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IDENTIFYING TOURISM TRAVEL AND TOURISM WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING SHOW EXAMPLES OF TOURISM? TOURISTS VS. TRAVELLERS Travel Movement from one place to another Tourism Visiting a location for a period of between 24 hours and up to 1 year NOT ALL TRAVELLERS ARE TOURISTS! Migrants people who move residences permanently or semi-permanently. Examples? Same Day Visitors travellers who stay in a location for fewer than 24 hours. Examples? CLASSIFYING TRAVELLERS Individual Travellers Journey Away from Home y/n? Length of Stay Purpose of Trip Classification Beatrice Joe CLASSIFYING TRAVELLERS Individual Travellers Journey Away from Home y/n? Length of Stay Purpose of Trip Classification BeatriceYesLess than a day (24 hr.) BusinessSame day visitor JoeYesWeekendSportsTourist ReenaYes3 monthsHealthTourist SarahYesOvernightEn routeTourist MaryYesAbout 6 months StudyTourist MauriceYespermanentimmigrationmigrant TYPES OF TOURISM Business Tourism Nature Tourism Cultural Tourism Social Tourism Recreation Tourism Sports Tourism Religious Tourism Health Tourism Adventure Tourism Wilderness Tourism THE TOURISM REVOLUTION In 2000, $700 BILLION was spent on travel world wide Domestic travel (travel at home) was 10 times higher than international travel How long has the travel boom been going on? 100 years ago fewer people travelled. WHY? Mass Tourism The movement of large numbers of people to specialized tourist locations. Packaged Vacations!! FACTORS FOR MASS TOURISM More people with time and money to spend Labour laws allow for paid vacations 80% of industrialized world workers have at least 3 weeks paid vacation Development of railways, roads, air travel opened up new opportunities for long distance travel ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES TO MASS TOURISM Advantages ?? Disadvantages ?? ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES OF MASS TOURISM Advantages Organized method for moving large number of people to specific tourist locations Creates jobs and develops tourism industry All inclusive packages are available low stress for the tourist May be less expensive encourages more people to travel Disadvantages Overcrowded facilities & attractions Negative impacts on the environment Foreign influences on local culture Impersonal service Highly organized removes opportunities for adventure, cultural experiences WORKING IN TOURISM With world tourism growing rapidly, you may find yourself working in it someday In 1999, 1/15 workers- 123 million people world wide were working in travel & tourism related industries!! Tourism industry accounts for $4.3 TRILLION in spin off business Tourism Employment Direct & Indirect DIRECT OR INDIRECT? WHAT ABOUT YOU? Close to 200 Million people worldwide work in Travel and Tourism related industries. If you could choose a career in the Travel and Tourism industry, what would it be? Task: Select a career we have talked about in class and write a paragraph that describes why that career would be of interest to you. What qualities, skills and training might be needed for that job? TRAVEL MOTIVATORS Recreation and Relaxation Social and Family Specialty Travel Business and Work Environment Adventure Cultural TRAVEL MOTIVATORS, ACTIVITIES & DESTINATIONS Motivating FactorTravel ActivityDestination Personal Fun & Recreation Winter skiing Lying on beach Blue Mountain Florida Culture Art Religion Art Gallery Tour Visit to important religious building Pilgrimage New York City Notre Dame, Paris Mecca, Saudi Arabia TRAVEL BARRIERS Cost Time Health Weather Family Stage Lack of Interest Fear FACTORS AFFECTING TOURISM Economic Factors Depends on Discretionary Income (money left over after paying taxes and living expenses) Technological Factors Infrastructure is key the more tourism facilities a country has, the more tourists they will attract Political Factors Stability is very important to draw tourists Demographics Baby Boomers make up 30% of our population and those most likely to make international trips FACTORS AFFECTING TOURISM Cultural Factors Ancient Cultures draw people like a magnet Greece, Italy, China, Egypt, Mexico WHERE IS TOURISM HEADING ? Mass Tourism Large Groups Little Time Fixed Program Focus on sights Little background research Desire for souvenirs Shopping Alternative Tourism Singles, Families, Friends Much Time Spontaneous Decisions Focus on Experiences Careful research & Plans Desire for new knowledge WHERE IS TOURISM HEADING? Mass Tourism May involve loud social activities Snapshots and Postcards No language preparation Alternative Tourism Quiet low impact Photography, Painting Learn local language