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  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana







    How Amitabha achieved BuddhahoodThe Qualitie o! Dewache"The #adha"a

    THE ACTUA$ %RACTICE$i"ea&e %'a(e'

    )* Re!u&e a"d Bodhicitta

    Blessing the Offering

    +* The Viualiatio"



    ,* Gathe'i"& the Accumulatio" a"d %u'i!(i"& -a'ma


    Confession and Purification


    Visualisations for the Mantra Recitation

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    THE CONC$UDING %RACTICE%'a(e' o! Good .iheDiolvi"& the Viualiatio"

    /* %'a(e' !o' 'ebi'th i" Dewache"



    A lo"&1 lo"& time a&o1 be!o'e thi e'a 2"ow" a the #u3e'io' Aeo"1 the'e a33ea'ed i" thewo'ld a Buddha called 4i2te" .a"&chu2 G(al3o5 Hi atte"da"t1 a mo"2 "amed Gelo"&Ch6chi $od'o1 howed &'eat mi"d!ul"e1 i"telli&e"ce1 u"de'ta"di"&1 a"d dili&e"ce1 a"dhe too2 the Bodhiattva Vow !'om thi Buddha5 7o' thoua"d o! millio" o! (ea'1 hea33lied himel! ea'"etl( to 3i'itual 3'actice with the i"te"tio" o! hel3i"& e"tie"t bei"&

    towa'd !ull 'ealiatio"5 He alo made a i"ce'e wihi"&83'a(e' that1 o" hi attai"me"t o!e"li&hte"me"t1 he would ma"i!et a buddha8'ealm i"co'3o'ati"& all the 9ualitie o! amillio" buddha8'ealm withi" it5

    0a"( thoua"d o! millio" o! (ea' late'1 i" the aeo" 2"ow" a :;i"3a:1 Gelo"& Ch6chi$od'o wa bo'" a a cha2'ava'ti" mo"a'ch1 ;i3ite"ce1 he attai"ed !ull 'ealiatio" i" that ve'( li!e1becomi"& Buddha Ri"che" N(i"&3o =Rat"a&a'bha*5

    Thi wo'ld 'ule'1 ;i3

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    7o' thoua"d o! millio" o! (ea' ;i3

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    &eee1 duc2 a"d c'a"e5 O"e ca" bathe i" the ma"( 3ool1 'eached b( dece"di"& !li&ht o! te3 made o! 3'eciou to"e5

    Althou&h thee 3ool a'e dee31 a o"e e"te'1 the de3th o! the wate' ada3t itel! to the ieo! o"e: bod(5 #u''ou"di"& thee bathi"&83ool a'e !'a&'a"t ut3ala a"d lotu bloom1

    ema"ati"& li&ht8'a(5 At the ti3 o! the li&ht8'a( a33ea' i""ume'able Buddha1 eachu''ou"ded b( A'hat5

    .ithi" thi buddha8'ealm 'eide Amitabha1 2"ow" i" Tibeta" a :3am:1 mea"i"&:Immeau'able $i&ht: o' :$imitle Radia"ce: becaue li&ht8'a( !'om hi bod( 3e'vadeeve'( buddha8'ealm1 illumi"ati"& them all5 He i alo 2"ow" a Buddha Amita(u1 o' i"Tibeta" :T3am:1 mea"i"& :Immeau'able $i!e:1 becaue the e>te"t o! hi li!e ca""ot becalculated5 Hi bod( i a 'ed a 'ub(1 which (mbolie the wa'mth o! hi com3aio"e>te"di"& to all bei"&5

    Amitabha ha the ,+ 3'i"ci3al a"d eco"da'( ma'2 o! a Buddha1 li2e #ha2(amu"i5 O"hi head1 o"e o! the mai" ma'2 i the head8mou"d o' :uh"iha:1 &ai"ed whilt he wa3'actii"& the 3i'itual 3ath =a Ch6chi $od'o a"d ;i3

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    Amo&haiddhi with the "o'th1 hi th'o"e u33o'ted b( ha"&8ha"& c'eatu'eF Vai'ocha"awith the ce"t'e1 hi th'o"e u33o'ted b( lio"5

