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  • 8/3/2019 Impressions Portfolio


    Amanda VoAccount ExecutiveBlind ChildrensLearning Center

  • 8/3/2019 Impressions Portfolio


    Cover Letter

    May 8, 2011

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a public relations and advertising major with a minor in communication studies, and I am veryinterested in obtaining a position with your organization. I feel that I am highly quali ed to work ina position that requires ample knowledge of public relations, social media and marketing strategies.

    As an account executive in Chapman ImPRessions, Chapmans rst student-run PR rm, I believe Ihave gained real-life experience and a deeper understanding of the eld of public relations, as well asfostered exceptional team-building skills. By maintaining and taking charge of a team working for areal client (Blind Childrens Learning Center,) I was also able to develop strong leadership skills andunderstand how to e ectively communicate with both my client and my team members.

    I have been an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America, as well as a participantof the 2010 Bateman Competition. Bateman demanded the majority of my time, and I worked on andimplemented a real campaign for not only Chapman students, but communities surrounding Chapmanas well. My team and I were honorable mentions in the nation, and were one of the only two teams tobe recognized in California (the other team being from Chapman as well.)

    Each of the three internships I have had thus far have provided me with a new kind of knowledge thatI believe will bene t your organization. While my internships with Brazilian Gloss and Aaron BowleyStudios required me to write and distribute press releases, contact media for publicity and promotions,

    and write informative yet succinct announcements on social media, my participation in the DisneyCollege Program prepared me with interpersonal communication and crisis management.

    I believe that your organization will bene t greatly from my prior experience with campaign work,and my ability to motivate team members, ensure productivity, and work in a timely yet high-qualitymanner.

    I have enclosed my resume with my prior experience in the eld of public relations, as well as myachievements. Thank you very much for your time and consideration; please do not hesitate if youhave any questions or comments for me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,

    Amanda Vo

  • 8/3/2019 Impressions Portfolio


    Amanda Vo206.697.6508181 S Lewis St. #106, Orange, CA

    TECHNICAL QUALIFICATIONS: Very familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, LiveJournal, MySpace, YouTube, and other social media websites Very proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, iLife Suite, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and InDesign Can type at 132 WPM Demo reel and design & writing portfolio available upon request

    EXPERIENCE: Aaron Bowley Studios PR Intern May 2010October 20

    Wrote and distributed press releases/media pitches to music blogs and websites, as well as PRLog, about Aaron BowleyStudios and the bands produced by ABS

    Wrote a comprehensive biography on Aaron Bowley Studios Helped design and create the Aaron Bowley Studios website Managed Twitter and communicated with fans/potential clients on a daily basis

    Chapman ImPRessions April 2010Present Brainstormed, planned and implemented promotional campaigns for our client, Chapman Coffeehouse Updated and managed social media Reported to both the account executive and ImPRessions officers on a biweekly basis with updates

    Brazilian Gloss PR Intern March 2010May 2010 Wrote and distributed press releases/articles on PRLog and Ezine Sent out media pitches to magazines Updated social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook Helped with the creative development process of the new image of Brazilian Gloss Updated Brazilian Hair Straightening on Wikipedia with information about Brazilian Gloss

    Cooler Planet Video Editor March 2010Present Edited promotional videos for Cooler Planet, a Seattle-based environmentalist company Created instrumental tracks as supplementary background music for videos

    Bateman National Student PR Campaign Competition: Honorable Mention November 2009April 2010 Created and implemented a public relations campaign as a team for the U.S. Census Bureau at Chapman University and

    surrounding communities Wrote and sent press releases to local media, one of which was published on Asian Pacific Islander Counts website Led and managed the social media aspect of the campaign Compiled a campaign portfolio of our work for submittal to PRSA and received an honorable mention

    Public Relations Student Society of America August 2008Present Wrote press releases for PRSSA-sponsored events Attended weekly meetings

