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  • 1. Grunge & Thrash -Members: Nicols Aravena Mirko Pereira Felipe Ziga Cristal Pinto

2. The Grunge 3. Origins 4. Loss of popularity 5. Bands

  • -Nirvana
  • -Pearl Jam
  • -Stone Temple Pilots
  • -Rage Against The Machine
  • -Alice in Chains
  • -Foo Fighters
  • -Red Hot Chili Peppers

6. The Thrash 7. Origins and influences The origins ofthrashmetalare placedin the late70's and early80's whena group ofspeed metalbandsinfluenced by theNWOBHM,with bands likeJudasPriest, IronMaiden, Motorhead, Venom, DiamondHeadandsurrogate, beganvariantsincorporatingahigh speed anda feeling similar toanarchist-punk-hardcoreto itstraditional heavy metal.Thedevelopersconsideredthis form ofmetalare the groupOverkillwith his song "The BeastWithin", mademonths a head ofthe widely seenas the firstissue ofthrash. 8. 9.

  • Mustaineis really atrue godfor fansof thrashmetal

10. 11. cliffburtonconsidered a truegodof the lowerdies at24 years old CliffBurtonconsidered a truegodof the lowerdies at24 years old 12. 13. Dimebag Darrellplayingguitargets solosso beautiful thatitis stillremembered forThem 14. 15. Tom ArayafromVia del Maris the bassist forthe bandslayer. 16. 17. 18. German Thrash metal Germanthrash metal TheGermanthrash metaloriginated inthe 1980 The 3greatest exponents of thescene wereKreator, Sodom, andDestruction. Unlike theNorth Americanthrash metalthatwas not asinfluenced byhardcorepunk,but ratherby theNWOBHM, themajority ofthisgroup istaken as themost influentialscenebands likeAccept, Motrhead, Venom, Tank,andverybeginneralbumsIron Maiden,andchangetheir sound, this was thecase ofSodomin 1982presented theirdemoWitchingMetalandKreatorin 1985with his albumEndlessPainshow clearcharacteristics ofthrash. TheGermanthrashriffsis characterized by(moreaggressiveand technical),tornvoicesand lyrical content,satanismand hatred.Many bandsofblackand death metalwere inspired bythis kind ofthrashmetal. 19. 20. 21. 22. The Thrash in chile

  • ThrashSceneChileanwas strongly influencedby exchangingdemos between bands,so there werebands thatgainedincreasing popularity during the midto late80'sand 90'sboth nationallyand internationally.The first bandandthat started theThrashMetal,Rustwasrecordedin 1984that destructionis considereda rarity inChileand received ametalcover ofthe futureembryo,Warpath.Thenwould followbands likePentagram,Massakre,Torturer,Vastator,Necrosis, Fallout, Slavery, AtomicAggressor, InAggression, CRIMINALandWarpathto name themost popularbands.

23. Instruments 24.

  • I hopeyou learned somethingmoreof this style andwho areawarethatif music