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1. Companies of every size have made the pledge to hire veterans and military spouses. Of those businesses that reported the size of their workforce 40% Large Businesses 500 OR MORE EMPLOYEES 60% Small Businesses 1-499 EMPLOYEES 2. HIRING FAIRS 900 Through Hiring 500,000 Heroes, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Capital One are helping veterans and military spouses make meaningful connections with employers all across the country. MORE THAN 3. The need for veteran recruitment remains as important and as pressing as it has ever been. 250,000-300,000 PEOPLE TRANSITIONING OUT OF THE MILITARY ANNUALLY 4. of surveyed veterans say they joined the military to LEARN SKILLS FOR CIVILIAN JOBS.63% 5. THE POST-9/11 VETERAN IS LIKELY TO BE MALE | AGES 18-34 | MARRIED 6. have committed to hire 707,000 veterans and military spouses. MORE THAN 2,000 COMPANIES