Heat engine

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Transcript of Heat engine

Sub:-Elements of Mechanical Engineering

Topic:- Heat Engines

Shroff S.R. Rotary Institute Of Chemical Technology (Managed by Ankleshwar Rotary Education Society ) Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Govt. of Gujarat & GTU Affiliated

Branch:-Mechanical Engg.( 2nd SEM)Prepared ByChintan CharolaWhat is Heat Engine?Heat Engine is the device which converts chemical energy of fuel into heat energy & this heat energy is utilized converting it to mechanical work.Aheat engineis a system that performs the conversion of heat tomechanical energywhich can then be used to do mechanical work.Elementary Heat Engine

Classification of Heat EnginesExternal combustion engines

Internal combustion Engines

Heat Engine Cycles1. Carnot Cycle2. Rankine Cycle3. Otto Cycle4. Diesel Cycle1. CARNOT CYCLE

Carnot theorem says that No cycle can be more efficient than a reversible cycle operating between the same temperature limits.

There are some assumption made in the working of the Carnot cycle.8Carnot cycle processes

Limitation of Carnot cycleThe Carnot Cycle is Hypothetical ( something that doesn't really exist )Practically it is not possible to neglect friction between piston & cylinder.It is impossible to construct cylinder walls which are perfect insulator.The output obtained per cycle is very small.RANKINE CYCLE

OTTO CYCLE ( constant volume cycle )

14P-V and T-S diagram for Otto cycle



P-V & T-S diagram for Diesel cycle