    O" Amitabha: th'o"e i a )83etalled lotu1 which (mbolie that he 'emai" u"tai"edb( ama'a5 Althou&h he ha attai"ed libe'atio"1 he ha "ot aba"do"ed hi bod( "o'

    e"te'ed "i'va"a1 but ta( i" the wo'ld1 due to hi com3aio"1 i" o'de' to be"e!it bei"&5Hi bac2 'et a&ai"t a bodhi t'ee1 K1 (ote"d (oam3le1 Vai'ocha"a1Rat"aambhava1 Ta'a o' the Glo'iou Co33e'8Colou'ed 0ou"tai" o! Gu'u Ri"3oche1 o"eca" im3l( &o the'e1 'eceive em3owe'me"t a"d teachi"& !'om thoe 3a'ticula' Buddha1a"d 'etu'" a&ai" to Dwache"5 Havi"& bee" bo'" i" Dwache"1 o"e 3oee u"obcu'edclai'vo(a"t 3owe'1 i"cludi"& the abilit( to ee othe' bei"& i" thei' 3a'ticula' wo'ld a"d

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    &ive them 3'otectio" a"d blei"&1 o'1 at the time o! thei' death1 to &o to the ba'do to meetthem a"d b'i"& them to Dwache"5 All thee 9ualitie o! Dwache" a'e e>3lai"ed i" ?The#ut'a o! Amitabha?1 which wa eve"tuall( b'ou&ht to Tibet a"d t'a"lated b( the lea'"edlotawa1 a"d "ow e>it a 3a't o! the -a"&(u'5


    Thi Amitabha adha"a i a te'ma teachi"& called ?The #3ace Dha'ma? =Tib5 "am ch6*1'evealed b( a te't6"1 0i"t =3a&e +a*1 the'e i a ve'e o!u33licatio" to :The #eco"d Buddha:1 %admaambhava1 a"d hi +J mai" dici3le i" Tibet1

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    a"d to the / mahaiddha o! I"dia5 A thi 3'actice !i't a33ea'ed a a mi"d8te'ma o!0i"

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    O! the / caue !o' 'ebi'th i" Dwache"1 the !i't1 the 3'e'e9uiite o! bodhicitta motivatio"1ha bee" cove'ed i" the 'e!u&e a"d bodhicitta 3a't o! the adha"a5 The "e>t 3a't i thebai !o' 'ebi'th i" Dwache"@ the viualiatio" o! develo3i"& the 'ealm5


    The'e a'e + 3a't to thi@ ima&i"i"& o"eel! a the deit(1 a"d ima&i"i"& the deitie i" !'o"t5Othe' ta"t'ic 3'actice have a" elabo'ate 3'ocedu'e !o' develo3i"& the el!8viualiatio"1!ollowed b( the !'o"t8viualiatio"5 Thi adha"a ha

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    In the word damtsigpa/samayasattva) #damtsig#/#samaya# is a changeless commitment% 0hen

    one imagines oneself as Chenre1ig) one does not change (ac! into an ordinary (eing) or into

    another deity% It is a changeless commitment% he #'pa# *short for #sempa#+ or #'sattva# is a

    hero) or someone with courage% his means that sometimes during meditation the deity can

    (ecome unclear) (ut one has great courage and the strength to prevent that from happening)

    to remain clear% hus all the faults in the development and completion stages of visualisation

    are una(le to defeat one% hat is why it is termed #'sempa# or #(rave one#) #hero#% hrough

    meditating on the damtsigpa) clinging to the 2 s!andhas is purified) and the result of this

    purification is the attainment of the sam(hoga!aya state in the (ardo%

    3s regards the yesh$pa/.nanasattva whom one invites) #yesh$/.nana# is the pure nature of

    one#s own mind and the nature of a Buddha#s mind too) they are identical% he Buddha#s

    awareness of the mind (eing dharma!aya) or primordial mind) is called ultimate wisdom) or