    WORK EXPERIENCE:Chapman University Student Affairs Public Relations Assistant September 2010Present

    Created and implemented campaigns for student-related events throughout campus Managed the Dean of Students Twitter and Facebook Worked with the Student Affairs Creative Team to design promotional materials Reported to the Assistant Dean of Students and Student Affairs Student Manager on a daily basis Revised and rebranded Chapman Nights, an overarching name for Chapman-funded student events

    Starbucks Coffee Company, Bellevue, WA August 2007February 2010 Barista

    Created relationships with customers Promoted and sold new products to customers Multitasked on a day-to-day basis Trained and mentored new employees Awarded the title of Barista of the Month: April 2008 & August 2009

    EDUCATION:Chapman University, Orange, CADodge College of Film and Media Arts GPA 3.6 August 2008Present

    Earning a B.A. in Public Relations/Advertising (Minor in Communication Studies)

  • 8/3/2019 Impressions Portfolio


    Blind ChildrensLearning Center

  • 8/3/2019 Impressions Portfolio


    Executive Summary

    The Blind Childrens Learning Center is a non-pro t organization that strives to provide earlyintervention, education and services to both visually impaired and seeing children in order to createan independent and healthy lifestyle. Located in Santa Ana, Calif., the Blind Childrens Learning Center(BCLC) is the only center of its kind in Orange County. Founded by six blind adults in 1962, BCLC isclosing in on its 50th anniversary.

    The 50th anniversary was the perfect event for my team and I to focus our public relations e ortsaround. 50 years is big: the golden anniversary, half a century--we wanted to make sure our campaignhad a catchy yet appropriate slogan that not only resonated with our audiences and the center, butthanked all of BCLCs supporters over the years.

    Our research gave us very important insights regarding our audiences and how we should go aboutreaching them with our campaign. With two very wide-ranging target audiences--existing and/or

    previous donors of both time and money, and our potential audience of individuals serving a similarcause, we knew our communication e orts would have to cater to many di erent types of people.We quickly learned that while our existing audiences were a bit more old-fashioned and preferred toreceive information via email or even postal mail, our potential audiences would greatly bene t fromreceiving information through social media.

    We searched for a campaign theme that showed appreciation for the past and ambition for the future,and after conducting a survey with four potential themes, we ultimately decided on 50 Years of HelpingHands . With this theme, we were able to create new logos and imagery to maintain consistency onBCLCs collateral; formulate social media announcements around an ongoing message; write pressreleases alluding to the 50th anniversary; and create a corporate sponsorship package for potentialdonors or sponsors of the event.

    As the account executive for BCLC, I delegated tasks, maintained constant communication with ourclient, and ensured optimal productivity from my account. Because of my position in the rm, pleasenote that the following pages consist of both my teammates work as well as my own. Continue readingto see how we helped BCLC thank its audience for their 50 Years of Helping Hands.

  • 8/3/2019 Impressions Portfolio


    Secondary Research

    The Mission of Blind Childrens Learning Center is to provide early intervention, education and services for blind, visuallyimpaired and deaf/blind infants and youth and their families to allow access to education in preparation to lead independent


    In the early 1960s, six blind adults founded Services for the Blind. Now known as the Blind Childrens Learning Center,these founders felt the needs of the visually impaired and learned that the key to living a successful life without vision isto start at a young age. And so, the BCLC developed a comprehensive, alternative program allowing children to not onlythrive blind, but also enter the mainstream schools and world around them. The organization is the only one of its kindin Southern California that addresses the needs of the blind, visually impaired and children with multiple disabilities frombirth through high school. The track toward independence begins with Infant Family Focus, an in-home service allowingparents to be part of the crucial developmental days. At six months, the child may begin attending the Early ChildhoodCenter. After graduation from this stage, blind children can usually enter a public kindergarten program with maintainedsupport from the BCLC. The Youth Outreach program leads students through their public school experience by providingmobility training, vision instruction and Braille i