Helping Jobs Find People

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Helping Jobs Find People Workforce Committee Breakfast IPAA Mid-Year Meeting June 14, 2006

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Helping Jobs Find People. Workforce Committee Breakfast IPAA Mid-Year Meeting June 14, 2006. Is it 1923? - Or is it 2006?. It’s Definitely 2006!. IPAA Workforce Committee. Formed Nationally in October 2005 One of 16 standing committees of IPAA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Helping Jobs Find PeopleWorkforce Committee BreakfastIPAA Mid-Year MeetingJune 14, 2006

  • Is it 1923? - Or is it 2006?

  • Its Definitely 2006!

  • Formed Nationally in October 2005One of 16 standing committees of IPAA

    IPAA Staff Liaisons Fred Lawrence & Suzanne WhitehurstVolunteer Chairman Mark Houser, EnerVest Mgmt.

    MembersE&P companiesService and drilling companiesLiaisons from other industry associations Liaisons from high schools, jr. colleges, and universitiesLiaisons from Capitol Hill and Administration(Dept. of Labor & DOE)Stakeholders of E&P/R&D Community (PTTC, IPAA Cooperating Associations, Etc.)

    IPAA Workforce Committee

  • IPAA Workforce CommitteeEducate and encourage target audiences about the prospective career opportunities in the oil and natural gas industry. Promote initiatives that encourage professional and vocational education to expand the industry workforce.







    Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy

    2003 US Energy Shares

    2003 US Energy Share


    Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy


    2003 US Energy Shares


    Natural Gas25




    2003 World Energy Shares


    Natural Gas24




    2003 Emerging Market Economies


    Natural Gas17.1






  • Challenges in Attracting People to Our Industry To Un-distinguish ourselvesShortage of technical help is not oil and gas specificOther businesses are cyclical as well

    To Distinguish ourselvesOil and Gas will remain dominant in the Energy Picture for the foreseeable futureWe are a technically driven business

  • What is the IPAA doing? Creating Awareness as to whats going on to promote jobs IPAA Resource Kit Focus on grades 6-12Educate, Motivate and Mobilize membership to be part of process

    Communicate our opinions on issues and legislation to elected officials and policy makers and coordinate with other federal agencies and congressional committees

  • What is the industry doing?

    West Virginia Oil & Gas Association

    Offshore Energy Center

    Wyoming Contractors Association


    And More

  • What Others Are Doing Careervoyages.govDepartment of Labor & Department of EducationEmployment and Training Administration Department of LaborProject Lead the WayFutures in Energy Colorado School of MinesTaft High School - CaliforniaAnd More

  • Todays PurposeHelping Jobs Find People

    Three PerspectivesEmployers both Service and Producer

    Potential entrant employee both High School and College


  • Todays PanelJoe Hudson President & COO, Nabors Drilling USA, LPC. Susan Howes, P.E. Manager of Employment, Anadarko Petroleum Corp.Sandra S. Mariani Counselor, St. Albans High SchoolJamie Belinne Executive Director of Career Services, Bauer College of Business, University of Houston

    Certainly looking at the pictures things are different now. However, listen to the comments that were attached.

    Drawn by Rumors of Big Pay, sturdy men flocked from all parts of the country to join the Los Angeles Basin drilling boom. One veteran driller described his crew as composed of one grocery clerk, one dry goods clerk, one cop and one college studentWorkforce created by Houston Chapter in 2004

    Went national in 2005

    Committee includes broad spectrum of workforce stakeholders with approximately 50 individuals so far: 12 from E&P, 13 from drilling or service companies, 7 from other associations, 6 consultants, 3 academia and 1 student.

    Initial emphasis is on both blue and white collar jobsInitial age focus will be middle school and high schoolTo Undistinguish ourselvesTechnical shortage spans many in fact most industries, particularly in North America and Europe this also impacts the way we deal with the feds

    Other businesses are also cyclical as we are Washington state study from 1990-2002 listed mining as only the 9th most cyclical of all industries (finance and insurance the most cyclical)looking at more principle manufacturing (metals, apparel, transportation, beverages, etc. we were also 9th However, Dont let our structural changes of the past over hype the cyclical nature of the oil and gas business

    To Distinguish ourselvesCurrently, oil/natural gas/coal comprise a total of 86% (85.95) of our total energy demand. By 2030, their respective contribution will slightly increase (86.44%) according to the EIAs Annual Energy Outlook. Our total consumption is expected to grow by over 34% (1.3% annualized) during this timeframe. Technically we have more computing power than anyone except the us govt.!Rigs driven by joysticksMidyear Meeting & Follow-up ActivitiesResource Kit for high school students will be available in hard copy and on IPAAs websiteFederal/Legislation working with Administration and Departments (Labor/Interior/Energy/) in addition to Senate Energy and House Natural Resource Committees on issues pertaining to workforce. (Suzanne and Ryan to elaborate). Workforce study legislation from Energy bill. EMSRA.

    Having Aaron work on a visual for the Resource Kit under construction and should be ready by late July/early August.

    The West Virginia Oil and Gas Association has put together interactive modules (Adventures in Energy) and they have created a lesson plan for 8th grade social studies both can be found on their website. Last year, in cooperation with the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia, West Virginia IOGA offered a Well Tender Certification program at five sites in the state which had 49 graduates and a 96 percent job placement rate. This year they are offering a Well Riggers Course.

    The Offshore Energy Center is focusing on K-12 students. Their program includes the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum in Galveston that showcases the offshore oil and gas industry; a monthly Guest Speaker program; a new Career Exhibit; a new curriculum venture called Earths Energy; and Project E3 (Expanding Energy Education) a cross-curricular educators resource guide for grades k-12 emphasizing energy themes.

    The Wyoming Contractors Association has started the Oil and Gas Training Program in Casper. 44 companies have given financial support to this program which provides the basics in oilfield operations with an emphasis on safety. Through support from the IACC, participants are able to attain their RigPass certification. The Department of Labor and Department of Education have assembled a website that details various career opportunities in the energy field. The site includes career links and videos in addition to information on education and training. We have copies available of their In-Demand Magazine which is oriented toward todays students, providing them as well as guidance counselors, parents and teachers with interesting and relevant information about career opportunities, education and the skills needed for various jobs. It offers resources to explore careers and tips about how to help students build successful futures. American Competitiveness InitiativeCareer Advancement AccountsWorkforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) initiative