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  • 1. Initial Ideas and Feedback name

2. General Idea; The brief said that lamination may be useful as protection for the cards but a cheap, eco friendly way of doing this on a large scale is yet to be found. Instead is laminating each card to protect from the food in the kitchen, a clear plastic pouch could be used. One pouch made from eco-friendly plastic will be cheaper to produce than laminating each card individually. The buyer could simply rearrange the cards so that the recipe they are following is at the front and they can follow it easily. 3. Idea 1 Recipes in a rush Tasty, healthy meals that can be made with minimal preparation and cooking time and wont leave Targeting quite a young audience but one that can cook independently (15-24). Quite a fun informal style to the cards. Simple instructions that are easy to follow. Exciting meals that will attract the audience and entice them. (stir fries, Jamaican cuisine, vegetable sushi) Bright colour schemes to attract the audiences eye. Large interesting image could be used on one side to attract attention and smaller images or illustrations on the recipe side to break up the text. Quite a busy layout on this card may be effective. As long as it does not make it hard to understand it will fit with the speedy theme to the recipes. 4. Feedback 1 What do you like about the idea? Clear idea of who the audience is and how you plan to cater to them, with the presentation and style of the recipe card. Interesting combination of a busy style but a simple, quick recipe that could be done when short on time. What areas of the idea could be developed? Could say more about specifics of your designs. An example could be where you would place you title and subtitles, what fonts you might use, specific colours. Would this be a contemporary or modern style, or even a mix of both? Could add a line explaining your choice of style and why. What do you find interesting about the idea? I like your idea of quick speedy recipes that are catered to people on the go. Its something I didnt think of personally. 5. Idea 2 Dinner Party. More upmarket fancy meals that would be perfect for a diner party or some such event. Could do recipes for all three courses or just concentrate on main and dessert (the 2 most popular from our questionnaire). Could suggest Vegetarian friendly wine that will go well with the meal. Targeted at a slightly older age range who may be more interested in hosting a dinner party (25-40). Fancier card design, could incorporate varnishing or die cutting to enhance this look. Simple but detailed instructions, recipes may be quite complicated. 6. Feedback 2 What do you like about the idea? Nice choice of theme and appropriate choices have been made regarding the design of the recipe card. The audience fits with the elements and considerations have been made regarding the age range. What areas of the idea could be developed? Could say more about what the card could include. Would it be a busier design, or a simple one? Also could talk about what pictures you plan to include in the design, and where they might be positioned. What do you find interesting about the idea? I like how you have included a consideration for suggesting a vegetarian friendly wine and the theme itself, which could result in a very classy looking recipe card. 7. Idea 3 Packed lunches. Ideas of lunches that can be made to take to school, college, university or work? This can be limited even for non-vegetarians so new interesting and varied vegetarian packed lunch ideas could be good. Could target parents making lunch for their children or people wanting to make packed lunch for themselves. Design could be quite fun and colourful if designed for parents cooking for child as it could then appeal to both parent and child who may want to help. Could target students and include food that they will want to eat at affordable prices. The design of the cards could be quite cool and done in a way that will attract an audience of younger people. If targeting adults who work the recipes may change and a more formal style may be good for the recipe cards. 8. Feedback 3 What do you like about the idea? I like how this is a simple straightforward idea and can be adapted to suit all age ranges, whether they are going to school or work. The ideas of what kind of food will be in these recipes is solid. What areas of the idea could be developed? Could talk a little more about the presentation of this idea. Would any special printing techniques be used, what colours would be incorporated in this design, and where you might place pictures? What do you find interesting about the idea? I like how this idea is friendly for all ages as I have said above, and I like how you have made considerations for how you could accommodate to fit them differently. 9. Idea 4 Indulgent Meals. Recipes to turn the conception that vegetarian food is healthy on its head. Could be good for introducing non-vegetarians into a new way of cooking and eating that many people believe is boring and bland. Photos in the recipe should concentrate on sections of the food that look tasty and not on the vegetables themselves solely as many of the recipe cards Ive seen do. 10. Feedback 4 What do you like about the idea? Really cool concept about how you plan to act against what vegetarian cards normally do, by focusing on the sweet parts of food, not the fruit/veg parts. What areas of the idea could be developed? You could talk a little more about the audience you are focusing on, such as their gender and an age range. Also talk about your design, what will go where and what fonts/colours you will use. What do you find interesting about the idea? Interesting concept for your recipe card and I feel like it could be quite a successful move to get more non vegetarians trying out vegetarian recipes. 11. Developed Idea 1 Possible Quick meals. The quickest tomato sauce- recipes/the-quickest-tomato-sauce Roast veg burrito- 513339?columns=4&position=1%2F75 Vegetarian Club- Japanese noodles- with-sesame-dressing Vegetable Stir Fry- word/articles/all/chicken-and-vegetable-stir-fry-with-noodles-recipe 12. Fonts Recipes in a Rush Recipes In a Rush Recipes In a Rush Recipes In a Rush 13. Developed Idea 1 14. Developed Idea 2 15. Treatment Idea Treatment: Theme: - Recipes in a Rush -Quick and easy recipes for vegetarians on the go. -Meals that can be made in around 30 mins. -Things like burritos, sandwiches that can be eaten on the go or light meals such as pasta, salads and stir-fry's that can be eaten quickly and not sit heavy on the stomach. Audience: -Teenagers and Young adults -Students -Workers Production Methods: Recyclable and biodegradable products and use a recycled plastic pouch for all the cards to fit together rather than laminating each individual card. 16. Assessment of final ideas Suitable for audience? As your idea fits in with the idea that students and workers have little time to prepare extravagant meals, I think your idea works well in combination with this. It is unique and well thought out. Suitability for client? Your idea uses biodegradable inks and paper which matches with Veg Socs brief. They also asked for vegetarian recipes which you have catered for. Appeal of the design: Your design of quick and easy recipes is unique, nicely thought out and well constructed, with lots of speedy motifs like your choice of font and shapes in the design. Timescales for production: I believe that your product should have enough time for production in the allotted time frame. You are not using an special cutting techniques like die cutting so this has saved you time with printing. Cost of any specialist work (laminating, varnishing, die-cutting): Costs may arise from your choice to use biodegradable ink and paper, which are more expensive than their counterpart. Also, creating a pouch for the cards may also create some bigger costs for production. Practical to produce in large runs? Since your product doesnt use laminating or any other printing techniques it will be a lot easier to produce this in large quantities. However, the pouches they will be held in may be expensive to manufacture/purchase and to get them distributed. 17. Assessment of final ideas Available resources: You have chosen to use biodegradable materials but I am not sure if the classroom has a stock of these, meaning that you may have to use regular paper and ink for production. Quality factors: You will need to check that all of your cards have printed correctly and that the instructions are readable. You will also need to see that the pouches are not damaged and hold the cards without a problem. Legal and ethical issues: With any images you plan to use with your recipe card you will need to check that they are either free or that you have permission to use them. You should also check to see that you have not included any content in your cards that may be offensive or illegal. 18. Final Group Idea If it can fit within the recipe, we will also be implementing the vegetarian wine idea from the dinner party initial idea. 19. Final Treatment Idea Treatment: Theme: My recipe card will be using a combination of greens and earthy browns in order to create a very natural looking recipe card that resembles bark and foliage. This will tie in to the theme of Spring and how it brings in fresh new colours and life, which I hope to reflect in my card and the recipe itself. The recipe that will be contained in the card will be using a lot of green vegetables and brightly coloured fruits, or maybe a combination of both. I wou