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Today, HAL has 19 Production Units and 9 Research and Design Centers in 7 locations in India. The Company has an impressive product track record - 12 types of aircraft manufactured with in-house R & D and 14 types produced under license. HAL has manufactured over 3550 aircraft, 3600 engines and overhauled over 8150 aircraft and 27300 engines.HAL has been successful in numerous R & D programs developed for both Defense and Civil Aviation sectors. HAL has made substantial progress in its current projects: Dhruv, which is Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Tejas - Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) Various military and civil upgrades. Dhruv was delivered to the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and the Coast Guard in March 2002, in the very first year of its production, a unique achievement.

HAL has played a significant role for India's space programs by participating in the manufacture of structures for Satellite Launch Vehicles like PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) GSLV (Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) IRS (Indian Remote Satellite) INSAT (Indian National Satellite) HAL has formed the following Joint Ventures (JVs): BAEHAL Software Limited Indo-Russian Aviation Limited (IRAL) Snecma HAL Aerospace Pvt Ltd SAMTEL HAL Display System Limited HALBIT Avionics Pvt Ltd HAL-Edgewood Technologies Pvt Ltd INFOTECH HAL Ltd Apart from these seven, other major diversification projects are Industrial Marine Gas Turbine and Airport Services. Several Co-production and Joint Ventures with international participation are under consideration. The Company scaled new heights in the financial year 2006-07 with a turnover of Rs.7,783,61 Crores





HAL DHRUVType:. Advanced multi-role light helicopter Flight Crew: Two. Length: 15.87 meters. Main Rotor Diameter: 13.20 meters. Height: 4.98 meters. Weights: Empty - 2502 kg (5515 lbs.) ............Maximum - 5500 kg (12,125 lbs.) Useful Load: 2600 kg (5731 lbs.) Speed: Maximum - 290 km/h (180 mph) ..........Max. cruising speed 253 km/h (157 mph) Service Ceiling: 5990 metres (19,680 feet) Range: With 1500 kg (3300 lbs.) payload - 216 nautical miles (414 km; 249 miles). ..........With max. fuel & 20 min. reserves - 431 nautical miles (810 km; 497 miles). Fuel Capacity: 1100 kg (2425 lbs.) Armament: The Naval Dhruv has cabin side pylons for torpedoes, depth charges or anti-ship missiles. Maximum External Stores Load: 1500 kg. (3307 lb.) Self Defence: RWR; jammer and chaff/flare dispensers.

Design Features: The Dhruv features a 'System Bolkow' four-blade hingeless main rotor with carbon fibre composite blades. The blades have advanced aero foils, swept back tips for reduced nose, and feature a ballistic tolerance against bullet hits of up to 12.7mm calibre. The military variants include crashworthy fuel tanks, frangible couplings and infra-red suppressors for the engines. The helicopter design enables the crew to survive vertical impacts of up to 30 feet per second, due to the safety seats and a design of controlled deformation of fuselage crumple zones. The cabin was designed to seat 12 people, however 14 can be accommodated in a high-density configuration. Rearward-sliding passenger doors are featured on either end, with large clamshell doors at the rear of the cabin. The clamshell doors can be removed, in exceptional cases, to carry unusual & unwieldy loads. An underslung load hook is standard on military variants. The air ambulance variant enables the Dhruv to accommodate two to four stretchers, with a couple of attendants.

Avionics: The naval variant (also used by the Coast Guard) will feature the SV2000 maritime patrol radar developed by DRDO's Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) for surveillance. The radar has the capability to detect and track airborne targets, sea surface targets (i.e. frigates) and sub surface targets (i.e. submarines) under sea clutter at a range more than 50 nautical miles (92.6 km; 57.58 miles). The radar is optimised to detect and track targets which have small RCS (Radar Cross Sections) like sea skimmer missiles (i.e. Exocet anti-ship missile) and low flying aircraft under sea and weather clutter conditions. The radar has been developed using special techniques with the frequency agility and coherent processing to detect targets under sea clutter. Advanced algorithms provide reliable performance under jamming conditions. The radar is built to perform two roles: a primary and a secondary role. Under the primary role, the radar performs sea surface surveillance for ships, vessels, submarines and air space for low and high altitude flying air targets. It supports navigation, weather characterisation and beacon functions as secondary roles. After a rigorous testing process, the radar has been accepted by the Indian Navy, however some fine tuning will be conducted before production begins.


D.C. Master box A.C. Master box ACPU (Alternator Control & Protection Unit) FTU (Filter Transformer Unit)

DC MASTER BOX 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 1. 2.

Input Sources:Starter/Generator along with GCPU: 6kW Battery (Ni-Cd): 40Ah External power source on ground: 6kW Types of output buses:Main Bus- 200A at 28 VDC through 100 A circuit breaker: 1no. 50 A circuit breaker: 2no. 3 A circuit breaker: 2no. Capacity:Capacity of unit (Main Bus): 200A at 28 VDC Overloading: 150% (300A) for 2 min & 200% (400A) for 5sec Protection Function:External Power Protection: Over voltage protection: At 30.5 + 1V with a fixed time delay of 0.4 + 0.1 sec Reverse Polarity Protection: External power fails to connect itself to the system if the polarity of the external power is reversed.


AC distribution system consist of following boxes: AC Master-Box-3 AC Master-Box-4




115 V AC Emergency Bus Relay26 V AC Emergency Bus Relay



AC Master-Box 1 Name: AC Master Box Code: 22530000 Weight: 5.5 kg max Dimension: Length:- 260 + 5 mm Width:- 240 + 5 mm Height:- 120 + 5 mm I/P DC power supply: 28 V dc (nominal) 22 V dc to 29 V dc (nominal) 20 V dc to 31.5 V dc (abnormal) I/P AC power supply: 115 V ac (nominal) 108 V ac to 118 V ac (nominal) 100V ac to 125 V ac (abnormal) Power Consumption: 5 kVA AC Master-Box 2 Name: AC Master Box(ACMBX-2) Code: 225200000 Weight: 5.5 kg max Dimension: Length:- 260 + 5 mm Width:- 240 + 5 mm Height:- 120 + 5 mm I/P DC power supply: 28 V dc (nominal) 22 V dc to 29 V dc (nominal) 20 V dc to 31.5 V dc (abnormal) I/P AC power supply: 115 V ac (nominal) 108 V ac to 118 V ac (nominal) 100V ac to 125 V ac (abnormal) Power Consumption: 5 kVA


ALTERNATOR CONTROL & PROTECTION UNIT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

CHARACTERISTICS:Type: 3- phase star connection O/P power: 5kVA Voltage: 115/200 , 400 Hz Overloading: 150% for 5 min & 200% for 5 sec Nominal speed: 12000 RPM Maximum Speed for regulation: 12600 RPM Minimum Speed for regulation: 11400 RPM Over Speed: 15000 RPM Frequency at 12000 RPM: 400 Hz FUNCTIONS:Regulation Over/Under voltage protection Over current protection Over/Under frequency protection Feeder fault protection

1.2. 3. 4. 5.