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Transcript of Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana







    How Amitabha achieved BuddhahoodThe Qualitie o! Dewache"The #adha"a

    THE ACTUA$ %RACTICE$i"ea&e %'a(e'

    )* Re!u&e a"d Bodhicitta

    Blessing the Offering

    +* The Viualiatio"



    ,* Gathe'i"& the Accumulatio" a"d %u'i!(i"& -a'ma


    Confession and Purification


    Visualisations for the Mantra Recitation

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    THE CONC$UDING %RACTICE%'a(e' o! Good .iheDiolvi"& the Viualiatio"

    /* %'a(e' !o' 'ebi'th i" Dewache"



    A lo"&1 lo"& time a&o1 be!o'e thi e'a 2"ow" a the #u3e'io' Aeo"1 the'e a33ea'ed i" thewo'ld a Buddha called 4i2te" .a"&chu2 G(al3o5 Hi atte"da"t1 a mo"2 "amed Gelo"&Ch6chi $od'o1 howed &'eat mi"d!ul"e1 i"telli&e"ce1 u"de'ta"di"&1 a"d dili&e"ce1 a"dhe too2 the Bodhiattva Vow !'om thi Buddha5 7o' thoua"d o! millio" o! (ea'1 hea33lied himel! ea'"etl( to 3i'itual 3'actice with the i"te"tio" o! hel3i"& e"tie"t bei"&

    towa'd !ull 'ealiatio"5 He alo made a i"ce'e wihi"&83'a(e' that1 o" hi attai"me"t o!e"li&hte"me"t1 he would ma"i!et a buddha8'ealm i"co'3o'ati"& all the 9ualitie o! amillio" buddha8'ealm withi" it5

    0a"( thoua"d o! millio" o! (ea' late'1 i" the aeo" 2"ow" a :;i"3a:1 Gelo"& Ch6chi$od'o wa bo'" a a cha2'ava'ti" mo"a'ch1 ;i3ite"ce1 he attai"ed !ull 'ealiatio" i" that ve'( li!e1becomi"& Buddha Ri"che" N(i"&3o =Rat"a&a'bha*5

    Thi wo'ld 'ule'1 ;i3

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    7o' thoua"d o! millio" o! (ea' ;i3

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    &eee1 duc2 a"d c'a"e5 O"e ca" bathe i" the ma"( 3ool1 'eached b( dece"di"& !li&ht o! te3 made o! 3'eciou to"e5

    Althou&h thee 3ool a'e dee31 a o"e e"te'1 the de3th o! the wate' ada3t itel! to the ieo! o"e: bod(5 #u''ou"di"& thee bathi"&83ool a'e !'a&'a"t ut3ala a"d lotu bloom1

    ema"ati"& li&ht8'a(5 At the ti3 o! the li&ht8'a( a33ea' i""ume'able Buddha1 eachu''ou"ded b( A'hat5

    .ithi" thi buddha8'ealm 'eide Amitabha1 2"ow" i" Tibeta" a :3am:1 mea"i"&:Immeau'able $i&ht: o' :$imitle Radia"ce: becaue li&ht8'a( !'om hi bod( 3e'vadeeve'( buddha8'ealm1 illumi"ati"& them all5 He i alo 2"ow" a Buddha Amita(u1 o' i"Tibeta" :T3am:1 mea"i"& :Immeau'able $i!e:1 becaue the e>te"t o! hi li!e ca""ot becalculated5 Hi bod( i a 'ed a 'ub(1 which (mbolie the wa'mth o! hi com3aio"e>te"di"& to all bei"&5

    Amitabha ha the ,+ 3'i"ci3al a"d eco"da'( ma'2 o! a Buddha1 li2e #ha2(amu"i5 O"hi head1 o"e o! the mai" ma'2 i the head8mou"d o' :uh"iha:1 &ai"ed whilt he wa3'actii"& the 3i'itual 3ath =a Ch6chi $od'o a"d ;i3

