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2. Roadmap for Ideate Presentation Summary from Empathize/Define Phase Major Categories of Solutions Detail List of Items in Each Category The Three Ideas Downselected 3. Summary from Empathize / Define Phase Stakeholder Community College Teachers who educate students for placement in Companies/Workplaces in the State. Problem Statement College Teachers need successful collaboration with employers to help students effectively transition from school to work. Insight Many teachers are not trained to collaborate in school-to- work activities. Developing a wide variety of collaborative activities is key to school-to-work success. 4. Solution categories 1. Student/ Teacher Collaborative Activities 2. Teacher Professional Development & Workplace Collaboration 3. Orient College Curriculum to Workplace Needs 5. 1. Student / Teacher Collaborative Activities for Effective School-to-Work Transition for Students Teachers taking students to conferences ( ggJBbeoc) Teachers arranging student plant tours Teachers taking students to Trade shows Teachers Involving students in organized on- the-job experiences Teachers helping students shadowing and mentoring in the workplace Teachers supporting students engaged in cooperative work experiences Teachers preparing students for interning in the workplace Teachers helping students to understand the workplace Teachers organizing students field trips to business and industry Teachers Providing student workplace experiences through school activities Teachers and students do joint projects for modeling workplace environment at school 6. 2. Teacher Professional Development & Workplace Collaboration Helping School to Workplace Transition Teachers take for continuing education courses in job related skills Teachers learn from company/industry web sites what workplace needs are Teachers update their technical knowledge Teachers complete workplace internships to develop a feel for the workplace needs Teachers do job shadowing and learn workplace needs Teachers take summer jobs at work place Teachers take leave to get paid workplace job Teachers participate in summer conferences Teachers participate in company workshops Teachers observe onsite company recruiting Teachers create informal linkages between the school and the workplace Teachers visiting the workplace to promote their students as potential employees Employers seeking advise from teachers Teachers seeking advise from employers Teachers working part-time in industry Teachers completing internships at workplace Teachers working part-time in industry Summer training for Teachers Virtual Professional Development 7. 3. Orient College Curriculum to Workplace Needs Include a workplace focus in school instruction Teachers providing applied lab instruction Teachers providing applied academic instruction Teachers integrating curriculum and instruction Involving workplace representatives in school curriculum and instruction Advisory committees providing curriculum Recommendations Guest speakers presenting information about Workplace Curriculum development for School to Work Transition Individualized Instruction Modularized Instruction Competency-Based Education Integrated Academic and Vocational Education Tech Prep School-Based Enterprise Curriculum to include Workplace Communication type by business function (e.g. Manufacturing vs. Marketing vs. R&D, etc) Hyperlink: Curriculum development for School-to-Work Transition Education/dp/0205279023/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376275989&sr=8- 1&keywords=Technical+college+curriculum+development#reader_0205279023 Teachers can interact with student organizations from other schools and learn what they are doing Teachers learning from working students about knowledge gained from working in local business and industry. Teachers obtaining equipment and material industry and familiarizing the students Teachers obtaining whitepapers, journals, reports or online links for these from Companies and sharing with students Teachers organizing monthly college seminars on updates from various industries Teachers reading literature and journals to stay up-to-date in teaching and learn about the latest technological developments Teachers participating in in-school staff development Teachers observe/interact with business and industry during their product or process development phases Teachers join work place advisory committees 8. Three Key Ideas 1. Teachers guiding students for completing design projects for local industries 2. Teachers complete workplace internships to develop a feel for the workplace needs 3. Curriculum development for School to Work Transition