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Global Job Search Tips & Strategies for International Students

Transcript of International career advantage arw sept 13

  • 1. Launch Yourself Globally

2. In this session Global Competencies Global Awareness Global Opportunities Global Networks Global Agencies & Jobs sites Global Job Search Strategy 3. SOUND FAMILIAR?I want a global careerI want to be internationally mobileI want to work crossculturallyHelp! Where do I start?I want to apply my Masters on many levelsI want to work for an international organisation 4. What are Global Competencies? Distinguishing clearly between global and core competencies for leaders and graduates is challenging. Often global success depends on the same competencies that engender success at a national or local level. Core requirements valued by most graduate employers include familiar competencies such as teamworking, communication, presentation and selfmanagement, as well as work experience, professionalism and industry knowledge. All of these are vital for graduates whether or not they are engaging on a global basis.There are global dimensions to these competencies that must be factored into employers competency frameworks to secure the development of global leaders. Global Graduates into Global Leaders (2011), CIHE & AGR 5. Global Competencies 1. Working collaboratively in diverse and cross-cultural settings (8.2) 2. Excellent communication skills (7.5) 3. Drive and resilience (5.6) 4. Embrace multiple perspectives and challenge thinking (5.4) 5. A capacity to develop new skills and behaviours (4.6) 6. High self-awareness (4.4) 7. Client Negotiation and influence clients across the globe from different cultures (4) 8. Professional, global networker (3.9) 9. Openness to and respect for a range of perspectives from around the world (3.6) 10. Multi-cultural learning agility (2.4) 11. Multi-lingualism (1.7) 12. Knowledge of foreign economies and own industry area overseas (1.7) 13. Understand ones position and role within a global context or economy (1.6) 14. Willingness to play an active role in society at different levels (0.5) Global Graduate into Global Leaders (2011) 6. Global Job Search Quiz - Answers 1. UAE 2. China 3. Japan 4. India 5. Singapore 6. USA 7. Germany 8. Canada 9. Australia 10. UK 7. Country specific insights NASES Country Guides (Reference Copies in Country files) Prospects Country Profiles Going Global Global Edge Expertise in Labour Mobility 8. Country specific Job Portals UK/India GradLink UK/China GradLink UK/Malaysia GradLink Graduan Malaysia Contact Singapore Business Paradigm (Japan) DISCO (Japan) 9. Other Useful Websites Overseas Jobs Embassy World The British Council UKCISA (Information sheets on Working in the UK and Preparing to return home) MBA Match (UK) MBA Executive Search (UK) MBA Careers (US) MBA Jobs (International) 10. International Job Search Toolkit International Recruitment AgenciesInternet & Social MediaAlumni Associations Alumni Mentoring programmesCountry specific Education Agents with Career CoachingAcademic contacts High Commissions & EmbassiesInternational Employers who are also UK AlumniBritish Council overseasInternational trade organisations Professional Bodies overseas 11. International Graduate Opportunities UK based opportunities Register of Sponsors on Check FAQs on company recruitment websites Globally Oriented Programmes IBM International Student Hiring Programme Unilever Asia, Middle East, Africa & Russia Programme Marks & Spencer International Graduates Scheme Reckitt Benckiser Global Supply Graduate Development Programme BNP Paribas Global Graduate Programme Prospects Graduate Jobs search Worldwide Combined UK & Overseas based opportunities Careers & Employability Jobs Board Opportunities for International Students International Job Online China Schemes e.g. Tesco, Deloitte, Unilever, PwC Mainland China & HK 12. International Agencies Global Career Company Careers International International Talent Network 13. International Trade Links UKTI British Chambers of Commerce China Britain Business Council UK India Business Council Global Edge 14. International Job Search Strategies Fresh graduate Entry / Re-entry to home job market to gain experience Mid-longer term career progression in home job market or other overseas job markets with good economic outlook and friendly attitude to expatriate jobsExperienced Professional Experienced hire or direct entry in UK, home or overseas job market Target overseas job markets with an international trade link with home job market 15. International Job Search Tips Have a clear career vision but be adaptable Know your particular strengths and articulate them Address any personal weaknesses Articulate the employability value to your Cardiff degree Grow your network of career contacts Learn to ask the right questions of employers Keep abreast with country specific visa and job market details Anticipate culture shock and give yourself time to adjust Never stop learning, Enjoy what you choose to do, Look for growth! 16. Get Ready for Your Global Launch Twitter: @aledrwilliams