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Interface Personalization. Linked Internet UI By: Gerry Celeste. Introduction. Do you use a Social Networking Service (SNS)? Many different communication channels Twitter Facebook Flickr LinkedIn. User Interfaces. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interface PersonalizationLinked Internet UIBy: Gerry Celeste1IntroductionDo you use a Social Networking Service (SNS)?

Many different communication channelsTwitterFacebookFlickrLinkedIn2User InterfacesMobile devices support communication and social services through three major user interfaces:Mobile Web BrowserMobile ApplicationsMobile Widget

A mobile web browser is the web browser on a mobile device that supportsaccess to all web sites through a conventional browser UI.

mobile application is the basic building block of native mobilefunctions; some recent ones are also mashed-up with web content.

A mobile widget delivers a small piece of web information tomobile devices without user intervention. It is typically placedinside a not closely related view, supports restricted userinteraction, and serves as a launch pad for the related mobileapplication or web site. For example, a home view widget mayretrieve and show up-to-date news or weather information on thedevice's home screen.3New Mobile UILinkedUIA new mobile UI to deliver social services and to support communication channelsFetches and links content from existing servicesUses hypertext navigation for presentation and interaction4Two Key IdeasService AggregationCombining multiple services or communication channels in one system or UIHypertext NavigationThe structure of nodes and links as a medium of thinking and communication for users

5Hypertext Navigation

6User Study12 users (8 male, 4 female)

Recruited through a mailing list

Paid for their time7ExperimentTest the usability of the benchmark device against the device with LinkedUI

Three TasksOpenly browse and think aloudFollow a contactLocate a Flickr photo and a Twitter post

8Results11 out of 12 participants preferred LinkedUI compared to the benchmark device.

9ConclusionsUsers preferred the new approachEliminates shortcomings of web browserSwitching between appsDelays loading web pagesWeb pages not optimized for small screen ProblemsInformation overload

10CritiqueRecent article- September 2010Modern technologySNS are very popularEasy to relate to the articleNo strange vocabularyGreat use of images and graphs