    #yesh$%# he #'sempa# refers to the fact that in the dharma!aya one is free from all thoughts of

    something e"isting or not% One is free from all these faults or complications% 3t this time) oneis inviting the primordial wisdom) #yesh$#) in the form of the deity) who merges into oneself as

    the damtsigpa% hrough meditating on that) the ignorance of one#s own mind is purified% 0hat

    ma!es this purification possi(le is the innate purity of the dharma!aya mind of a Buddha and

    the purity of the essence of one#s own mind% he result of this purification is the attainment of

    the dharma!aya at the time of death) when the #ground luminosity# appears) along with the

    #clear light of the path#%

    In the nyingma tradition) one visualises oneself as the damtsigpa) and in one#s heart is the

    yesh$pa) the si1e of one#s thum(% In the heart of that small deity is the #ting'd1in'sempa# *s!t%

    #samadhisattva#+% ,o it is slightly different%4

    7'om o"eel! a Che"'ei& ema"ate i""ume'able bodhiattva e>actl( the ame a o"eel!5The( o!!e' thoua"d o! 3'ot'atio" a"d ci'cumambulatio" to Amitabha i" !'o"t o! o"e1i" thi wa( co"!ei"& a"d 3u'i!(i"& the 3owe'!ul bad 2a'ma a"d obcu'atio" o! bei"&5The ma"t'a o! i"vitatio" i ?O0 A0I DE.A HRIH5 BEND;A #A0AYA8D;A5 D;AHUNG BA0 HO5 TITRA $HEN5 ATI8%U HO5?

    I! it wa a w'ath!ul 3'actice1 ? D;A HUNG BA0 HO ? would 'e3'ee"t the activit( o! thehoo21 "ooe1 chai"1 a"d bell1 but i" the 3eace!ul 3'actice@

    ?D;A? i&"i!ie ?ummo"i"&? 8 all the li&ht comi"& !'om the , 3lace i"vo2e the widom8deitie to come i"to 3ace be!o'e o"eF?HUNG? mea" ?'emai"i"&? o' ?'eidi"&? 8 the widom8deitie1 whom o"e ha i"vited1a"d o"e: ow" viualiatio"1 the commitme"t8deitie1 a'e ee"tiall( the ame@ the ee"ceo! the mi"d o! a buddha a"d o! o"e: ow" mi"d i em3ti"e a"d a33ea'a"ce i"e3a'ableF?BA0? i&"i!ie ?bi"di"&? 8 the widom8deitie a"d o"e: ow" commitme"t8deitie become

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    mi>ed with each othe'1 li2e wate' i"to wate'F?HO? mea" ?3leaed? 8 a!te' the widom8deitie a"d commitme"t8deitie have ble"ded1the( !eel &'eat

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    The'e a'e baicall( , dha'ma8'obe@

    ' the outer ro(e has 52 vertical sections) each divided further into 2 parts6

    ' the upper ro(e has 7 vertical sections) each divided into 8 parts6

    ' the lower ro(e has 9 vertical divisions) each divided into 2 parts%

    The'e a'e elabo'ate1 medium a"d im3le !o'm o! thee 'obe1 a"d withi" thee cate&o'iethe'e a'e elabo'ate8elabo'ate1 medium8elabo'ate1 im3le8elabo'ate a"d o o"1 ma2i"& M3oibilitie i" total5 Althou&h Amitabha doe "ot !eel cold1 o"e o!!e' thee , t(3e o! 'obea a to2e" o! i"c'eai"& the vitalit( o! o"eel! a"d othe'5

    O"e o!!e' to Che"'ei& a"d Vat5 O"eo!!e' thee1 "ot becaue Che"'ei& a"d Va

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    A!te' the bodhiattva have o!!e'ed the d'i"2i"&8wate' o! the 9ualitie1 a a" au3icioui&" !o' o"eel! a"d all bei"& becomi"& !'ee !'om u!!e'i"&1 the( me'&e bac2 i"to o"eel!a Che"'ei&5

