Cosmo Divulga - "Hearing our Heroes"

Cosmo Divulga - "Hearing our Heroes"
Cosmo Divulga - "Hearing our Heroes"
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A pedidos do jovem americano "Sean Egan", divulgamos aqui o projeto criado por ele. Sean é estudante do High School de NY.

Transcript of Cosmo Divulga - "Hearing our Heroes"

  • Hearing Our Heroes

    patriotism that can only be felt through working with

    veterans. When we visit the VA Hospital and a vet tells

    us we made their day, or someone tells us that our gen-

    eration is doing the right thing by honoring veterans,

    each of our members gets a good feeling. Our pro-

    gram has allowed me and ten other of our members to

    shake hands and spend two days with President

    George W. Bush and some truly amazing people from

    all over the country at the Warrior Open in Texas. Our

    program has opened new doors for many of our mem-

    bers; in working closely with elected officials and other

    business owners our members have been offered jobs

    and internships. Hearing Our Heroes has allowed us to

    meet new people, veterans and other leaders in our

    community. Our members will all tell you that they have

    found a new sense of appreciation for the everyday

    things that Americans take for granted, our most basic

    freedoms. Working with veterans is not only a privilege

    but also a living lesson that freedom is not free. Hearing

    Our Heroes was started and set up to expand to

    schools all over the country. You do not need to raise

    anyany money to start up your own chapter. The events

    and programs in each chapter may be different, but

    our mission is the same.

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