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    Amo&haiddhi with the "o'th1 hi th'o"e u33o'ted b( ha"&8ha"& c'eatu'eF Vai'ocha"awith the ce"t'e1 hi th'o"e u33o'ted b( lio"5

    O" Amitabha: th'o"e i a )83etalled lotu1 which (mbolie that he 'emai" u"tai"edb( ama'a5 Althou&h he ha attai"ed libe'atio"1 he ha "ot aba"do"ed hi bod( "o'

    e"te'ed "i'va"a1 but ta( i" the wo'ld1 due to hi com3aio"1 i" o'de' to be"e!it bei"&5Hi bac2 'et a&ai"t a bodhi t'ee1 K1 (ote"d (oam3le1 Vai'ocha"a1Rat"aambhava1 Ta'a o' the Glo'iou Co33e'8Colou'ed 0ou"tai" o! Gu'u Ri"3oche1 o"eca" im3l( &o the'e1 'eceive em3owe'me"t a"d teachi"& !'om thoe 3a'ticula' Buddha1a"d 'etu'" a&ai" to Dwache"5 Havi"& bee" bo'" i" Dwache"1 o"e 3oee u"obcu'edclai'vo(a"t 3owe'1 i"cludi"& the abilit( to ee othe' bei"& i" thei' 3a'ticula' wo'ld a"d

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    &ive them 3'otectio" a"d blei"&1 o'1 at the time o! thei' death1 to &o to the ba'do to meetthem a"d b'i"& them to Dwache"5 All thee 9ualitie o! Dwache" a'e e>3lai"ed i" ?The#ut'a o! Amitabha?1 which wa eve"tuall( b'ou&ht to Tibet a"d t'a"lated b( the lea'"edlotawa1 a"d "ow e>it a 3a't o! the -a"&(u'5


    Thi Amitabha adha"a i a te'ma teachi"& called ?The #3ace Dha'ma? =Tib5 "am ch6*1'evealed b( a te't6"1 0i"t =3a&e +a*1 the'e i a ve'e o!u33licatio" to :The #eco"d Buddha:1 %admaambhava1 a"d hi +J mai" dici3le i" Tibet1

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    a"d to the / mahaiddha o! I"dia5 A thi 3'actice !i't a33ea'ed a a mi"d8te'ma o!0i"

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    O! the / caue !o' 'ebi'th i" Dwache"1 the !i't1 the 3'e'e9uiite o! bodhicitta motivatio"1ha bee" cove'ed i" the 'e!u&e a"d bodhicitta 3a't o! the adha"a5 The "e>t 3a't i thebai !o' 'ebi'th i" Dwache"@ the viualiatio" o! develo3i"& the 'ealm5


    The'e a'e + 3a't to thi@ ima&i"i"& o"eel! a the deit(1 a"d ima&i"i"& the deitie i" !'o"t5Othe' ta"t'ic 3'actice have a" elabo'ate 3'ocedu'e !o' develo3i"& the el!8viualiatio"1!ollowed b( the !'o"t8viualiatio"5 Thi adha"a ha

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    In the word damtsigpa/samayasattva) #damtsig#/#samaya# is a changeless commitment% 0hen

    one imagines oneself as Chenre1ig) one does not change (ac! into an ordinary (eing) or into

    another deity% It is a changeless commitment% he #'pa# *short for #sempa#+ or #'sattva# is a

    hero) or someone with courage% his means that sometimes during meditation the deity can

    (ecome unclear) (ut one has great courage and the strength to prevent that from happening)

    to remain clear% hus all the faults in the development and completion stages of visualisation

    are una(le to defeat one% hat is why it is termed #'sempa# or #(rave one#) #hero#% hrough

    meditating on the damtsigpa) clinging to the 2 s!andhas is purified) and the result of this

    purification is the attainment of the sam(hoga!aya state in the (ardo%

    3s regards the yesh$pa/.nanasattva whom one invites) #yesh$/.nana# is the pure nature of

    one#s own mind and the nature of a Buddha#s mind too) they are identical% he Buddha#s

    awareness of the mind (eing dharma!aya) or primordial mind) is called ultimate wisdom) or

