How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of...

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Transcript of How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of...


2. SOCIAL INTERACTION.Social interaction refers to any relationship betweentwo or more individuals. It is the result of theenvironment where this relationship takes placeand it has an impact on peoples behaviour.environment behavior people 3. HISTORY.People that influenced social interactions of their timewith their inventions, changing the way peopleinteract. Thomas Alva Edison: light Alexander Graham Bell: telephone Guillermo Marconi: radioAnd more recently: Bill Gates: Microsoft Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook 4. SOCIAL INTERACTION IN THE PRESENT.Social interactions are a result of changes intechnology. However, the effect of this technologyon it has its pros and cons.TechnologyInstantcommunicati (such as internet, mobile phone) onhas allowed closer contact between people.InterculturalInternationalrelationsrelations Economicgrowth 5. PROS.At business field, internet (skype for example) hasenabled internationalization, updated the availableinformation, relations worldwide, expansionAt social field, it allows an easy way of life Shopping from home (more time for work and family). Keep in touch with friends. Easy relationships. Relations between individualsand businesses. Access information. 6. PublicSOCIAL NETWORKS PersonalThere are different ways of social interaction via internet.Professional Express yourself: Photolog,Myspace Public access: Facebook, SOCIAL INTERACTIONTwitter, Instagram Personal access: Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber Professional access: Linkedin, Infojobs 7. EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL INTERACTION IN THEPRESENT. Youth mobilizations worldwide, organised usingfacebook, claiming their rights. When people acknowledged that MichaelJackson had died, on the internet. There are tutorials that teach how to cook, how tocomb the hair, how to dance, in Youtube. 8. CONS. CONS: technology can backfire on relationships andhave the opposite effect on them. It can cause dependence. Reduce socializing It can be time consumingPeople can become addict to social networks, mobile, andand this can result in social isolation and a decline insocial interaction 9. CONS.All technologies should be used with responsibility.Specially in the case of children, who should beunder their parents supervision. Althoughtechnology seems to have only benefited the wayof life, this is not always true. Only if used in aresponsible way, technology will always have abeneficial effect. Be aware that personalrelationships should prevail upon virtual ones. 10. SOCIAL INTERACTION WITHIN 10 YEARS. Different ways of communication: better ways toexpress opinion, easier to create associations allover the world,more internationalmeetings, lesstime consuming This greater social interaction will lead to greatertechnology development and viceversa.SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY INTERACTION DEVELOPMENT 11. SOCIAL INTERACTION WITHIN 10 YEARS. People will spend more time with their relatives asthey will work from home thanks to networkrelations. No geographic limitsin any field: personal,professional 12. SOCIAL INTERACTION WITHIN 10 YEARS People will be able to comunicate with people fromdifferent cultures and with different languages,there will be no cultural barrier. Less social difference. Globalization. More international businesses. Exchanges all over the world, in every field 13. TECHNOLOGY AND ITS IMPACT ON SOCIALINTERACTIONSAs seen above, technology is closely related to socialinteraction. Every breakthrough in technology leadsto a change in social interaction. It is difficult toimagine what else can be invented, but we can besure that in 10 years people will interact in manydifferent ways using technology not invented yet.Social interactionTechnologychanges improvement 14. THANK YOU.