Assignment 3 ideate Huacho

Assignment 3 Generating ideas Huacho wants to get a job Francisco G. Barroso Tanoira August 2013


Options and ideas for helping Huacho find a solution for job opportunity searching.

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Assignment 3Generating ideas

Huacho wants to get a job

Francisco G. Barroso TanoiraAugust 2013

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Let´s review the problem…

Huacho needs an available, reliable, friendly and inexpensive source for finding employee opportunities, with enough information for choosing the best option because the existing sources are not updated, with incomplete information and there´s no way to know about a vacancy in the moment it is generated.

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What are the most obvious solutions for this problem? (even things that you know already exist)

1. Looking in the newspaper2. Asking friends about new job opportunities3. Go to the university and ask the job opportunity department4. Be aware of T.V. and radio commercials5. Post an add in the newspaper6. Go to the Commerce Chamber or the Industrial Chamber7. Check Internet for opportunities8. Post an add in Internet9. Become part of a job searching community10. Visit enterprises to ask for opportunities.

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What are the most obvious solutions for this problem? (even things that you know already exist)

11) Ask friends in Facebook or other social groups about job opportunities.12) Paying a fee for already created data bases for getting job information13) Asking the Government for job opportunities.14) Visit firms to ask for job opportunities15) Search in databases created by Human Resource firms such as Manpower about what they have regarding job opportunities.16) Attend job massive events organized by the Government, locally and in the country.17) Attend commercial and service events to check if the firms in the booths have job requirements and asking for conditions.18) Collecting business cards from people working in different firms offering jobs. 19) Get as many contacts as possible.20) Create my own database for job opportunities and make a living of it.

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What can you add, remove or modify from those initial solutions?

Add:1) More visits and more interaction with

possible employers or colleagues.2) Make my own database and share it

with other friends.3) Sharing databases with friends who are

currently working

Remove:4) Nothing for the moment

Modify:1) Nothing for the moment

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How would a 5-year-old child solve the problem?

1) Ask dad an mom about opportunities for working

2) Asking advice to be prepared for the future

3) Making and ad and sticking it on the house fence saying I want a job, with colors and nice.

4) Asking the teacher where she would work if she were not a teacher.

5) Telling his classmates that his brother is annoyed because he´s looking for a job

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How would you solve the problem if you had an unlimited budget?

1) I would take my own plane and go to different firms in the world to look for a job2) I would talk to my friends Bill Gates and Carlos Slim and ask them where to work.3) Ask those friends (Bill and Carlos) for advice for building a database for job

opportunities, free for people but supported by sponsorships or donations from big firms

4) Organizing a job database contest for the best, most complete, friendliest and up dated alternative.

5) Giving 10 USD to every person sending information about an existing job providing reliable information

6) Forming a world university net for job opportunities.7) Creating a job opportunity community in Facebook and other social groups.8) Asking Human Resource managers send a global message saying there´s a need

and when the vacant job has been occupied. 9) Creating a software application for real time job opportunities in the world10) Creating a software application that warns the person, when he is near a firm,

that there are job opportunities in that firm. This warning could be in the cell phone.

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How would you solve the problem without spending any money?

1) Creating a community in Facebook for job opportunities and encouraging people to advertise opportunities.

2) Invite church or other organizations to open or create a database for advertising about new jobs in their communities, giving that service for free.

3) Creating a database in my department, getting information from enterprises and delivering it to interested students.

4) Calling friends constantly to check job opportunities where they are working.

5) Contacting students who are already working and ask them to be opportunity searchers in their firms, sharing that information with me to create a database .

6) Just wait until a job opportunity knocks to my door.

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How would you solve this problem if you had control over the laws of nature (think invisibility, teleportation, etc.)?

1) I would become invisible and go to firms to check in the Human Resource department about vacancies, salaries, working conditions and so on, to publish in a special database free for everybody.

2) I would go through the walls and become invisible for getting the information regarding jobs.

3) At light speed, I would do numbers 1 and 2 as fast as possible every night.4) I would become a mind reader, so I could gather the requirements of all

directors, managers and Human Resource regarding jobs, with salaries and conditions.

5) I would become a mental message deliverer to send this message to all interested people.

6) I would mentally tell those people to deposit a fee in my account for this service, but the money will be real, not mental.

7) I would teach carrier pigeons to come and go with job information

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The 3 selected ideas and why

1) Having a software app warning possible candidates, when they walk or pass in front of the firm, that there are job opportunities in that firm.

This will allow firms reach valuable candidates for them at low cost, and will help people, when they are near or in front of the firm building or business unit, to know if there is an opportunity there, the requirements and the working conditions in real time.

It would be also great to have the possibility to leave a message or send information to the firm to be contacted when there´s a vacant job.

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The 3 selected ideas and why

2) Forming a Facebook job community to advertise about opportunities, salaries and conditions in general.

As everyday there are more people in social groups in the Web, that´s a natural and inexpensive way for creating a space for searching for new job opportunities anywhere in the world. Besides, preliminary interviews could be arranged through this option.

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The 3 selected ideas and why

3) Forming a university net for sharing information about job opportunities in their areas.

Universities are reliable forms for getting information, and why not to benefit from that delivering and sharing information, which could be free for students and general public, but charging a reasonable fee for enterprises, being able to receive sponsorships or grants to make this work. This university employee net could be connected to local government or business job databases. The most important is to have available, updated and reliable information for those wanting a job.

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Finally, it is very important to have as many ideas as possible, to select the best ones to be tested.

Then, sharing these ideas with others could make better solutions thinking in the user, not in the designers.

Enjoy the process!!!