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Inner Destinations. Judy & Carol. Inner Destinations. Welcome to: How to use your posture to de-stress during the holidays !. Our Journey. Big Hair, Summer 1997. Inner Destinations. Introductions Carol: Fitness & Pilates Teacher, Carols (outdoors/hiking ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inner DestinationsJudy & Carol

1Inner DestinationsWelcome to:How to use your posture to de-stress during the holidays!

2Our Journey

Big Hair, Summer 19973Inner DestinationsIntroductions

Carol: Fitness & Pilates Teacher, Carols (outdoors/hiking)

Judy: Qigong & Meridian Tapping (EFT) CoachLiberate your

Inner Destinations.comGaining Inner Peace through Outer FitnessWebinar & Retreat company

Email: Info@ Inner Destinations.comPilates Carols Dancing Stones studio in Silver City, NM

5Inner DestinationsDisclaimer: Check with medical professional before beginning this or any exercise program

Carol recommendations:

Step out the door and get out for a walk Get out into Nature the Great Outdoors

Having a gathering? Before the guests arrive, block out 40 peaceful minutes for YOU!

Breathe more deeply and be conscious of it, MMore oxygen to brain

Stand up tall, head reaching for the sky

6Inner DestinationsCarol recommendations:

On each exhale, tighten your core musclesAbdominals contractPelvic floor muscles liftSitz bones draw closer together Bottom of pelvis

Inner DestinationsBodies are meant to move!

Remember, we are designed for movementStretching up to pick apples Bending to pick them up off the groundRunning to hunt gameHunkering and squatting around a fire to cook

Inner DestinationsFeel where your spine is in space Where it is in our bodies

Become aware of how important your spine is - Even while youre sitting

Inner DestinationsIf you have any back pain, dont do this exercise check with your doctor first

Benefits: More oxygen, Avoid pain, Avoid headaches, Lighten mood

Seated, picture the position of your spine

Feet flat on floor, quadriceps (thighs) parallel to floor

Inner DestinationsSitting on your sitz bones: (bony landmarks at base of pelvis)First, making small moves, tilt or rock pelvis slightly forward (sitz bones point backward)Then tilt pelvis back (sitz bones tucked under & forward)Return to the center, sitting on your sitz bones.

You may have felt a mild stretch at your low back

Inner DestinationsWe sit too much in our cars, at our desks

This can result in back, shoulder & neck pain and potential headaches

Whats the solution?Inner DestinationsTry some standing activities:

Get up from sitting at your desk every 30 minutes - use a timerNo need to lose productivity sort files or mail do standing tasksTalk on phone with a headset that allows you to stand, which relieves neck tensionWalk around the office or even just around your chair

Inner DestinationsThe Power of Posture and EmotionsWith respect to our families:

Carol in her family kitchen

Father & sonAwareness of our emotional state and our posture

The Elephant ManAnalogy of how we can shift our postureInner DestinationsIn emotional pain?

Alone during holidays, Judy: My first Christmas during my divorce, I took action and moved Go out for a hike, even just lift your UB off your LBLifts mood, breathe better, focus outward rather than inward, feel stronger, more at peace

Inner DestinationsBonus tip: SMILE!

Did you know theres a connection between the tension in our jaw and the tension in our hips? Smiling releases the kinks and helps prevent tight shoulder and tension headaches!

Inner DestinationsMore about our webinars and retreats atInner

5 day retreats: Focus on hiking posture and stridePilatesEFT or Meridian TappingQigong Beautiful locations healing Mother Nature

Inner DestinationsFree General Stress Audio at

As well as inexpensive, personalized audios for your situation:RelationshipMoneyJob - CareerBody - HealthLoss of a loved one

Inner DestinationsThank you for listening

Remember to smile

Enjoy your holiday!