    Now1 !'om o"e: hea't1 ema"ate ma"( beauti!ul da2i"i o! i"dividual colou'1 each holdi"&a 3eci!ic ubta"ce to o!!e'5 7i't1 (ellow da2i"i a33ea' with ce"ted wate' o! the 9ualitie to wah o' cool the !eet o! Amitabha1 Che"'ei& a"d Va3lai" i" a Gu'u Yo&a 3'actice the 'eao" !o' thi o!!e'i"&@ it i "ot becaue thei' !eet a'edi't( o' hot1 but i" o'de' to 3u'i!( the i"cide"tal tai" i" o"e: ow" mi"d1 o that i" !utu'eo"e will be e"dowed with immaculate widom5 The o!!e'i"& made1 thee (ellow da2i"ime'&e i"to the !eet o! the Buddha a"d + Bodhiattva5 It will be the ame 3'ocedu'e !o' allthe ube9ue"t o!!e'i"&8da2i"i@ a!te' com3leti"& the o!!e'i"& the( me'&e i"to the

    co''e3o"di"& 3a't o! the 'eci3ie"t: bodie5

    .hite da2i"i o!!e' !lowe'5 Amitabha will be "eithe' 3leaed "o' di3leaed i! thee a'eo!!e'ed o' "ot1 but1 th'ou&h ma2i"& thi o!!e'i"&1 o"e ca" 'emove the u!!e'i"& i" o"e: ow"mi"d1 a"d i" !utu'e o"e will be able to 3leae bei"& b( 3oei"& the bod( o! a buddhawith the ,+ ma3e'ie"ce the 'eult o! thi "e&ative 2a'ma a"dthe obcu'atio" that it 3'oduce5 I" the !utu'e1 th'ou&h ma2i"& thi i"ce"e o!!e'i"&1 o"ewill have tai"le1 co''ect co"duct5 The da2i"i me'&e i"to Amitabha: "oe5

    Red da2i"i o!!e' butte' lam31 i" o'de' to clea' awa( i&"o'a"ce a"d tu3idit( i" o"e:mi"d1 o that1 i" !utu'e1 o"e will attai" the clea' li&ht o! ultimate widom =2t5

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    e'adicate &'eed1 the caue o! thee mie'ie5 I" the !utu'e1 all bei"& will be able to e"3e'ie"ced i"the , lowe' e>ite"ce1 o that1 i" !utu'e whe" o"e i teachi"& Dha'ma1 o"e will have a voice

    a melodiou a that o! B'ahma5 The muic8o!!e'i"& da2i"i me'&e i"to Amitabha: ea'5

    O"e the" ema"ate ma"( beauti!ul da2i"i1 who ma2e the o!!e'i"& o! a beauti!ul co"o't toBuddha Amita(u o" to3 o! Amitabha: head5 Thi i o!!e'ed i" o'de' to elimi"ate theu!!e'i"& o! the hell8'ealm that 'eult !'om a"&e'1 &'eed a"d c'avi"&1 o that1 i" the!utu'e1 o"e will attai" a tate o! bli a"d em3ti"e5

    7ollowi"& thi1 !'om the ti3 o! o"e: !i"&e' =a Che"'ei&*1 which a'e i" 3'a(e' &etu'e1'a( o! li&ht bea'i"& the au3iciou ubta"ce1 the au3iciou (mbol1 the 3oeio" o! a cha2'ava'ti"1 a"d the ma"dala o! 0ou"t 0e'u a"d the / co"ti"e"t a'e

    o!!e'ed to Amitabha1 Che"'ei&1 Vau!chi

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    O"e o!!e' thee ubta"ce1 "ot becaue Amitabha co"ide' them au3iciou o'i"au3iciou1 but i" o'de' that all bei"& will have the au3iciou &ood !o'tu"e o! bei"& ableto accom3lih the 3'actice o! Dha'ma5

    7ollowi"& thi1 the au3iciou (mbol a'e o!!e'ed@ whe" 3'actii"& o" the 3ath1 abodhiattva bow with 'eve'e"ce a"d 'e3ect to hi teache'1 a"d a a 'eult1 the head8mou"d a33ea'1 o"e o! the 3h(ical i&" o! a Buddha5 The 3a'aol i o! a imila' ha3e to aBuddha: head8mou"d1 o o"e o!!e' thi au3iciou (mbol a"d 3'a( that o"e will havethe &ood !o'tu"e o! thi 3h(ical i&" o! buddhahood1 a a co"e9ue"ce o! o!!e'i"& thi(mbol5 A &olde" !ih i o!!e'ed to the e(e o! Amitabha1 Che"'ei&1 Va

