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Transcript of Important Changes to Craigslist Automobile Listings ... ¢â‚¬¢Craigslist...

  • Important Changes to Craigslist Automobile Listings November, 2013


  • Agenda 2

    What’s changed?

    Craigslist and the Consumer


    Other Considerations

    Craigslist is Common Sense

    Payment Options & Budget


  • • Craigslist has been inundated with spam, over-posting and traffic leeches!

    • Craigslist strives to be an “online marketplace” where buyers and sellers can

    come together in an efficient manner as a LOCAL community.

    • Craigslist is simply cleansing this marketplace as they have done in several

    other categories in the past! This has proven to be only a positive in

    “HOUSING” and the “JOBS” categories.

    • Consumers don’t want to search through all the noise!

    Why Did Craigslist Make This Change?


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    • Nothing has changed for the


    • 60 million visitors monthly in the


    • Search visits up 5% over last 3


    • Craigslist continues to be itself, a

    market helping local buyers and

    sellers find each other.

    • Website traffic ranking service estimates Craigslist is

    the 10th most-visited site in the

    United States.

    For local products or services, I have found Craigslist to be indispensable.

    “ - Consumer Review

  • Top FAQ 06

    Q. What is happening on 12/3?

    A. Ads posted to "cars+trucks by dealer" for CL sites in the US will be charged $5 per ad.

    Q. How long will paid ads stay live? Can they be edited?

    A. 30 days across all markets. Yes, live ads can be edited.

    Q: Can I renew my ads?

    A: No. Renewals no longer exist. Craigslist charges $5 to repost.

    Q: Do I need to manage my account on Craigslist?

    A: Possibly. This all depends on how a dealer will manage their Craigslist fees and


    Q. Can I post ads for financial services, a car-related website, an auction, or

    a special dealership sale/promotion?

    A. No. Cars+trucks by dealer is for advertising specific individual automobiles for sale.

    Q. Can ads include clickable hyper links, templates, and external images?

    A. No. Include all relevant information for the specific vehicle being sold in your Craigslist

    ad itself.

  • Top FAQ Cont. 07

    Q: Will paid ads be subject to flagging?

    A. Yes, but ads will be reviewed before any removals take place.

    Q. What happens if a dealer posts in "by owner" to avoid the fee.

    A. They will be subject to ad removal, account closure, and other remedial actions. Please

    flag dealer ads in "by owner.“

    Q. Are volume discounts, flat rate, or monthly "all you can eat" plans available?

    A. No. $5 per posting. One vehicle per ad.

    Q. Can I purchase a block of postings in advance, e.g. 100 postings for $500?

    A. Blocks can be purchased for selected US cities by paid account holders. Sign up

    here and then call 415-399-5200 x8283.

    Q. Is invoicing available?

    A. Yes, for established customers who have recently purchased a $2000 (or larger) block

    of postings.

    If you have additional questions visit:

  • Payment Options for Dealers: 08

    Pay $ per Ad • $5.00 per ad on a credit card (no gift cards or prepaid


    • Dealers who don’t want to pre-purchase blocks

    • Avoid using credit card for each posting/cleaner


    • Must sign up for paid account directly on Craigslist:

    • Pay by phone via cc or check (415) 399-5200 x8283

    • Pre-purchase blocks of any size ($500 min)

    • No time limit to use

    • Separate blocks per market/CL account

    • Payment for blocks must be received prior to posting

    • Invoicing available for $2000 spent over 90 days

    Pay $ per Block

  • 8

    1. Dealers can manage their Craigslist Ad Budget via Settings -> Craigslist

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    Dealer can set-up Craigslist Payment Profile within Settings -> My Profile

    If a dealer selects a vehicle that incurs a $5 fee prior to creating their Craigslist

    Payment Profile, app will prompt user to create their profile

  • 10

    • Simple and intuitive payment profile.

    • CC information is saved. Users will

    receive an in-app CC verification prompt

    if new session is started, cookies are

    cleared or another devise is used (i.e.

    iPad or other computer).

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    1. Stay within the Guidelines and best practices

    a. Basics like: Do not post the same vehicle within 48 hours

    b. Keep vehicles’ local marketplace relevant

    - There are plenty of common sense market/crossovers

    - i.e. Truck Dealer in between two cites/marketplaces, Inventory crosses over

    2. We are all shepherds of this marketplace

    a. Dealerships now have True Ownership of this “COMMUNITY”

    b. Be part of the community with best practices ensuring “EVERYONE” can benefit

    c. Help flag things that you see that are inappropriate or misleading

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    3. Continue to sell vehicles!

    a. Work with your internet managers to ensure ROI at the dealer level. If Craigslist is

    not returning the results needed, make sure that you can see your marketing to

    Craigslist clearly. Once that has been established, you can determine whether that

    marketing budget should be utilized in other areas.

    What’s the new focus?

    • Strategy for dealers

    • What, when and how will I manage my

    vehicles to Craigslist?

    • Solutions driving this to help you manage

    this process (software, Intel, etc.)

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    Other Considerations around your entire Classified Marketing campaigns:

    Optimize your Landing pages for MOBILE

    a. 40% of Craigslist traffic comes from a mobile device.

    b. 80% of Craigslist leads are phone calls.

    c. Craigslist phone numbers are “clickable” for customers using a “smart-phone”.