Interactive television (i tv)

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  • 1. Interactive Television Faris NurHakim

2. What is iTV? Viewers interact with television content as they view it. Establishing a two-way communication between viewers and content providers. 3. Set top box + TV 4. Forms of iTV Full Programme Control Video-On-Demand (VOD) Pause, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Record 5. Forms of iTV Influencing Content viewers get to choose or influence plot details and endings polls, questions, comments, and other forms of (virtual) audience response back into the show 6. Forms of iTV 24/7 Couch Potato Syndrome tcommerce Two Screen Solution 7. How iTV works A hunter shoots a bear on YouTube 8. TiVo 9. mioTV 10. mio Stadium Interactive Application 11. HubStation by StarHub 12. Why iTV? More choice for consumers Market segmentation for businesses 13. thank you