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    o! 'e3ect a"d eco't them to hi 'eide"ce5 $i2ewie1 whe" the( de3a'ted1 he would eco'tthem ome o! the wa(1 out o! 'e3ect5 Co"e9ue"tl(1 at buddhahood1 thee wheel a33ea'ed5The( a'e o!!e'ed to the ha"d a"d !eet o! Amitabha a"d hi e"tou'a&e5

    A Amitabha ha al'ead( 3e'!ected the 9ualitie aociated with thee i&"1 he doe "ot

    "eed thee au3iciou (mbol o!!e'ed to him1 but o"e ma2e the wih that1 due to thevi'tue &ai"ed th'ou&h ma2i"& thee o!!e'i"&1 i" !utu'e o"eel! a"d othe' will be bleedwith bodie 3oei"& all thee i&"5

    Thi i !ollowed b( o!!e'i"& the 3'eciou 3oeio" o! a u"ive'al mo"a'ch1 acha2'ava'ti"5 I" wo'ldl( te'm1 a!te' buddha1 bodhiattva a"d a'hat1 the "e>t i" de&'eeo! me'it i a u"ive'al mo"a'ch5 Th'ou&h the 3owe' o! hi accumulatio" o! me'it1 uch a2i"& attai" "atu'all( thee 3'eciou 3oeio"@

    ' a ;==='spo!ed golden wheel% If such a !ing intends to travel from one continent) such as

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    bei"& a'ie di!!e'e"t a33ea'a"ce1 o" accou"t o! thei' i"dividual 2a'ma1 but ultimatel("o"e o! thi ha a"( 'ealit(5 O"e mi&ht thi"2 that the'e i o"l( o"e wo'ld li2e thi1 but thebuddha have tau&ht that the'e a'e millio" o! imila' wo'ld1 each with a u3'ememou"tai" a"d / co"ti"e"t1 co"tai"i"& ma"( !o'm o! li!e5

    Be!o'e the c'eatio" o! thi wo'ld1 the'e wa

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    attai"i"& the tate o! dha'ma2a(a1 a"d the be"e!it o! othe'1 b( ma"i!eti"& the !o'm82a(a5

    .he" o!!e'i"& veel o! deathle am'ita1 o"e 3'a( !o' the attai"me"t o! the u3'eme

    accom3lihme"t =iddhi*1 i5e5 the 'ealiatio" o! mahamud'a1 a"d the o'di"a'(accom3lihme"t5 Alto&ethe' the'e a'e o'di"a'( accom3lihme"t1 uch a the :e(emedici"e: with which o"e ca" ee &'eat dita"ce1 o' ee th'ou&h the &'ou"dF :!at le&:1whe'eb( o"e ha the 3owe' o! &'eat 3eedF clai'vo(a"ceF mi'aculou hea'i"&F mi'aculoui&ht1 a"d o o"5

    O"e o!!e' a to'ma 3oei"& the ) !lavou' a"d the J 3leau'e o! the e"e1 a"d alo'a2ta1 which i ee"tiall( a" o!!e'i"& o! 'ed am'ita5 It eem1 !'om the lo"&e' o!!e'i"& te>t1that 'a2ta i a" o!!e'i"& o! blood1 but the'e i "ot a" actual o!!e'i"& o! blood 3ou'ed out5 Italo a33ea' !'om the wo'd i" the te>t that the to'ma i actuall( made o! !leh a"d blood1but it i o"l( dec'ibed thi wa( i" te'm o! what o"e i &oi"& to 3u'i!(5 I" the lo"&e'o!!e'i"& te>t it a(@ ?c'u"ch the bo"e o! a"&e' a"d eat the !leh o! i&"o'a"ce1 d'i"2 theblood o! dei'e5? I" thi wa(1 o"e ima&i"e thee , mi"d83oio" a'e o!!e'ed i"to the deitie:mouth a"d eate" b( them1 the'eb( de!eati"& the , 2leha5

