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Hellenistic to Roman. Fleming’s Ideas. Fleming’s Ideas. Architecture. Altar of Zeus Altar of Peace Pantheon Forum of Trajan Baths amphitheaters aquaducts. Altar of Zeus. as it appears in Berlin, Germany. the site in B ergama, Turkey. The Acropolis, Pergamon. early version?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hellenistic to Roman

Hellenistic to RomanFlemings IdeasHellenisticRomanIndividualismUtilitarianismRealism[Cosmopolitanism]EmpiricismStoicism/EpicuranismFlemings IdeasHellenisticRomanIndividualismUtilitarianism organizationRealism[Cosmopolitanism] mass appeal conservatismEmpiricismStoicism/EpicuranismArchitectureAltar of ZeusAltar of PeacePantheonForum of TrajanBathsamphitheatersaquaductsAltar of Zeus

as it appears in Berlin, Germany

the site in Bergama, Turkey

The Acropolis, Pergamon

early version?

University of North Carolina, at Pembroke, lecture notes

Zeus Hurling Thunderbolts, Athena Slaying Giant

Athena and Nike

Earth goddess, Gaea