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Parenting Magazine for the Sioux Falls, SD area

Transcript of Hood Magazine (Parent, Child, Family)

  • November 2010 | thehoodmagazine.com | 1

    FA M I LY H O O D

    hoodparent child familyw w w . t h e h o o d m a g a z i n e . c o m



    r 201


    HOOD HAPPENINGS & HOOD EATS Whats for Dinner tonight? See page 25 for great suggestions!

    ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?Fun Family Togetherness

  • Includes Skywing tickets, Pizza Ranch kids buffet coupons, game day programs, Thunder posters and two large single topping pizzas!

    Bir thday kid receives $10 Skyforce cash, t-shir t and PA announcement during the game!

    Plus, ask how your par ty can sit on the bench during pregame warm-ups, par ticipate in the fan tunnel, meet the Skyleaders and more!

    Only $99 for a party of 10!$10 for each additional guest

    Call (605) 332-0605 to schedule your party!

    Birthday Party Pack

    Sioux Falls - 2717 W. 41st St.Tea - 801 E. Brian St.



    Skyleaders Experience

  • CO N T E N TS

    November 2010 | thehoodmagazine.com | 3

    WELCOME 4Pictures from the Hood Fall Pumpkin Craft Day.

    FAMILYHOOD 5Details on the new location

    of the popular Crooks Christmas display.

    featuresCOVER STORY 9

    Are you ready for some football? See how these

    families are making it tradition.

    CHILDHOOD 18Is your child ready for a challenge

    at the Challenge Center?

    LIFE IN THE HOOD 6Avoid the bedtime battle

    by following these suggestions for bedtime rituals.

    NOT MY FAMILY 14Readers share humorous and embarassing family moments.

    KARAS KREATIONS 12A colorful Thanksgiving kids table and black eyed pea juggling balls made out of balloons.

    PARENTHOOD 27Learn the signs of eating disorders and how to build self-esteem in the lives of your children.


    HOOD ADVICE 7, 19

    HOOD EATS 21-26



    Looking for activities to keep the kids busy? Turn to the center spread to track down some great together time!

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    W E LCO M E TO T H E H O O D

    ITS OFFICIAL! The Hood Magazine was welcomed into the Sioux Falls community with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at McKennan Park. Thanks to all the Hoodies that came out to help us celebrate!

    4 | November 2010 | thehoodmagazine.com

    A special THANK YOU to all of our friends that came out to the Hood Fall Pumpkin Craft Day! Take a peek at the fun in case you missed it!

    Fall Pumpkins

    Photos by MPrints Photography

    DONT MISS our next Hood event on November 7th, at the Museum of Visual Materials. Check our Facebook page for more details!

  • November 2010 | thehoodmagazine.com | 5

    FA M I LY H O O D

    The Crooks Christmas Light Display will be moving! Its official; weve sold our home in Crooks and have moved. Before we put our house on the market, we embarked on a search to find a new location.

    Its actually quite a challenge to move something like this to a new location. We first tried to keep it in Crooks, but there is not really any public location in Crooks that has the capacity to handle the traffic that this show generates. So, we began looking elsewhere. Because most of the traffic comes from Sioux Falls, it became the obvious choice but where?

    The Crooks Christmas Light Display will be moving to the Western Mall in Sioux Falls for the 2010 season and beyond!

    This show will be a new experience! For those familiar with the Western Mall, you will likely remember a large open area in the center of the mall that used to house a food court area. This area has 30 plus ceilings and is large enough to accommodate everything we need.

    In talking to a lot of people about a possible move, and using feedback from prior years, we tried to identify the things that people disliked about the current location and setup to see if we could improve on these things.

    1. Traffic 3. Weather Concerns2. Length of Viewing 4. Donation Handling

    This indoor location resolves all of our concerns. Plenty of parking you can stay as long as you wish. The indoor location eliminates weather issues and maintenance of the equipment. The location is an area where snow removal is handled very expeditiously. With a movie theater and video arcade located in the mall, we hope that families will make it a family night out.

    Please help us spread the word! We need YOU to help us notify the thousands that make the light display a family Christmas tradition. Well see you between Thanksgiving, November 25th and New Years Day, January 1. n

    By Joe Noe

    Crooks Christmas Moves

    For more information, please go to: www.crookschristmas.com

    Catering & Delivery Available SALADS


    fReSh, fASt, & fLAvORfUL

    Mixed Catered Wrap Platter

    2604 S LouiSe Ave (Next to ChuCk e CheeSeS) Sioux FALLS PhoNe: (605) 271-2161 FAx: (605) 271-7731 www.mixedgogreen.com

  • 6 | November 2010 | thehoodmagazine.com

    L I F E I N T H E H O O D

    By Greta Stewart, Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center

    Is your child frequently moody, impulsive, irritable, hyperactive or have difficulty concentrating? Maybe you have a hard time waking him or her up in the morning? All of these symptoms could indicate a lack of sleep, according to Stacy Gorman, Outpatient Therapist with Avera McKennan Behavioral Health Services. Not getting enough sleep can lead to mood swings, inability to concentrate, impulsive behaviors, and aggressiveness.

    Gorman points out other common problems could be: Waking up in the middle of the night Separation anxiety Having difficulty falling asleep if a parent is not present Bed wetting Refusing to go to sleep Throwing a tantrum Disruptive sleep-related problems such as teeth grinding

    or night terrors

    Gorman also points out that bedtime can be one of the biggest power struggles a family might have with children, regardless of age. Many kids just dont want to go to bed at night. Some think they are going to miss something. Gorman suggests making bedtime easier by first establishing a bedtime ritual.

    Bedtime rituals can include taking a bath, brushing teeth, getting into pajamas, shutting the television off, doing puzzles, or reading a book. It is also important to reduce or eliminate any stimulating activities before bedtime, such as tickling, horse play, etc. The ritual should take place in the childs room so that the parent leaves the room and not the child. By establishing a ritual, you create a natural transition from day to night, she says.

    So what can you do to avoid the bedtime battle? Gorman offers the following advice:

    Have the expectation that bedtime means bedtime. This is a good opportunity for parents to learn to avoid power struggles. Tuck them in and let them learn to fall asleep.

    Have quiet time before bed. As the house winds down, bedtime should be a quiet time. No video games or television during this time. Noises should be kept to a minimum. Siblings should be quiet too.

    Have older children set their own alarm clock. Part of the ritual is getting up and getting ready for school. This way, your child will learn to take responsibility for going to bed, getting a good nights rest, and waking up feeling refreshed and well rested.

    Use soft lights 30 minutes prior to bedtime. Leave on a soft light in the room for half an hour prior to lights out. This is a good way for younger children to fall asleep. It clears their mind and helps soothe them.

    Getting a good nights sleep is not as difficult as you may think or you may have experienced. Setting proper bedtime guidelines is essential and its never too early to start. n

    Successful Sleep PatternsBEDTIME RITUALS

    So how much sleep does your child need each night? Below is a breakdown of ages and the number of hours of sleep that Gorman recommends children receive:

    Ages 5-8.................................................11 hoursAges 9-12..........................................10-11 hoursAges 13-15............................................9.5 hours

    how much?

    L I F E I N T H E H O O D

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