    #yesh$%# he #'sempa# refers to the fact that in the dharma!aya one is free from all thoughts of

    something e"isting or not% One is free from all these faults or complications% 3t this time) oneis inviting the primordial wisdom) #yesh$#) in the form of the deity) who merges into oneself as

    the damtsigpa% hrough meditating on that) the ignorance of one#s own mind is purified% 0hat

    ma!es this purification possi(le is the innate purity of the dharma!aya mind of a Buddha and

    the purity of the essence of one#s own mind% he result of this purification is the attainment of

    the dharma!aya at the time of death) when the #ground luminosity# appears) along with the

    #clear light of the path#%

    In the nyingma tradition) one visualises oneself as the damtsigpa) and in one#s heart is the

    yesh$pa) the si1e of one#s thum(% In the heart of that small deity is the #ting'd1in'sempa# *s!t%

    #samadhisattva#+% ,o it is slightly different%4

    7'om o"eel! a Che"'ei& ema"ate i""ume'able bodhiattva e>actl( the ame a o"eel!5The( o!!e' thoua"d o! 3'ot'atio" a"d ci'cumambulatio" to Amitabha i" !'o"t o! o"e1i" thi wa( co"!ei"& a"d 3u'i!(i"& the 3owe'!ul bad 2a'ma a"d obcu'atio" o! bei"&5The ma"t'a o! i"vitatio" i ?O0 A0I DE.A HRIH5 BEND;A #A0AYA8D;A5 D;AHUNG BA0 HO5 TITRA $HEN5 ATI8%U HO5?

    I! it wa a w'ath!ul 3'actice1 ? D;A HUNG BA0 HO ? would 'e3'ee"t the activit( o! thehoo21 "ooe1 chai"1 a"d bell1 but i" the 3eace!ul 3'actice@

    ?D;A? i&"i!ie ?ummo"i"&? 8 all the li&ht comi"& !'om the , 3lace i"vo2e the widom8deitie to come i"to 3ace be!o'e o"eF?HUNG? mea" ?'emai"i"&? o' ?'eidi"&? 8 the widom8deitie1 whom o"e ha i"vited1a"d o"e: ow" viualiatio"1 the commitme"t8deitie1 a'e ee"tiall( the ame@ the ee"ceo! the mi"d o! a buddha a"d o! o"e: ow" mi"d i em3ti"e a"d a33ea'a"ce i"e3a'ableF?BA0? i&"i!ie ?bi"di"&? 8 the widom8deitie a"d o"e: ow" commitme"t8deitie become

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    mi>ed with each othe'1 li2e wate' i"to wate'F?HO? mea" ?3leaed? 8 a!te' the widom8deitie a"d commitme"t8deitie have ble"ded1the( !eel &'eat

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    The'e a'e baicall( , dha'ma8'obe@

    ' the outer ro(e has 52 vertical sections) each divided further into 2 parts6

    ' the upper ro(e has 7 vertical sections) each divided into 8 parts6

    ' the lower ro(e has 9 vertical divisions) each divided into 2 parts%

    The'e a'e elabo'ate1 medium a"d im3le !o'm o! thee 'obe1 a"d withi" thee cate&o'iethe'e a'e elabo'ate8elabo'ate1 medium8elabo'ate1 im3le8elabo'ate a"d o o"1 ma2i"& M3oibilitie i" total5 Althou&h Amitabha doe "ot !eel cold1 o"e o!!e' thee , t(3e o! 'obea a to2e" o! i"c'eai"& the vitalit( o! o"eel! a"d othe'5

    O"e o!!e' to Che"'ei& a"d Vat5 O"eo!!e' thee1 "ot becaue Che"'ei& a"d Va

  • 7/25/2019 Instructions on the Amitabha Namcho Sadhana


    A!te' the bodhiattva have o!!e'ed the d'i"2i"&8wate' o! the 9ualitie1 a a" au3icioui&" !o' o"eel! a"d all bei"& becomi"& !'ee !'om u!!e'i"&1 the( me'&e bac2 i"to o"eel!a Che"'ei&