ourhelp guide.

    Account information linksKey account information is available byclicking on the information links:

    BPAY detailsdisplayed for all accounts that allow BPAY contributions. Biller codes andcustomer reference numbersareshown so you canmakecontributions.

    Gearingmargin lending details are displayed on accounts which have this facility. If your account has a margin loan, the loan number and gearer name will be shown.

    Wealth protectionyour MLC insurance policiesassociated with the selected account aredisplayed ifapplicable.

    Bank AccountsThis link displays the bank account associated with your account.

    Account summaryShows total portfolio balances foreach of your accounts.

    Portfolio detailsThis opens a table below the account summary to show all your investment holdings.

    Adviser detailsA summary of yourfinancial advisers details aredisplayed.

    EFT RegistrationComplete an online registration form and your EFT details will be sent viaemail.

  • 8 | Investor Online

    Through Investor Online you can generate a range ofreports for your accounts and access confirmations of completed transactions andstatements.

    General reportsYou can run the following reports depending on your account type:

    Report What information it provides

    Portfolio Valuation

    Gives a list of all your investment holdings within your account at a specified date and the:

    current share or unit price

    total value, and

    percentage of your portfolio.

    Market Exposure Shows the current market exposure and sector allocation across your investment portfolio.

    Transaction Summary

    Shows the transactions that occurred over the specified period for each investment in your portfolio.

    Centrelink Pension Schedule

    Provides pension members with information to enable Centrelink to assess Social Security or Service Pension entitlements.

    Just select the account, report type and date range (if required), then submit.

    Transaction ConfirmationsView your completed transaction confirmations.

    StatementsView your regular statements.

    eReporting setupSpecify whether youd like to receive your regular statements and transaction confirmations online or by mail. If youre signed up to receive eReporting, an alert will be sent to your specified email address when your statements are ready.

    Note: Investor Online offers additional reports that your financial adviser can set up for you.

    Reporting on your account

  • Investor Online | 9

    There are a range of additional reports your financial adviser can provide youwith through Investor Online to help you keep track of your account.

    Report What information it provides

    Benefit Statement Shows your account balance at the start of the specified period and the account balance at the end of the period. It also shows the income earned, fees deducted, net investment gains or losses and preservation status over the specified period.

    Capital Gains Estimation Provides detail of the capital gain and loss positions in your portfolio, including:

    indexed capital gains

    gross discountable capital gains

    discounted capital gains and

    capital losses

    Cash Account Statement Shows the transactions that occurred over a specified period on your cash account.

    Centrelink Pension Schedule A report generated for Centrelink reporting purposes. Pension accounts only.

    Detailed Portfolio Valuation Provides a list of all your investment holdings within your account at a specific date andthe:

    industry sector for ASX listed securities

    APIR or ASX code

    management fee for managed funds

    current share or unit price

    total value

    percentage of portfolio and,

    break down of any pending transactions

    Detailed Transaction Statement Shows the transactions that occurred over the specified period for each investment in your portfolio, as well as transactions on your cash account.

    Investment Earnings Statement IDPS only Shows the break downs of Gross Dividend Income and Gross Trust Distributed Income.

    Investment Performance Summary Shows the performance of each investment holding in your portfolio over the specified period. For each investment it also shows:

    the opening and closing balances

    any buys and sells, and