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  • ideate!Create and develop

    world-changing ideas

  • youve been given the opportunity to present your idea to the world.


  • --your idea will either live or die.This is your chance

  • create content that propels your idea into the hearts and minds of your audience...

    How do you?

  • And change their world?

  • Network designed by Brennan Novak from The Noun Project

    This is a guide to Developing

  • Network designed by Brennan Novak from The Noun Project


  • ideas

  • presenting ideas is a


  • Content Development


    generate ideas

    refine idea

    structure the content

  • Visual Design

    storyboard visuals design visuals

    Idea Idea Idea







    evidence evidence evidence

    Color Picker designed by Kenneth Appiah from The Noun ProjectCollage designed by Jill Allyn Peterson from The Noun ProjectType Design designed by Andrew J. Young from The Noun Project

  • Delivery & Execution

    Portrait designed by Joris Hoogendoorn from The Noun Project Spotlight designed by Olyn LeRoy from The Noun Project

    determine delivery mode

    rehearse & practice

    deliver & engage

  • to ideateFirst, generate good ideas

  • Diagram based on one found in the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations by Nancy Duarte

    generatevia divergent and convergent thinking

  • Idea Collection Idea CreationConvergent thinking; collect information

    from every source possible.Divergent thinking; invent new

    ideas, take risks, be gutsy.

    Daydreaming designed by Lorie Shaull from The Noun ProjectEducation designed by Pete Fecteau from The Noun Project

  • When panning for gold, prospectors scoop up a pan full of dirt...never knowing which pan full of dirt will yield a great nugget.

    Gold designed by Benjamin Orlovski from The Noun Project

    Nancy Duarte, Resonate

  • Your ideal topic...

    Your knowledge

    Audiences interests

    Your passion

  • Your knowledge

    Audiences interests

    Your passion

    Why does this matter?

  • Without audience, an idea is hollow.

  • Refineget to the core of your message

  • superfluous or tangential elements.Chip and Dan Heath, Made to Stick

    To get to the core, we must weed out


    The Core is...

  • your point of viewarticulate what you want your audience to believe

  • so what??Thinking designed by James Fenton from The Noun Project

    why it should matter to your audience

  • One complete sentence

  • to ideateUnderstand what persuasion means

  • In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.Aristotle

  • Analytical (head)Logic and analysisReasoning and rationality

    Emotional (heart)Passion and feelingsSentimentality and sincerity

    Emotional (gut)Humor and instinctImpulse and spontaneity

    Emotional (groin)Passion and sexualityPower and universality

    Man designed by trasnik from The Noun Project

    Source: Nancy Duarte, Resonate

  • Your idea is theThe USS Enterprise


  • qKirk

    emotional effect of speakers words


    speakers credibility, ethical speaking


    evidence, and logic


    Head, heart, and gut all work


  • to ideateApply SUCCESs to developing strong content

  • SimpleUnexpectedConcreteCredibleEmotionalStories