    I! o"e :o!!e' the a"&e':1 i" thi i"ta"ce a am'ita1 the widom deit( i "ot actuall(d'i"2i"& ome am'ita5 .hat ha33e" i that thou&ht o! a"&e' become de!eated5 Eve'(o"eha the J mi"d83oio"5 The widom8deitie have the J !acet o! ultimate widom1 a"d b(

    o!!e'i"& o"e: ow" mi"d83oio" o! a"&e' it become t'a"!o'med i"to :mi''o'8li2e widom:5Thi i the mea"i"& o! the deit( ove'comi"& the mi"d83oio" o! a"&e'5

    #imila'l(1 the i&"o'a"ce o! all bei"& i (mbolied b( the to'ma1 a"d i! that to'ma io!!e'ed to the deitie1 thi i&"o'a"ce ca" be 3aci!ied1 dimi"ihed1 a"d t'a"!o'med i"to:dha'madhatu widom:5 The o!!e'i"& o! 'a2ta (mbolie attachme"t a"d c'avi"&1 whichbecome 3aci!ied1 a"d t'a"!o'med i"to :all8dic'imi"ati"& widom:5 .he" 3'ide1ubumed u"de' the 2leha o! a"&e'1 i 3aci!ied1 it i t'a"muted i"to the :widom o!e9ualit(:5 .he" e"v(1 i"cluded i" the dei'e 2leha1 i 3aci!ied1 it i t'a"!o'med i"to :all8accom3lihi"& widom:5 I" umma'(1 i! o"e i o!!e'i"& am'ita1 to'ma a"d 'a2ta to the

    deitie1 o"e hould "ot

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    =))b* The da2i"i 'e"de' homa&e a"d i"& 3'aie to Amitabha1 !i't to hi Va3lai"ed that eve" thou&h the'e i o"l( o"e moo" i" the 2(1 it i 'e!lected ma"( time i"3ool a"d ocea"1 i" clea' o' di't( wate'5 4ut li2e that e>am3le1 Amitabha: activit(3e'meate eve'(whe'e5 The dha'ma2a(a a33ea' eve'(whe'e1 de3e"de"t o" the cla'it( o!o"e: mi"d5 I! the wate' i a&itated1 the moo" will till 'e!lect i" it1 but u"clea'l(5 It i theame with o"e: mi"d@ i! the mi"d i a&itated1 the dha'ma2a(a i "ot clea'l( 'evealed5 Thatco"clude the 3'aie a"d homa&e to the dha'ma2a(a5

    Amitabha: 3eech i called Va

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    Amitabha a "i'ma"a2a(a1 ambho&a2a(a o' dha'ma2a(a5 Thee , a'e im3l( di!!e'e"ta3ect o! !o'm5 Each 2a(a ha , di!!e'e"t !acet5 7o' e>am3le1

    the dha'ma2a(a o! dha'ma2a(a i Buddha #ama"tabhad'aFthe ambho&a2a(a o! dha'ma2a(a i Vate"t o! o"e: "e&ative actio"mi&ht be com3a'able to the ie o! 0ou"t 0e'u1 the( will be 3u'i!ied5


  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    The'e !ollow a 3'a(e' add'ei"& Amitabha a"d hi e"tou'a&e5 It a( that with bod(13eech a"d mi"d o"e i devotedl( 3'a(i"& !o' the u3'eme a"d o'di"a'( accom3lihme"t1a"d th'ou&h 'eceivi"& the blei"& ma( o"e attai" the level o! Amitabha5


    Havi"& co"cluded the viualiatio" !o' &athe'i"& the accumulatio"1 the eco"d 3a't o! thedevelo3me"t ta&e i"volve 'eciti"& the ma"t'a a"d viualii"& the deit(5 The'e a'e ma"(di!!e'e"t wa( o! develo3i"& the viualiatio" o! Amitabha a"d hi e"tou'a&e@ the deit( ca"be com3lete i" a" i"ta"t o! thou&ht1 o' com3lete i" , o' J ta&e5 7'om amo"&t thee1 he'eo"e ado3t the viualiatio" that i com3lete i" a" i"ta"t5 Ge"e'all(1 the'e a'e , a3ect tothe develo3me"t ta&e@

