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  • Your readerswill be thrilled!

    by Enaza

  • is an app for mobile devices on iOS and Android

    Interactive book...

    New piece of art as synthesis of art and technology

    Unique illustrations,design andsoundtrack

    Totally new ideafor any book


  • How it works

    Navigation bar



    Original designing elements

    Interactive elements

  • What we do

    We publish books by ourselves

    receiving licenses from rightholders

    creating an idea

    making a design

    developing and promoting apps

    We develop and support self-publishing service for other companies

  • Our works

    The Great Gatsby(launch on May 2014)

    Chapaev and the Void(a nominee of Electronic Bookof the Year 2013 in Russia)

  • Our Service

    Creation Promotionand distribution


    Service for creating and self-publishing interactive books will be launched on September 2014

  • Our Service

    Create a book in UnderPage online


    Publish a bookinto our app oras a single app

    Receive yourproceeds

  • UnderPage Editor

    Apps for iOS and Android with optimization for screen density

    Composing of complex interactive elements with response to different types of gestures

    Composing of customizable navigation bar

  • You can learn more on

    Contacts:Alyona SosninaProject tel: +7 909 108 73 66

    We make books beautiful!