    ' clear appearance of the deity6

    ' sta(le or strong pride6

    ' mindfulness of purity%

    .ith 'e&a'd to the clea' a33ea'a"ce o! the deit(1 o"e ima&i"e Amitabha i" !'o"t1 a"d o"e!ocue o"e83oi"tedl( o" him@ !i't1 hi head mou"d1 the" hi e(e1 "oe1 mouth1 ea' a"d oo"5 7ocu ucceivel( o" all the bodil( 3a't o! the deit( withi" the viualiatio"5 I! o"e iloo2i"& at the e(e o' mouth1 the" o"e ca""ot1 at the ame time1 ima&i"e the head8mou"d1but that doe "ot matte'1 a lo"& a o"e i viualii"& o"e 3a't5 Ima&i"e the u33e' 3a't o!hi bod(1 the lowe' 3a't1 hi ha"d1 the be&&i"& bowl5 Di'ect the mi"d to hi le& i" va

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    that &o u3wa'd a"d come out !'om hi u'"a hai'1 betwee" the e(eb'ow1 a"d the" outth'ou&h o"e: ow" u'"a hai' i"to 3ace1 to all the buddha8'ealm5

    7'om the ti3 o! thee li&ht8'a( cou"tle o!!e'i"& a33ea'1 a"d a'e 3'ee"ted to thebuddha a"d bodhiattva i" the ) di'ectio"5 O"e thi"2 that all thei' 3owe'1 com3aio"1

    a"d widom 'etu'" i" the !o'm o! li&ht8'a( that e"te' th'ou&h o"e: u'"a hai'1 a"dth'ou&h the u'"a hai' o! Amitabha i" o"e: hea't1 bac2 i"to hi ma"t'a5 Thi"2 that o"e ha'eceived all the blei"& o! the buddha5

    A&ai" thee li&ht8'a( &o out1 thi time to all the K 'ealm o! bei"&1 3u'i!(i"& all thei' bad2a'ma a"d obcu'atio"1 which a'e the caue !o' thei' u!!e'i"&5 I" thi wa(1 eve'( bei"&&ai" the &ood !o'tu"e to be bo'" i" Dwache"1 i" the !utu'e5 Ima&i"e that the whole oute'wo'ld i t'a"!o'med i"to Dwache"1 a"d e"tie"t bei"& become eithe' Amitabha1 o'a"othe' o! the dh(a"i buddha1 o' o"e o! thei' co"o't1 o' a bodhiattva5 7'om thei'mouth come the ou"d o! the ma"t'a1 which ha2e all the lowe' 'ealm to thei' ve'(de3th1 thu com3letel( elimi"ati"& them5 O"e thi"2 that all bei"& who have !o'm1 a"dalo thoe who a'e !o'mle =3i'it a"d "o"8huma"* attai" the tate o! Amitabha5

    The ma"t'a 'ecited i ?O0 A0I DE.A HRIH?5 ?A0I? mea" ?limitle li&ht? a"d?DE.A? mea" ?deit(?5 #o the ma"t'a mea" ?deit( o! limitle li&ht?5

    I" 3u

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    (llable to &o to the Amitabha 'eidi"& i" Dwache"5 The( me'&e i"to him1 a"d 3leae hima a" o!!e'i"& to hi bod(1 3eech a"d mi"d5 7'om hi bod( ema"ate cou"tle la'&e a"dmall bodie o! AmitabhaF !'om hi 3eech1 cou"tle ma"t'a a"d HRIH (llableF !'omhi mi"d ema"ate la'&e a"d mall J83'o"&ed 'ed va

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana



    =)Mb* The /th caue that 3'e3a'e o"e !o' 'ebi'th i" Dwache" i the 'ecitatio" o! theDwache" 3'a(e'5 The'e a'e , ve'io"@ a lo"& 3'a(e'1 w'itte" b( -a'ma Cha&mF a

    medium ve'io" called the ?#h

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    A'ou"d Amitabha1 Che"'ei& a"d Va